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PHP itself does not have a Ioncube loader module and must be downloaded to the Ioncube Web site. Ioncube Loader is free, but encoder prices are more expensive (starting at $199).

Here's how to install Ioncube Loader under Linux.

1. download Ioncube, through this link can find the corresponding version, I use wget from the command line to get Linux64 version.
wget -c

2. Decompressiontar -zxvf ioncube_loaders_lin_x86-64.tar.gz

3. after the unpacked folder can find ioncube-loader-helper.php, copy it to the directory of the website, for example:
cp ioncube-loader-helper.php /var/www/html/

4. then open ioncube-loader-helper.php in the browser, click on the server System Information link, it will according to your system configuration, tell you should use that Ioncube-loader module , and tells PHP.ini's path.

5. Next, copy the relevant modules to/usr/local/(or other directories) and add a line to php.ini in accordance with the prompts in step fourth. For example:
zend_extension = /usr/local/ioncube/
Note: If you don't have zend_extension in your php.ini, you can add the line to either position, otherwise, add it to the first zend_extension statement.

6. Save php.ini and reboot the server. The commands that are used on our servers are:/etc/init.d/httpd restart

In addition, I also saw a zendchina on the Zendguard and Ioncube tool comparison article, Zendguard is a PHP source code encryption tool, Zendguard can only be used to configure the Zendoptimizer environment, Cannot run independently. It is said that the use of Zendoptimizer (PHP optimization engine) can improve the 20~50% of the source code execution speed, if combined with zendguard can increase the speed to more than 50%. Our company's website has not used PHP encryption and PHP optimization, have the opportunity to try.

Do not know whether PHP encryption against the concept of open source?

Ioncube loader similar to Zend PHP encryption tool

Yesterday, a Orivan online examination system, open the home page, prompted:
"Requires the Ioncube PHP Loader Ioncube_loader_win_5.2.dll to is installed by the site administrator"

This is the reason for the lack of ioncube loader, the Ioncube decryption tool.

Ioncube encoder can convert the PHP source code into bytecode. Encryption authorization processing after the PHP code is not open source, you must use Ioncube loader to execute the encrypted PHP code. PHP itself does not have a Ioncube loader module and must be downloaded to the Ioncube Web site. Ioncube Loader is free, but encoder prices are more expensive (starting at $199).

Fortunately, the test system integrates the loader package, which eliminates the hassle of downloading. My office computer can not even the Internet, now typing this is to check the data of the computer.

After opening, determine the existence of loader ioncube_loader_win_5.2.dll files,

Then, under the PHP installation directory, locate the Php-apache2handler.ini file. Search its ZEND_EXTENSION_TS

And then insert a paragraph: zend_extension_ts= "E:\phpnow\php5.2\oes\ionCube\Loader ioncube_loader_win_5.2.dll".

Loader Ioncube_loader_win_5.2.dll The path of the file itself to replace it with yours.

Restart Apache to test the effect.

Good English, you can also view the ioncube-loader-help.php file installation configuration

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