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1. akeeba backup core-joomla! Website Backup component.

Data security issues must be taken into account for both domestic and foreign charged hosts and even free hosts. No host provider can guarantee that your website data will not be lost. Many times, due to our own incorrect operations, it is also easy to cause data loss or errors. This requires a powerful Backup component to meet this requirement. We recommend that you use akeeba backup in joomla8. This Backup component allows you to back up your website in a very short time, including database backup, in addition, the installation file folder will be inserted in the backup package during the backup process, so that you can reinstall the website as you did when installing a new website, which is very simple. At the same time, akeeba backup is also a master of website migration. After extracting the backup data package and re-installing it to a new host, the website migration can be completed, whether you have modified your domain name or not! Therefore, joomla8 strongly recommends akeeba backup as the first required component for the joomla website, and akeeba backup among the most popular components on the joomla official website is also the first. With akeeba backup, are you still afraid of website backup? Enjoy the simple fun of website backup and website migration!

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2. xmap-joomla! Website map component

I think every joomla builder knows that the real traffic comes from the search engine! With the popularity of search engines, you win the traffic. So how can we make search engines like your joomla website? How can the search engine quickly include every page on your joomla website? Of course, xmap is installed quickly after the website is installed. It can automatically create a website map in XML format for you, and then you need to submit the website map to Google. Generally, after submitting a website map, Google will include your page within 24 hours. How is it? Not as exciting as action! However, most of the domestic websites use Baidu, and joomla8 hates Baidu. However, xmap can cater to Baidu's needs and submit HTML-format website Map pages to Baidu.

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3. joomsef-joomla! Search Engine Optimization Component

Joomla8 seems to have a special liking for Seo optimization, of course! I wonder if any joomla site builders have found that the default link of joomla is so unbearable and smelly and long, and it is expensive to start the SEF of joomla, this will seriously increase the burden on your servers, but you want to make the joomla website have a beautiful link address like joomla8. This will allow the search engine to obtain as much information as possible when reading the link, it also makes visitors look comfortable. Use joomsef! With joomsef, are you afraid that your link will not be SEF? Unfortunately, the free version of joomsef will add their links at the bottom of your webpage. You can use them on your own! If it is a public welfare website, why not try it?

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4. K2 Content Management System

The built-in Content Management System of joomla is indeed a headache for joomla8. I once thought about using K2, but considering that data transfer may be troublesome, And I am used to the categories and units that are recognized by the user, that's enough. However, if you have just set up a joomla website, install the K2 Content Management system. You will not regret it! K2 is an excellent content expansion component. It provides a complete set of rich content solutions for joomla, built-in comments, ratings, tags, classification nesting, thumbnails, videos, file downloads, user permission management, front-end editing, subtemplate systems, and extra fields similar to the UDF mechanism in Drupal. Through K2, we can build many types of sites, such as blogs, magazines, case presentations, file downloads, directory indexes, and item management. In this case, K2 is the best solution to replace the original content management system of joomla.

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5. joomla! Jsecure plugin required for website anti-Black

What is the background address of joomla? You know, I know, hackers know. In addition, joomla is too bad to log on to the background without a verification code! The Administrator's account is admin by default. Of course, you can modify it in the background, but many joomla site Builders will not modify it. A simple brute-force password cracking tool can prevent your website from being cracked. The tragedy is like this, And the jsecure plug-in is also like this. The jsecure plug-in can change your joomla background address to: http: // sample/Administrator /? * ** For such an address, the hacker can guess exactly what it represents! This undoubtedly adds a lock to your website's backdoors. No one can go to this door.

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For the moment, joomla8 can only think of these components, which can be used by every type of joomla website and are also very effective joomla extension components. As for what some friends say about the VM components, it depends on personal needs. Not every joomla website says about a business website. But slidershow is also a good plug-in. Almost all joomla websites have it, but joomla8 doesn't need it, so it's too fast.

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