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One: Chat room
Chat room type has many, free chat room also has many, these chat room ASP source code can be downloaded from the Internet, we will use the poison love chat room as the version to teach everybody to do. Good, we first download poison love chat room, of course, this site software download there is a download, download is a RAR compression package, on your hard disk first build a directory, and then unzip it into this directory inside, you will see a lot of code in the directory, do not control it. Below, open IIS, will just let me tell you the home directory into this folder, and then click OK, this down, open your IE, type the domain you just applied for, you see what, right, your chat room came out, then your chat disaster room can be used, huh, oh, the main is finished, of course, If you want to change the chat room's copyright and other information to your own, it is also very good, you in the source code of the information to you from the one. This is the first step chat room done, of course, some chat disaster room also have to install, with IP address, here because of the kind of inverted chat room, I do not say much, oh ah.

II: Forum

Practice and chat room is the same drop, first download a forum source code, please note that the rate altar has an ASP-based, there is no, please download the forum based on ASP, because this is better. ASP forum a plethora of downloads in the software download, we choose to like the next bar. After the next is also a compression package, and just like the chat room, unzip it into a directory, and then specify in IIS, but note, because just your IIS home directory has been designated chat room, it is impossible to specify other, but if you want to have chat rooms, forums and other services on the site, Then you have to use the virtual directory, the way to set up the virtual directory is to open IIS, the "Default Web Site" Right-click, and then a drop-down menu, click on the new command, and then click on the new virtual directory, click Next, a dialog box will appear, which allows you to enter a name (please note that , do not use Chinese name, to use English name), remember the name you entered, click Next, there is a dialog box, in this dialog box and just specify the main directory of the chat room, specify the main directory of the forum, and then click Next, the last point ok, OK, your forum completed, the following please everyone open ie, Enter your domain name for example: Maomi.kmip.net plus left Slash, plus you just in the virtual directory of the name, such as Dvbbs, OK, then your forum full name of the domain is: maomi.kmip.net/dvbbs/remember, After Dvbbs must add a left slash, otherwise your forum may not open, hehe, the forum is so good!
Three: Website
As for the website, to use a special system to do software, if you are new or use the east Web page, such as the wizard-type bar, in fact, do not need to do since the whole station program also has a download, we can also download the whole station program, very simple, not much to say.
Well, finally I wish you all the best!
IIS Teacher Yi 2006-2-26 16:44 reply to this statement
11 Iis50; What is the meaning of these two words?
The current virtual host is divided into three main types of traffic restrictions:
One: Traffic limit
is to limit network traffic directly, this limit is usually the most severe one traffic limit, 10 g of traffic generally support 50 people online. After the current month, the site will not be able to access the normal within one months, the solution is to upgrade the space or increase traffic!
Two: CPU limit
CPU limits appear to be not limited to IIS or network traffic, but because each program requires a certain amount of CPU quota, is also a disguised traffic restrictions, usually the page is too much online is due to excessive CPU limit caused by too small! After a refresh or 15 seconds can be temporarily normal operation, usually 1% The CPU limit is equivalent to 20 IIS connections! This is important for forum space, the Forum CPU limit once too small will not work properly!
Three: IIS Restrictions
IIS throttling is the most used now, is also recognized by most users or host vendors, is the only loose traffic limit, usually 20 IIS is equivalent to 1%CPU occupancy!

In a word, the virtual host actually does not have unlimited traffic, the total can be divided into the above three ways, how you choose, to see your needs, if your program occupies little CPU, is optimized program can choose to limit the CPU, so that your online can get the most play, if you are a beginner, or forum users, or website program has BBS, choose IIS limit or direct traffic limit is a good choice!

An explanation of the number of simultaneous connections and the number of people on the line

Many users have a vague understanding of the concept of connection numbers, as described below:

1, visitors to the site, must and the site through the TCP protocol, establish a connection. This connection is present when the information is read from the server and is automatically closed at the end of the read. So, when a page has been completely displayed on the client's monitor, the connection used may have been turned off.

