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I recently used Windows 7 and got an activation code. I don't know when to use it. I feel a little worried about it. I don't know how to use it. I want to use it now, I have never used Vista before, but I still feel a bit like Vista on the Windows 7 interface, and some functions are similar. However, I feel that using Windows 7 is really good. I just feel like XP, of course, the hard disk space of win7 is occupied. After I installed the 19 GB C drive, there is more than 10 Gb of available space. Last night, I spent a lot of effort to move the C drive's programdata folder and users/crossyou to drive D. the word "hard", but now I have done a good job, the data for installing the application software will be saved to the programdata folder on the d drive, and my user information will be saved to the users/crossyou folder on the D Drive for future restoration, it feels good. Let's take a look at the tutorials. Of course I didn't move the users folder to drive D as he said. I only moved my account crossyou to drive D.

Because Vista has never been used, I think that one of the features in win7 is that IIS has changed a lot (relative to XP-OS) and IIS has not been installed in win7, you only need to go to Control Panel> Programs and functions> enable or disable Windows functions> select IIS related options and click OK. It seems that IIS has been installed in win7. All we need to do is enable this function. After IIS is enabled, we use the FastCGI module in IIS to configure PHP so that PHP programs can run under IIS. So far.

Better Tutorial: http://learn.iis.net/page.aspx/724/install-and-configure-php/

1. download the latest Windows binaries non-thread-safe PHP package to your local computer.

2. decompress the file in the PHP compressed package to D:/program_php/PHP (this is my PHP installation directory, you can install it in your favorite location ).

3. Rename the file PHP. ini-recommended-production in D:/program_php/PHP to PhP. ini.

4. Open PHP. ini in a text editor and make the following settings:

A. FastCGI. Impersonate = 1

B. cgi. fix_pathinfo = 0

C. cgi. force_redirect = 0

D. open_basedir points to the website path containing the PHP program. (Optional)

E. extension_dir = "./EXT"

F. error_log = "D: php_errors.log" (optional)

G. Open some extensions you need, such as extension = php_mssql.dll.

5. Press and hold the Alt key, double-click the computer to open its properties, click Advanced System settings on the left, click the environment variable in the lower right corner, and set your PHP installation path in path.

6. Open the Internet Information Service (IIS) manager and double-click the handler ing icon to go to another page.

7. Click Add module ing on the right of the handler ing panel to enter a dialog box.

8. For specific settings, see:

9. Click OK and return to the IIS Management Homepage. Double-click the default document and add the default document index. php.

10. Restart IIS and create a new C:/inetpub/wwwroot/phpinfo. php file with the following content:

11. Open a browser and enter http: // localhost/phpinfo. php in the address bar to test PHP.

12. in this way, you can use the FastCGI module in IIS In win7 to configure PHP. I feel very simple and I Just configured it. I don't know what to pay attention, I used to use ISAPI to configure PHP. I feel that FastCGI is a little easier than the previous ISAPI.

After configuration, you can test WordPress.

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