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In the past to build a station is generally custom development, which requires a high level of technical, and code is not easy to reuse, others are not easy to maintain, for the CMS, there is no need to customize the development, because the basic function of the CMS is not many, many functions should be reused. And Joomla is a complete CMS, and its biggest feature is the extensibility is very good.
Why is Joomla scalability good? Just go to the official website of Joomla to find the component installation package, you will see that there are thousands of components installed available, they all achieve their respective functions. If you need to add a feature to your CMS, look for the installation package before you can develop it, which saves you a lot of effort. There are many people who develop components for Joomla installation packages, which is also because Joomla is structurally good and easy to develop with the installation package. Joomla default function implementation is not much, Joomla more like a program base, all programs are built on this grassroots, a small program on the structure of a very functional site. Even if you do not use a third-party installation package, make your usual functions into a component installation package, you can also re-use the code well, so that development is no longer re-installed. From the user's point of view, Joomla is like a desktop system, it can install a variety of application software to enrich the function of the site, people feel so fun.
The structure of Joomla is good, so as long as the skilled Joomla, to maintain a Joomla station are very easy. Custom write something even better, maintainability is always a problem, I think no boss wants a system that only a programmer can understand.
For the CMS, BBS and other small and medium-sized sites built, custom development is not mainstream, the new era requires the site needs a higher development efficiency, so based on a complete system of development will occupy most of the market. At present, more and more web development companies in China are based on the existing open source system for two of development, because this means that the product will have a higher quality and development efficiency.
There are many CMS in China, they are very useful, no worse than Joomla. For example, Dedecms is full static, Joomla can not do a full static site, so access efficiency is not as dedecms. Although Dedecms also has module installation, but not necessarily someone to do dedecms module, I did not use DEDECMS, but it is estimated because dedecms is not the structure of the generalization or domestic programmers do not write for the open-source installation package habits. Anyway, the foreigner has built such a good system, why not take it?
The value of a Web programmer is not simply that he knows a lot of technology, but whether he can complete the project more quickly, in a way that satisfies the needs of the customer.

The above describes the Joomla Chinese to learn about Joomla from abroad, the PHP Web Management system, including the content of Joomla Chinese, I hope that the PHP tutorial interested in a friend helpful.

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