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Today, when I browsed it news, I happened to find IBM bluemix, a cloud platform-based PAAs platform.


What is IBM bluemix? What features does it provide to us? The following is an introduction to bluemix:

What is bluemix?

IBM bluemix is an open-standards, cloud-based platform for building, managing, and running apps of all types, such as web, mobile, big data, and smart devices. capabilities include Java, mobile back-end development, and application monitoring, as well as features from ecosystem partners and Open Source-all provided as-a-service in the cloud.

Bluemix address;

Create, manage, and run applications based on the cloud platform. It can be web, mobile applications, big data, etc. So I am interested in bluemix. So I read the relevant information. The following is an article I picked from my website. Bluemix.


[ news] recently, IBM has released a brand new and unique development environment and feature-as-a-service (capabilities-as-a-service ), it helps customers and developers quickly deploy a "hybrid" cloud environment to embrace the new era. According to the plan, IBM will invest more than $1 billion to develop software cloud computing [note] and launch new features based on the softlayer platform.

This release demonstrates that IBM is committed to solving three fundamental problems to help enterprises quickly deploy the hybrid cloud [note] environment.
1) Allow Enterprise developers to use Cloud technology: According to Evans data, there are more than 18 million software developers around the world, but less than 25% of cloud-based software workers are dedicated. As the IT industry continues to develop towards cloud computing, millions of developers begin to hope to help them seize this rapid development opportunity through appropriate tools and services.
2) integration that covers the entire enterprise: enterprises hope to carry out innovative activities and create great value in this new hybrid cloud era-this will be a participatory system (based on mobile and social technologies, relying on these technologies and platforms, customers can communicate and interact with enterprises. These systems are closely linked with record-type systems, which can process data and transactions.
3) build an open ecosystem and platform for product development to accelerate innovation and growth: developers hope to support the cloud era through dynamic application development environments. The new development platform should be open and flexible, so that internal developers and independent development companies can easily create applications and connect them to existing computing systems.

In the face of these market demands, IBM has announced three cloud functions:
1) IBM is applying its wide range of enterprise-level software products to the cloud and introducing the beta version of bluemix. As a new platform as a service [note] (PAAs [note]) featuring both IBM software, third-party products, and open technology advantages, bluemix can provide devops in the cloud, this creates an open, scalable, and integrated development experience. The devops service helps developers, independent development companies, and enterprise teams build enterprise-level applications more quickly and effectively. The devops service also allows developers to focus more on the customer's continuous provision of new features by understanding user needs. Today, IBM also announced the official acquisition of cloudant, Inc. This is a private database as a service provider that helps developers develop next-generation mobile and network applications more quickly and conveniently. Cloudant will further expand IBM's big data [note] and analysis, cloud computing and mobile solutions and become an important part of bluemix.
2) IBM is extending middleware products such as Websphere to the softlayer environment through the predefined software "pattern" to easily extend existing applications to the cloud. IBM and IBM Business partners provide over 200 application and middleware models. IBM software patterns is unique and can achieve application portability across the entire hybrid cloud environment, allowing enterprises to flexibly deploy applications and middleware in the case of Preset or non-preset, this significantly reduces the management burden of hybrid IT environments.

3) IBM continues to invest in expanding the scope of services running on softlayer, including providing key application planning, development, deployment, and monitoring functions through devops; Providing System Management as a service, to extend industry-leading solutions to the cloud. IBM has announced that it is integrating power systems into the softlayer cloud infrastructure to deliver more extensive and in-depth infrastructure services beyond the traditional cloud architecture.

"By working with developers to accelerate the deployment of emerging hybrid cloud computing in an open environment, IBM is stepping into this era of innovation," said Robert Leblanc, senior vice president of IBM software and cloud computing solutions. We combine the advantages of the developer ecosystem with the advantages of experts in specialized fields such as mobile, big data, and devops, ability to build a scalable model that can be easily expanded from a developer to a global team. Today's release shows another major move we have taken to expand the real cloud integration-not only in the existing data and transaction processing services, but also in emerging applications ."

