Install MySQL 5.5.35 in CentOS 6.3

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Install MySQL 5.5.35 in CentOS 6.3 By Using rpm and Source Code compiling. This article uses mysql Source Code compiling and the compiler uses Cmake. Software Release mysql-5.5.35.tar.gzand cmake- Please download them by yourself.

1. Install cmake

MySQL 5.5 and later versions have been replaced by the cmake tool./configure compilation and configuration method.

Therefore, we must first compile and install the cmake tool in the system source code.

[Root @ test ~] # Wget

[Root @ test ~] # Tar-zxvf cmake-

[Root @ test ~] # Cdcmake-

[Root@testcmake-] #./configure

[Root @ test cmake-] # make; make install

2. Make sure that the following system software packages are installed:

Run the rpm-qa | grep name command to verify whether all of the following software packages have been installed.

[Root @ test ~] # Yuminstall-y gcc * gcc-c ++ * autoconf * automake * zlib * libxml * ncurses-devel * libgcrypt * libtool *

If the related software package is missing, you can install it online using yum-y install, or find it directly from the system installation disc and install it using rpm-ivh.

3. system settings before installation

Create the mysql installation directory and data storage directory

Installation path:

[Root @ test ~] # Mkdir/usr/local/mysql

Database path:

[Root @ test ~] # Mkdir/data/mysql

Create users and user groups

[Root @ test ~] # Groupadd mysql

[Root @ test ~] # Useradd-g mysql

Grant the data storage directory permission

[Root @ test ~] # Chownmysql: mysql-R/data/mysql


4. Compile and install MySQL 5.5

Download the software package through website or your sohuimage, such as the latest MySQL

[Root @ test ~] # Wget

[Root @ test ~] # Tar-zxvf mysql-5.5.35.tar.gz

[Root @ test ~] # Cdmysql-5.5.35

[Root@testmysql-5.5.35] # cmake. -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX =/usr/local/mysql-DMYSQL_UNIX_ADDR =/data/mysql. sock-DDEFAULT_CHARSET = utf8-DDEFAULT_COLLATION = utf8_general_ci-character: STRING = utf8, gbk-DWITH_INNOBASE_STORAGE_ENGINE = 1-DWITH_READLINE = 1-DENABLED_LOCAL_INFILE = incubator =/data/mysql/-DMYSQL_USER = mysql-connector = 3306


Parameter description:

-DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX =/home/mysql // installation directory

-DINSTALL_DATADIR =/home/mysql/data // database storage directory

-DDEFAULT_CHARSET = utf8 // use the utf8 character

-DDEFAULT_COLLATION = utf8_general_ci // check the character

-DEXTRA_CHARSETS = all // install all extended character sets

-DENABLED_LOCAL_INFILE = 1 // allow local data import

[Root@testmysql-5.5.35] # make; make install

The percentage of progress can be seen in make and make install, which is better than configure.

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