Joomla Extended Use notes: Shoutbox Chinese site review module

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Objective: Through experience, comparison, selection, to find suitable for their own JOOMLA extensions, including components, modules, templates.

Environment: Win7 + XAMPP 1.7.1 + Joomla 1.5.14. For a more realistic experience, try one of the extensions as much as possible in a clean Joomla environment: After installing JOOMLA, import the sample data and install an extension when there are no other third-party components.

Shoutbox is shoutbox rewrite of the Chinese comment module (author: ufonba), download address: shoutboxufonba.html, official website is:

In the background with the "Extended-> Install/uninstall" before the download of this compressed packet processing, first of all, it is a ZIP format compressed files, and in the root of the compressed file should be used mod_shoutbox.xml such files.

After the successful installation through the background, the contents of the display is very simple, on the word: an AJAX shout Box

After the installation is successful, you can locate the Shout Box module in the "Extended-> Module Management-> Web Site", which is not enabled by default, and enable it if you want to use it.

Click on the module name to see the appropriate settings:

There are not many settings items, from which you can see what the shoutbox has to do, enable the module, and then look at the front desk:

Used to know, this is for the whole station comment module, as long as in the background of the module settings in the menu assigned to the page will show such a shoutbox, the location can be set in the background, the default is on the left. So the content that is displayed on each page is the same, like a Fanfou window sticker.

First of all, I still want to find a comment system for the article, this is not what I want, first experience collection down, maybe someday or need. And the background also lacks a comment maintenance function. Next, continue to find the article you want to comment module or plug-in.

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