2, each browser, access to a site, may occupy 1--3 a connection, which is automatically processed by the computer, the purpose is to speed up.
Related issues: So, it's not surprising that for a basic host with a connection number of 30, sometimes only more than 10 people can access it.

3, the number of online statistics in the forum is based on the number of visits to the Forum during a certain period of time as standard, and the number of connections should not be related. For example, the Dynamic Network forum, the default is like 40 minutes (?). The number of active people. Perhaps the forum shows that a user is also online, but the user is not (is) reading the forum page, so it will not occupy the number of connections.
Related issues:
(1) Therefore, as long as the visitors to the forum is not too concentrated, not at a certain point in time to exceed the maximum number of simultaneous connections, the number of online statistics in the forum, will greatly exceed the space allows the maximum number of simultaneous connections.
(2) Some users in order to show the popularity of the forum, can be in the big forum to count the time range of online people (Dynamic Network forum to provide this feature), even the day of all the people who browse your site, are counted as online number.

4, although the server can specify the maximum number of connections per site, but also there is a total number of server connections maximum. Therefore, even if the maximum number of connections for a user site is limited, the site cannot be accessed when the server reaches the maximum number of connections. The maximum number of connections to the server is generally in 1000--why the service provider dares to open the host, not the number of unlimited connections in nature.
(2) Western Digital provides the host, allows the number of connections are high, should be able to meet user needs.

5, now the host service, some service providers use a lot of people on the concept of vague, and misleading consumers, so buyers should be cautious to engage in

Understanding what the number of IIS connections

The number of IIS connections refers to the number of concurrent connections, what does it mean?
To be divided into several situations: (Take 100M space 50 people online for example)
A user single point of download your files, after the end of normal disconnection, these connections are calculated according to the moment, that is, your 50-person site can be accepted at the same time 50 points to download
b Users open your page, even if stay in the page did not make any request to the server, then the user opened one side of the 20 minutes will also be counted an online, that is to say you 50 people's website 20 minutes can accept different users open 50 pages
C in the case of B above the user continues to open other pages of the same site, then the number of people online is calculated after the user's last click (Making the request), and in this 20 minute regardless of how the user clicks (including the new window), the person is online.
D when there is a frame (Iframe) within your page, then one more time each frame will be online! Because this is equivalent to the user requesting multiple pages at the same time to the server.
e When the user opens the page and then closes the browser normally, the user's online number will be cleared immediately.

Then learn what is the forum online number.
Forum online only calculates the number of active users within a certain period of time.
Here the time users can set their own, the Dynamic Network forum default to 40 minutes of relatively accurate values.

According to the above instructions, it is clear that the concept of the forum online and IIS connections is different
Why does the number of IIS connections and forum online not match?
The specific analysis is as follows:

1: You use the plugin version of the forum or the beautification forum!
Now the plug-in is very garbage, not only the server resources, and will make the forum run slower (no plug-in can be faster than one more), while the number of online, some plug-in calls many frameworks, less 2, 3, more than 4, 5! There is even music online to play, so a person online is quite with many people online! and the landscaping forum because of the use of a large number of images, but also more than the standard version of the forum occupy IIS large number.

2: Your website is the form of homepage + forum!
This way the homepage and forum are vying for your online numbers!

3: There is a player inside your forum!
One person online, then he plays music online, which accounts for two of people online!

4: There is a framework form of Web page inside your forum!
Every frame, just one more times online!

5: Your forum set online time is too small!
The net default is 40 minutes, because the forum online only calculates the number of active users within a certain period of time, when you set the time is small, it seems that the number of forums online is less natural!

6: There are multiple forums in your space!
Some customers in a space to upload multiple forums, such as BBSBBS1BBS2, etc.
There is no doubt that such a forum is also to compete for the number of the line!

7: Your forum pictures and other documents are hotlinking!
For example: Your forum has a picture file, be pasted (note is pasted not upload) to another forum!
Other forum users are also counted as an online number when browsing the file!
Especially when the logo is connected to the attention, be sure to each other to upload your logo to his space!

8: You have the space to put the download file!
If users use the network ant class software, each thread will represent an online, very powerful!


