Install, configure, and monitor Memcached

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Install, configure, and monitor Memcached

Memcached is a distributed object Cache System Based on key => value. Although redis is relatively powerful, Memcached still has advantages in some scenarios, such as database cache.

The following installation is completed on CentOS 5/6 64-bit Operating System


  1. Libevent Installation
  2. Install and configure Memcached
  3. Zabbix monitoring Memcached
  4. Manage Memcached on the Web

1. Libevent Installation

Tar zxf release-1.4.15-stable.tar.gz
Cd libevent-release-1.4.15-stable/

Generally, you can run./configure directly, and the document in it also says this.
[Root @ Nginx libevent-release-1.4.15-stable] #./configure
-Bash:./configure: No such file or directory
You will find an error. In fact, the configure file has not yet been generated, and you need to execute./autogen. sh in the following directory
[Root @ Nginx libevent-release-1.4.15-stable] #./autogen. sh
./Autogen. sh: line 11: aclocal: command not found

The error message "aclocal" is not found because autoconf automake libtool is not installed.
Yum-y install autoconf automake libtool
./Autogen. sh
./Configure -- prefix =/usr/local/libevent1.4.15
Make & make install

Note: When installing libevent, You need to generate the configure file, which may take a lot of detours.

2. Install Memcached
Tar zxf memcached-1.4.25.tar.gz
Cd memcached-1.4.25
./Configure -- prefix =/usr/local/memcached1.4.25 -- with-libevent =/usr/local/libevent1.4.15
# Note: the installation address of libevent must be specified here.
Make & make install

Memcached command line monitoring tool:
Upload the memcached-tool in the attachment to the/usr/local/memcached1.4.25/bin directory.
Upload the memcached file in the attachment to the/etc/init. d/directory.
1234 chmod + x/etc/init. d/memcached
Chmod + x/usr/local/memcached1.4.25/bin/memcached-tool

To customize the memcached startup parameters, you can directly modify the/etc/init. d/memcached file.
PORT = 11211
USER = nobody
MAXCONN = 10240

View Memcache status
[Root @ Nginx ~] # Memcached-tool 11211 stats
# Wagner. 0.0.1: 11211 Field Value
Accepting_conns 1
Auth_cmds 0
Auth_errors 0
Bytes 0
Bytes_read 7
Bytes_written 0
Cas_badval 0
Cas_hits 0
Cas_misses 0
Pai_flush 0
Performance_get 0
Performance_set 0
Pai_touch 0
Conn_yields 0
Connection_structures 11
Crawler_items_checked 0
Crawler_reclaimed 0
Curr_connections 10
Curr_items 0
Decr_hits 0
Decr_misses 0
Delete_hits 0
Delete_misses 0
Evicted_unfetched 0
Evictions 0
Expired_unfetched 0
Get_hits 0
Get_misses 0
Hash_bytes 524288
Hash_is_expanding 0
Hash_power_level 16
Incr_hits 0
Incr_misses 0
Libevent 1.4.15
Limit_maxbytes 3246391296
Listen_disabled_num 0
Lrutail_reflocked 0
Malloc_fails 0
Pid 13376
Pointer_size 64
Reclaimed 0
Reserved_fds 20
Rusage_system 0.000999
Rusage_user 0.000000
Threads 4
Time 1452663956
Time_in_listen_disabled_us 0
Total_connections 11
Total_items 0
Touch_hits 0
Touch_misses 0
Uptime 13
Version 1.4.25

The above are the status items of memcached.

3. Zabbix monitoring script:
UserParameter = memcached. stats [*],/usr/bin/memcached-tool 11211 stats | awk '/$1/{print $2}' | head-1

Restart the zabbix_agentd service.
Then import the zabbix memcached Template

4. Manage memcached using memadmin monitoring
This must be run in a php environment with the memcache Module

In general, the installation of memcached is relatively simple, and it also has a simple Status interface, so that we can monitor it easily.

The memcached monitoring tool and startup script memadmin memcached-tool and memcached Startup File and monitoring tool are used in this article. Download The memcached template:

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Free in

The username and password are both

The specific download directory is in/July 6, 2016,/July 22, January,/Memcached installation, configuration, and monitoring/

For the download method, see

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Getting started with Memcached

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Memcached: click here

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