In this way, you have learned English for more than three years.

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The author of this article has barely passed level 4 in three years and has passed the advanced interpretation test.210, Oral trial232. When I was looking for a job for an interview, I gave the employee a verbal Examiner a minute to say that you didn't need to take an exam in English. Although I do not dare to say that the method must be the best, from now on anyone should not look for learning materials, and spend two hours every day as said, the improvement in three months will be more than three years.
Listen: the typical online forum is putt , which has abundant listening resources, hujiang and trademanager some materials are also good, pick a website from the middle and stick to it. But never listen to them one by one. Remember to repeat the 100 Article in the initial stage, for example, you can read 100 . If the basic information is weak, listen to the following two articles at a low speed every day: VOA (probably worse than CET-4, every article 10 reads the original text again to find out the meaning of each word, listen to 10 more times. Make sure that you will be impatient when you go back to listening to level 4 or level 6 in two weeks. After the slow speed, you can listen to the normal speed, or listen to the audio as a supplement.
, you can go to talkshow , for example, Saturday night , on Youku or Tudou.
do not ask if it works. I have been doing this for three months. In the future, I will not need to watch subtitles for most of my time.
by the way, the role of the Forum should be avoided, do not expect others to look up the dictionary for you. others' time is also time. But if you don't understand a sentence, don't worry about it. In addition, you must know how to report to others, and have the ability to answer others' questions as long as possible.

, at first, I only planned to pass the hearing test. I followed the steps above for 3 months, however, when I listen to the video, I read it. Later, I was bored because it was too bad to hear it. After two months, I found that it was natural to speak English. Looking back, it seems very difficult to get started with the English language, but it is the same if you go in. However, the English-Chinese Translation of high-definition training is still very useful. In fact, we can use the new concept materials to do this. It is nothing more than reading the English language to speak Chinese and then looking at the Chinese language to speak English, and then correcting it against the original text.
I did not have a natural language expert, but I took the level 4 exam twice, now, people around me think that I am very good at English. In fact, anyone can learn it as long as I do it. It depends on whether you can stick to it.

Read :
one of the basics of reading is the number of words, if there are not enough words, reading is painful, not enjoyable. Four-level words are the minimum requirement. With the four-level Foundation, we recommend that you read articles on foreign newspaper websites and The Economist, , or the New York Times . Read only one article every day. At first, there will be a lot of new words, and it is quite uncomfortable, but you must stick to it. Remember to understand all the words you don't know.
What should I do if I encounter a word that does not exist, google dictionary , or the online version of the Wei test dictionary
words, what if you remember tomorrow, the simplest way is to find a special notebook and remember it. Don't take it with you. If you can access the Internet frequently, you can also try the website to memorize words online, compared with this book, the biggest advantage is not afraid that the learning record is lost, and it has the memory curve function to remind you to review.
In addition, the simplest part of English reading materials is professional articles, followed by news, the most difficult part is novels. It took me more than a year to read the New York times without any effort, but it took me a long time to read Da Vinci Code . But after reading a hundred pages of novels, the sense of accomplishment is incomparable to reading several articles.

This actually depends on the individual's goal.EmailThe purpose of communication is actually the previous3Step by step, writing is no longer a problem.
If you want to write more, go to the Chinese version of The Wall Street Journal.Http:// comparison, you can learn how to use English for correct and beautiful expressions. In additionWww.yeeyan.comIt is also a good choice.

These websites are obtained from the Internet and we hope you can make good use of them:
1.Http:// Training Network:English Learning Websites
2.Http:// radio and TV from around the world
3.Http:// Special English Introduction
4.Http:// vocabulary test online
20-40 quick-Medium-thorough different levels of test
5.Http:// Special English vocabulary 1500
6.Http:// TV Network TV second, I suggest my colleagues and I collect the website together: (special emphasis: I hope you can learn and use these resources! Because If you don't use it, you will lose it! )
Adventuretv, We provide video materials, which are mostly based on local customs and Good Practices: Http://
The New York Times, a good place to watch news online Http://
EnglishMP3 Download location Http://
Good place to download English Scripts Http://
Personal Homepage, where you can listen to New Oriental online 25 Disk tape Http://
Locked in English and read images every day Http:// Channelid = 12
English locking, comprehensive learning website, comprehensive English Church
Wangwang English Network, English Speech and electronics magazine
Englishtown , Professional English Training
New Oriental online classroom, famous Schools Online
Crazy English Club, Li Yang Crazy English
Daily English, vocabulary Center
Fashion English, rich learning materials
Dangdang, free English learning materials
English time and space
English McDonald's, English fast food
Listening to the world, all levels of listening training
Be beyond , British and American customs
Hong En, a good place to learn English
Meiyu in the airHttp://
A free learning website jointly developed by the British Ministry of Education and the Chinese Ministry of Education. It is suitable for beginners of English. Http://
Garfield Official Website
Syntax Http://
A large amount of information is not enough Http://
Carefree IELTS Http: //;
Official website of IELTS Http://
There are not many things on the IELTS test network Http://
Some IELTS documents Http:// Class = 1 & type = 4;
This topic is provided for English TV movies. 14 English film scripts Http://
Provided 24 English film script Http://
Provided 10 English film script Http://
Too many movie scripts have been downloaded from ziyue film Network. Http:// Type = s|Http://
There are a lot of movie scripts downloaded from yinhai. Http:// Swzm =
Screenplay Movie scripts Http://
This includes the current popular movies. Http://
Download an English script from an education website Http://
Watch movies learn English Http: //
Hearing topics
A very good English learning website, VOA Comprehensive information Http://
Http:// Cateid = 23 Some VOA News Text
Http:// Some audios
Http:// AE/ American idioms Words & Idiom "Yes Voice of America Free broadcast lectures
Http:// Free MP3 Of VOA Many materials have been downloaded.
Http:// About VOA Some articles on listening skills, of course, also have other good stuff
Http:// A very good listening website with intermediate and advanced skills
Http:// Free listening for news with text
Http:// English broadcast listening skills VOA You can check it out.
Http:// Serial = 311 & good= % CA % C7 2002 Download the audio of the English Listening sample for the National Postgraduate Entrance Exam
Http:// Good English broadcast listening skills
Http:// The cool English listening station is also an old site with the following content: : Introduction to New Concept English Listening modern text reading ESL-Lab Hierarchical Test Cnnsf News test Bible online, highly recommended
Http:// Pute English Listening website
Http://" Oxford English online " ( Oxford English on line )
Http:// English news and listening Put English Club, The website consists of five parts: A. News English; B. English tutorial; C. Download materials; D. Technical English; E. Pute Forum
Hundred General English sentences ( Video)***Http://
CNN English learning resources *****Http://
Modern communication English ( Video )****Http://

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