IBM releases the beta version of bluemix: redefining the cloud Development Environment

This brand-new application development environment provides the speed and flexibility of the platform-as-a-service (PAAs), so that developers can easily use a large number of software products that can combine services provided by IBM, this accelerates the combination and construction of enterprise-level applications for the cloud era.
This "PAAs/service" combination is based on open standards and uses cloud foundry, so it can help developers avoid supplier binding problems, it also allows them to take advantage of existing application development assets and skills, which is crucial for building a hybrid cloud environment. IBM is committed to providing developers with an open and flexible cloud environment to enable internal enterprise developers and free developers to use their preferred tools for interconnection in scalable environments, whether it is IBM, a third party, or open technology.
Based on IBM's commitment to the market and leading position in open standards over 20 years, IBM also announced that it would serve as one of the founding members of the cloud foundry Foundation to help the foundation build and promote the open-source platform as a service (PAAs) ecosystem. * (Link to cloud foundry News Release)

As part of bluemix services, IBM is building a series of developer services around mobile, web applications, integration, devops and data management. In addition, IBM continues to provide the business application suite (SAAS [note]) as a composite and API-based service to developers, such as Watson, business, security, analysis and marketing. For example, by using bluemix, developers will be able to use middleware services to build new sales applications so that retail staff can view inventory management information from the record system as they interact with customers.

The bluemix devops Service provides a complete experience to help developers speed up product listing and improve product quality. Devops includes services for saving and managing code (using common git databases) and built-in Web integrated development environment (IDE) and allows developers to use eclipse-Visual Studio integration in any environment. The devops service allows developers to carry out flexible planning and tracking so that all team members can share their work results and collaborate, at the same time, application automation is implemented to simplify the delivery process of new functions, improve the quality of mobile services, and speed up Problem Discovery and modification through performance monitoring. By integrating all processes throughout the entire Software Delivery lifecycle, The devops service will help developers transform their ideas into applications at a faster speed to truly meet user needs.
In the automotive industry, connected vehicles will increasingly rely on powerful IT architecture, and cloud computing will become increasingly important. Multinational corporations continental is using the bluemix platform to provide cloud-based network solutions to pave the way for automated driving.

Brian droessler, vice president of Continental Automotive Systems software and IOV solutions, said: "IBM's investment in bluemix has helped continental solve major problems, this allows us to significantly accelerate the development of network solutions in the cloud. The automotive industry is also stepping into the network track like other devices. We can see the great opportunities brought about by interconnection. Using the bluemix platform, we will be able to change the future of mobile technology, this creates value for drivers and allows them to drive vehicles more securely, comfortably, and efficiently."

IBM uses IBM software pattern to apply middleware to softlayer
IBM is using IBM software pattern to apply a wide range of middleware Products to softlayer. By using these predefined models, enterprises can automatically deploy and manage applications to maximize the ROI of existing applications.
IBM software pattern allows organizations to flexibly deliver applications and middleware to meet dynamic business needs by migrating in preset and non-preset environments. With the softlayer-based pureapplication service test version, IBM software pattern can create new opportunities for enterprises to simplify general IT processes such as devops. The IT department will be able to quickly create a non-preset environment in the cloud to complete application testing and quality inspection, and then return the application to the preset production environment. In addition, developers can use IBM tools and services to create their own models (just write and deploy them in a preset or non-preset environment at a time ), you can also choose from more than 200 software pattern provided by IBM and IBM business partners, from ERP/CRM, business intelligence to Web and mobile applications.
For example, the independent software vendor (isV) exigen insurance solutions chooses to use IBM Web Application Middleware to create application models for its own insurance industry solutions. By using the softlayer-based pureapplication service, exigen is now in a new market, allowing customers to choose whether to develop their own systems or run exigen core systems in the entire hybrid cloud environment, this makes it easier for customers to optimize the overall cost.
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IBM bluemix first Knowledge

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