1: Remove the Trash plug-in version, with the standard version!
2: Try not to use the framework of the form of production pages!
3: Don't put any music, movies, downloads!
4: To prevent the theft of the occurrence of the situation!
5: Upgrade to buy space to support more people online!
IIS Teacher Yi 2006-2-26 16:46 reply to this statement
12 Reply: IIS literacy sticker--==[Boutique]==--
Floral Tiger (36022797) 16:43:50
Yes, but I didn't say how XP2 should install IIS.
Yigo (61001217) 16:48:29
Yigo (61001217) 16:48:55
XP in fact, regardless of SP1 SP2 are the same can be Ann IIS.
IIS Teacher Yi 2006-2-26 16:49 reply to this statement
13 Win2003 Server, Web services cannot be accessed anonymously how can I fix it?
Win2003 Server, Web services cannot be accessed anonymously how can I fix it?

At the very beginning, I was prompted to enter my username and password when I accessed it through my browser.
I checked the IIS directory security settings for access control, and anonymous access was enabled for me. Set no problem/.

Whether the directory has a whole county. Check that you have permission

Reset the anonymous user password for IIS. Re-set the ...

Still inaccessible, you need to enter a user name and password.

I was forced to reinstall IIS this morning.

But still prompt:
You are not authorized to view this page
You do not have permission to view the directory or page by using the credentials provided.

Please try the following:

If you think you should be able to view the directory or page, contact your site administrator.
Click the Refresh button and try again with another credential.
HTTP Error 401.1-Unauthorized: Access is denied due to invalid credentials.
Internet Information Services (IIS)


Technical information (provided for technical support staff)

Go to Microsoft Product Support services and search for titles that include "HTTP" and "401."
Open IIS Help (accessible in IIS Manager (inetmgr)) and search for topics titled Authentication, Access Control, and about custom error messages.

What is the problem?

Well, I'll answer that.

Win2003 is not as simple as a 2000 iis5, it's a little tricky to set up.

"IIS configuration 401 Error" perfect solution (54powerman)
1, error number 401.1
Symptom: HTTP Error 401.1-Unauthorized: Access is denied due to invalid credentials.
The user will not be able to access the computer because it is disabled by the user's anonymous access account (the default is the IUSR_ machine name) or if it has no access.
(1) To see if the anonymous account for site security settings in IIS Manager is disabled, if so, try to enable it in the following ways:
Local Users and groups, Computer Management, management tools, control Panel, enable the IUSR_ machine name account. If it is not resolved, proceed to the next step.
(2) To view the local security policy, the default anonymous access account for the site in IIS Manager or the group to which it belongs has permission to access the server through the network, if you do not attempt to grant permissions by using the following steps:
User rights assignment, local policies, security policies, local security policy, administrative Tools, start, and more, double-click Access this computer from the network to add the IIS default user or the group to which they belong.
Note: General custom IIS default anonymous access accounts belong to groups, and for security, there is no special need to follow this rule.

2, error number 401.2
Symptom: HTTP Error 401.2-Unauthorized: Access is denied due to server configuration.
Cause: Anonymous authentication is turned off
Run inetmgr, open Site properties, directory security, authentication and access control, check "Enable anonymous access", enter a user name, or click "Browse" to select a legitimate user and enter the password two times to confirm.

3, error number: 401.3
Symptom: HTTP Error 401.3-Unauthorized: Access is denied because the ACL is set on the requested resource.
Cause: IIS anonymous users generally belong to the Guests group, and we generally assign the permissions of the hard disk hosting the site only to the Administrators group, this time according to the principle of inheritance, the site folder is only members of the Administrators group to access, The NTFS permissions that cause IIS anonymous users to access the file are insufficient to cause the page to be inaccessible.
To give IIS anonymous users access to the Web site folder, method: Enter the folder's security options, add IIS anonymous users, and give the appropriate permissions, generally read and write.
IIS Teacher Yi 2006-2-26 16:50 reply to this statement
14 Many friends have a lot of problems when they use the IIS6 website.
Many friends in the use of IIS6 rack Web site encountered a lot of problems, and some of these problems in the past IIS5 inside have encountered, some are new out, I busy an afternoon, did a lot of experiments, combined with the previous experience in the wrong row, made this summary, I hope to give you help:)

Issue 1: Parent path is not enabled

Examples of symptoms:
Server.MapPath () error ' ASP 0175:80,004,005 '
The Path character is not allowed
/0709/dqyllhsub/news/opendatabase.asp, line 4
The character ' ... ' is not allowed in the Path parameter of the MapPath.

