Install MongoDB 3.0.2 in 64-bit CentOS 6.2

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Install MongoDB 3.0.2 in 64-bit CentOS 6.2

Mongo is easy to manage using yum, as long as you create/etc/yum. repos. d/mongodb-org-3.0.repo, write:

Name = MongoDB Repository
Baseurl =
Gpgcheck = 0
Enabled = 1


Sudo yum install-y mongodb-org

You can.

However, the download speed may be too slow. If you do not use yum:

1. Download MongoDB
MongoDB does not have a compressed package specially developed for CentOS, but it has a Red Hat package of RHDL and a linux-legacy package. However, linux-legcy does not integrate openssl, therefore, it cannot be used in a secure production environment. Centos seems to be able to use the RHDL package (no problem currently ),

: Http:// or directly:


2. Install Dependencies

Decompress tar zxf mongodb-linux-x86_64-rhel62-3.0.2.tgz to run bin/mongod,

/Usr/mongodb/bin/mongod:/usr/lib64/libssl. so.10: no version information available (required by/usr/mongodb/bin/mongod)

This is the issue of openssl package dependency.

Sudo yum update openssl is convenient and quick to update openssl ~

You can also download the latest version in the


Installation, But it seems quite troublesome. I installed it for 2 hours to solve the dependency problem, and finally showed that the main program is correct, but mongod still reported a missing package error.

3. Run
Run bin/mongod in the main directory of MongoDB to display that port 27017 is listening

Run a new ssh command to execute bin/mongo and log on successfully.

4. Configuration
By default, mongod can only log on locally and use/data/db as the database data storage directory. to modify these configurations, you can use the configuration file
Mongod can use mongod -- config configfile or mongod-f configfile at runtime to specify to start the process using the config file configfile, the detailed config can be in the

Logpath =/var/log/mongodb/mongod. log # directory of the log file
Logappend = true # whether to continue writing under the same Log File
Fork = true # whether to create a background daemon
Port = 27017 # Listening to the client port
Pidfilepath =/var/run/mongodb/mongod. pid # The file that stores the pid of the mongod Process
Bind_ip = # access restriction. Only this address can be accessed by a client. If you want to access it from another machine, comment out

In addition, several configurations are required to build a replica Set cluster:

ReplSet = clover # replica Set Name
OplogSize = 1024 # size of the Operation Log File

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