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When we upgrade IE or reinstall IE, some friends will always encounter the "Internet Explorer failed to complete the installation" prompts, whether you are IE8 upgrade IE9,IE9 IE10 If you encounter this situation, may wish to look at the following reasons and solutions.

"Internet Explorer failed to complete Setup Setup cannot continue because an updated version is installed on your computer"

For such a hint, it is because your system has been installed with you now have to install the IE notebook, or your system version is relatively high, IE is not supported from the lower version to the lower version of the upgrade.

If there is a problem with your IE browser, you are advised to reset your browser settings: Open your own Internet Explorer, tools--internet option-Advanced---reset.

Case two, for example you want to reload IE9, but you do not uninstall clean original IE9 will also cause the installation is unsuccessful.

WORKAROUND: See if there are any IE9 residue updates in the updates that have been installed you can try the following methods if they are not found and cannot be installed.

1. Click Start-All Programs-attachment, right click on the command prompt, choose to run as Administrator;

2. Copy the following command: forfiles/p%windir%servicingpackages/m microsoft-windows-internetexplorer-*9.*.mum/c "cmd/c Echo Uninstalling package @fname && start/w pkgmgr/up: @fname/norestart ";

3. After the copy, right click on the command Prompt window, select Paste, and then press ENTER to run this command;

Note: 0x80040005 error may occur during the run, we can click OK and ignore it.

4. After the completion of the operation, please restart the computer, and then open IE to see if IE9 Uninstall successfully and restore to the IE8 version;

Situation three, when installing IE browser, do you find the Web page open? Please close all pages and try again when installing.

Situation four, IE browser installation package did not download the complete

Here small set to mention a little, if you download the IE Browser installation package, if you find that the installation is not successful you can break the network installation, because small set found that sometimes IE installation program or automatically downloaded from the Internet installation, due to different network conditions, and sometimes the installation is not successful.

The above several Internet Explorer failed to complete the installation of the situation is small set in the real use of the encounter, if you have new reasons and methods please submit to the System box mailbox (, the above article hope to help.

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