Cause Analysis:
Many web pages need to be used such as. /Format statement (that is, the page that goes back to the previous layer, that is, the parent path), and IIS6.0 for security reasons, this option is off by default.

In IIS properties, home directory, configuration----options. Tick the "Enable parent path" front. Confirm the refresh.

Problem 2:asp Web extension misconfigured (same for ASP. NET, CGI)

Examples of symptoms:
HTTP Error 404-file or directory not found.

Cause Analysis:
A new Web program extension option is available in IIS6.0, where you can allow or disallow programs such as ASP, ASP, CGI, IDC, and so on by default.

Select Active Server Pages in the Web service extension in IIS, and click Allow.

Issue 3: Improper configuration of identity authentication

Examples of symptoms:
HTTP Error 401.2-Unauthorized: Access is denied due to server configuration.

Cause Analysis: IIS supports the following types of Web authentication methods:
Anonymous authentication
IIS creates the IUSR_ computer name account, where the computer name is the name of the server that is running IIS, and is used to authenticate anonymous users when they request Web content. This account grants the user local logon rights. You can reset anonymous user access to use any valid Windows account.
Basic Identity Verification
Use Basic authentication to restrict access to files on NTFS-formatted WEB servers. With basic authentication, the user must enter credentials, and access is based on the user ID. Both the user ID and password are sent across the network in clear text.
Windows Integrated Authentication
Windows Integrated authentication is more secure than basic authentication, and works well in an intranet environment where users have Windows domain accounts. In integrated Windows authentication, the browser tries to use the credentials that the current user uses during the domain logon process, and if the attempt fails, the user is prompted to enter a user name and password. If you use integrated Windows authentication, the user's password will not be delivered to the server. If the user is logged on to the local computer as a domain user, he does not have to authenticate again when accessing the network computer in this domain.
Digest Authentication
Digest authentication overcomes many of the drawbacks of basic authentication. When Digest authentication is used, the password is not sent in clear text. In addition, you can use Digest authentication through a proxy server. Digest authentication uses a challenge/response mechanism (the mechanism used by integrated Windows authentication) in which passwords are sent in encrypted form.
. NET Passport Authentication
Microsoft. NET Passport is a user authentication service that allows single check-in security to make it more secure for users to access. NET Passport-enabled WEB sites and services. A. NET Passport-enabled site authenticates users according to the day. NET Passport Central server. However, the hub server does not authorize or deny specific users access to each of the. NET Passport-enabled sites.

Configure different authentication as needed (typically anonymous authentication, which is the authentication method used by most sites). Authentication options are configured under IIS Properties--security--authentication and access control.

Problem 4:ip restricted configuration

Examples of symptoms:
HTTP Error 403.6-Forbidden: The IP address of the client is denied.

Cause Analysis:
IIS provides a mechanism for IP throttling, which you can configure to restrict certain IPs from accessing the site, or restrict access to sites only by certain IPs, and error prompts if the client is within a range of IP that you block or is not within your allowed range.

Security->ip address and Domain name restrictions that enter IIS properties. If you want to restrict access to certain IP addresses, you need to select authorized access, and click Add to select an IP address that is not allowed. Conversely, you can only allow access to certain IP addresses.

Problem 5:IUSR account is disabled

Examples of symptoms:
HTTP Error 401.1-Unauthorized: Access is denied due to invalid credentials.

Cause Analysis:
Because the user's anonymous access account is the IUSR_ machine name, if this account is disabled, the user will not be able to access it.

Local Users and groups, Computer Management, management tools, control Panel, enable the IUSR_ machine name account.

Problem 6:ntfs permissions are improperly set

Examples of symptoms:
HTTP Error 401.3-Unauthorized: Access is denied because the ACL is set on the requested resource.

