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The ThinkPad driver must be installed, and the ThinkPad driver cannot be installed.
Description of IBM ThinkPad random Software
Description of IBM ThinkPad random software 1. Battery maximiser wizard installation: Mandatory
This software is literally the battery maximization wizard. It uses a chip in the battery to check the battery health and battery charging times and remaining power. it can also define its own power management mode, such as the screen brightness of 4 cells when using a battery, CPU usage at minimum frequency, etc.

2. ibm pm Driver Installation: Mandatory
PM stands for the power management driver, which is also the power management driver. It is a very important software that can be used to control the switching between mains and battery, CPU and motherboard PCI bus frequency control, that is, we call CPU frequency reduction, of course, your CPU must support speed step technology, this software also works with the above software.

3. hotkey Driver Installation: Required
The IBM hotkey driver is used to display the current volume and brightness level at the bottom of the screen as a graphical display when the user adjusts the volume and screen brightness. the keyboard light and screen enlargement prompt are also provided. and so on.

4. ThinkPad configuration installation: Mandatory
This software is equivalent to the Device Manager in your system. It can be said to be quite powerful. It can manage all the hardware in the IBM ThinkPad laptop, as well as the built-in security chip, and view system information, it can open and shield various interfaces in The Notebook, such as PCMCIA and infrared ports.

5. Presentation Director: Optional
It is called a demonstration wizard and a very practical driver. It is very suitable for business people who often go out to connect the projector and large screen display devices. Its key combination is FN + F7, after you press the button, a resolution list is displayed. You can select a suitable resolution when you connect an external display device. After the demo, you can switch back directly, you don't need to adjust the screen resolution back and forth. If you need to use different resolutions and display devices in multiple places, you can manually set different resolutions and display methods for convenience and speed, save time to improve work efficiency.

6. keyboard mimizer utility installation: Optional
Anyone who has used ThinkPad knows that the IBM keyboard does not have a Windows key. This software allows you to replace the Windows key with other keys. of course, it has more than these functions. It also allows users to define some combinations of keys on the keyboard as Shortcut Keys according to their preferences. For example, I will shift + right arrow keys, it is defined as opening the optical drive. it can also be used to redefine the function key when you use an external keyboard. If you are interested, try it yourself.

7. easyeject utility installation: Optional
Its function is equivalent to the secure removal of hardware wizard in the system. The key combination is FN + F9, which has the advantage that the interface is very intuitive. When a user wants to disable a mobile device, it can help you safely remove your connected devices, including user-connected docking stations.

8. IBM active protection system: Mandatory
APS driver. This driver only supports t41 and later versions. Of course, it also includes R51 and other hard disk protection functions. APS is an active hard disk protection system, when a user accidentally drops his or her laptop, the system will respond very quickly to stop working on the hard disk and protect user data, to minimize the loss, the author suggests that the user with this function should better install it, regardless of the M memory, security is the most important.

9. IBM Access connections installation: Optional
Pen is a favorite software. I personally think it is the most classic of IBM's random software, it is classic because it is very useful for network administrators. It is also suitable for people who carry their books on different networks every day (regardless of wired network, wireless network, ADSL, or enterprise intranet), with its network management, you don't have to change the IP address of the local database back and forth, you don't have to create a lot of connection methods, you don't have to remember different DNS, different gateways, it is easy to understand only when you use it. specifically, it allows users to define different network configuration files, including different network connection methods, different IP addresses, gateways, and DNS, when you switch from one network to another, you do not need to change the IP address of the local machine. Just press FN + F5, select an appropriate configuration file from the defined list, which is too convenient. its advantages and details are really unclear. In short, we hope our friends can make good use of it to save our time and improve our work efficiency.

10. ultranav Wizard: Optional
This driver is only suitable for ThinkPad computers with a trigger template, including t30.t4x and R51. It also has many functions and can adjust some details of the trigger template, for example, you can set the left and right buttons of the trigger template as quick keys to enable the user'sProgramYou can also set one side of the trigger template as a scroll wheel to browse the webpage.

11. Access IBM installation: Optional
Is to press the blue button in the upper right corner of this book, it includes the Help file, and recovery system, etc. I did not install it, I personally feel it is a vase, so I changed the blue button to a shortcut key. if my friends like the interface when the blue button is opened, I 'd like to install it. for those who have a deep understanding of ThinkPad, there is no need to install them.

12. Access IBM message center installation: Optional
IBM's message center, I think it was prepared for lazy people like me. I usually seldom go to IBM's official website to see if there is any new driver, it is much more convenient to install it. If you have any new drivers or new messages about your current book, it will immediately notify you of the download and installation, which is more convenient.

Summary: The above lists only the software that is commonly used at any time, but not all the software. If you need it, contact me. sometimes I really admire IBM's ability to make random software so perfect. This may also be one of the reasons why IBM's local sales are expensive. maybe there are not a few IBM fans like me. this is called "love Ben and soft. hope myArticleLet everyone have a preliminary understanding of IBM's random software, and the details should be gradually discovered by everyone.

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