Install Cygwin under windows8.1 and install packages via APT-CYG

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Cygwin first Play, Unix operating system is also the first time to play, nothing familiar, slow to get started.

Installation Cygwin is very simple, the online installation of a lot of tutorials, I will not elaborate, but remember to select the package when you remember to put the wget components hook, the following will be used.

Talk about installing APT-CYG and downloading packages via APT-CYG.

First download the Apt-cyg through wget, Cygwin64 Terminal Command Line window to enter the following command

#wget +x apt-cygmv Apt-cyg. /.. /bin

But the above two elder brother address download down file all have problem, do not know why. So you can only manually enter the link to download and extract a more than 400 lines of Apt-cyg script into the Cygwin installation directory in the bin directory.

You can then modify the software source to download the package:


Do a test, install VIM, enter the following command to automatically download the installed

Install Vim

In the process of installation encountered MD5 sum did not match, exiting error, refer to this link the last method to resolve, that is, to remove the MD5 validation failed processing.

There is an decompression error,

Unpacking ...
BUNZIP2: (stdin) is not a
bzip2 file.
Tar: It doesn't seem like a tar archive file
Tar: Due to previous error, exiting in last Error state

Modify/bin/apt-cyg to find the following line of echo "Unpacking ..."

Cat $file | BUNZIP2 | Tar > "/etc/setup/$pkg. LST" XVF-c/

Modify it to the following

TAR-XVF $file-C/> "/etc/setup/$pkg. LST"

The above is the initial experience of the process Cygwin, sleep well sleepy.

Install Cygwin under windows8.1 and install packages via APT-CYG

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