Cause Analysis:
Users of the Web client are part of the user group, so if the file has insufficient NTFS permissions (for example, no Read permission), it can cause the page to become inaccessible.

Go to the Security tab of the folder, configure user permissions, or at least Read permissions. About NTFS permission settings is no longer fed here.

Problem 7:iwam account is out of sync

Examples of symptoms:
HTTP 500-Internal server error

Cause Analysis:
The IWAM account is a built-in account that is automatically created when IIS is installed. IWAM account is established by active Directory, IIS metabase database and COM + application tripartite use, the account password is three parties respectively, and by the operating system responsible for the three-party IWAM password synchronization work. The system's password synchronization to the IWAM account sometimes fails, resulting in the IWAM account password not uniform.

If ad is present, select the start-to-Process administration Tool->active directory Users and Computers. Set a password for the IWAM account.
Run c:\inetpub\adminscripts>adsutil SET w3svc/wamuserpass + Password Sync IIS metabase database password
Run cscript c:\inetpub\adminscripts\synciwam.vbs-v sync iwam account password in COM + application

Problem 8:mime Setup issues cause certain types of files to not download (ISO for example)

Examples of symptoms:
HTTP Error 404-file or directory not found.

Cause Analysis:
IIS6.0 has canceled support for some MIME types, such as ISO, resulting in client download errors.

In IIS, properties->http header->mime Type-new. In the dialog box that follows, the extension fills in. The Iso,mime type is application.

In addition, firewall blocking, ODBC configuration errors, Web server performance limitations, thread throttling, and other factors are also causing the IIS server to be inaccessible, the IIS process is dropped, this is no longer one by one. I hope this post will solve most of our problems:)
Reference: Http://www.qsek.com/dispbbs.asp?BoardID=27&ID=856&replyID=&skin=1
IIS Teacher Yi 2006-2-26 16:52 reply to this statement
15 Patches are also useful for IIS ... Teach you to patch
Teach you to patch

Remember the small time oneself to play, often wear clothes worn, old to mother help Patch. After the third grade of primary school, the school opened the labor manual class, so that they have learned to play patches!

After learning the computer, did not expect the computer than my clothes are not durable, today to fill this, tomorrow to fill that, old to play patches, a little distraction is not.

It seems that we need to make a certain understanding of the computer patching, know its ins and outs, the cause and effect of the line!

First, the classification of the patch

The patch of the computer can be broadly divided into five types of application properties: System patches, software patches, game patches, Chinese patches, and hardware patches. The following are respectively described:

(1) System patches

System patches as the name implies is the operating system's irregular bug fixes, there are Microsoft, UNIX, Linux, there are Solaris, size is also different.

The stability of operating system is related to whether the software program running in the system is prone to illegal operation in the middle, and whether the system will be prone to the freezing phenomenon during operation. Once the crash will cause the hard work to be lost because there is no save, especially when you enter thousands of words, this kind of situation is really want to cry without tears.

(2) Software patches

Software patches are often due to the discovery of small software errors, for the purpose of repairing individual minor errors, or for the purpose of enhancing an individual small function. There are patches that have been released to enhance the file's resistance to computer virus infections, such as Microsoft Office patching to fight macro viruses.

In the daily use of computers, the most we are directly dealing with software, and sometimes may find that the software has a bug. If you do not patch the software in a timely manner, may result in data loss, it is not worth the candle.

(3) Game patches

Computer games sometimes because of the operating system version of the problem so that the game can not function, such as the game developed in the Win98 era can not be run in Win2000 or WinXP environment, and sometimes because of the installation of other software conflicts, so the game program also went on strike, This will have to reinstall the game or remove the conflicting software. Game developers will release some of the game patches, after the patch, the game program can be revitalized!

In addition, the game will often have a language version of the points, players in order to meet their needs, will make some patches to the outside world, free download. For example, the classic game red alert, some players on their own map to provide download. Another example is the football game Fifa, starting from FIFA98, each version will have a player-compiled Chinese Football League or the Chinese national team to fix patches.

[IIS] IIS Literacy (vi)

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