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This article describes how to set up two laptops to enable wireless Internet access, and provides detailed configuration instructions and precautions. I believe this article will help you.

1. Two Local Wireless Internet access settings

The most convenient method is to use the new bridge function in Windows XP. Accessories: two local cables, one network cable, and adsl modem.

First, set the IP address of the wireless network adapter of the host to and the subnet mask to Click "attributes" of "Network neighbors" to go to the "wireless network connection attributes" Page, select "wireless network configuration", and modify the "SSID" name. Select "advanced" and set "network to be accessed" to "computer only (specific)" on the pop-up page )", disable the "automatically connect to a non-preferred network" option, and then set your laptop.

Set your laptop to and the subnet mask to Next, go to the "properties" page of "Network neighbors", select "Wireless Network Connection Properties", and then select "wireless network configuration ", add the SSID of the wireless network adapter of the host notebook in "preferred network. Open the "advanced" Page, set "network to be accessed" to "computer-only (specific)", and disable the "automatically connect to a non-preferred network" option. If the operating system is earlier than Windows XP, you also need to set the channels for the two wireless network adapters. For Windows 2000, you need to modify the channel value in the network adapter attributes. Then the host laptop finds the ADSL Network Connection in "Network Neighbor, on the "advanced" Page, activate the "allow other network users to connect to this computer through the Internet Connection Sharing" function under "Internet Connection Sharing. After Internet Connection Sharing is completed, the two servers can connect to the Internet wirelessly.

The biggest problem with this wireless Internet access method is that you need to enable the desktop at the same time when accessing the laptop. Easy to Set Up. for users who often need to use laptops to access the Internet wirelessly, this connection method is still very cost-effective and convenient.

2. Access through Wireless AP

Accessories: two local and desktop computers, Wireless AP with routing function, and ADSL MODEM

The first thing to do is to set up wireless network nodes. The function of a wireless network node is to convert a wired network signal into a wireless signal, which is the core of the entire wireless network. Its position determines the signal strength and transmission rate of the entire wireless network. We recommend that you select a location that is not easily blocked and the signal can cover all corners of the house. After you view the wireless network node specification, you will know the IP address of the AP. Generally, the IP address of the AP is and the subnet mask is In the network properties, set the IP address of the wireless network adapter of the laptop to and the subnet mask to to keep the IP address in the same network segment as the wireless network node. After the wireless network node is enabled, the wireless network adapter automatically searches for the wireless network node.

Next, open your browser, enter the address of the wireless network node http: // the address bar, and view the manual to learn the management password of the wireless network node, after correct input, you can enter the management interface of the wireless network node. Depending on the access method, you need to set the IP address of the IP wireless network node to static or dynamic. If the IP address used for broadband access is dynamic, set the IP address of the wireless network node to dynamic acquisition, and vice versa to static.

Then, connect the broadband access network cable to the wireless network node, and then set the IP address of the wireless network adapter of the laptop to be automatically obtained, or keep it in the same network segment as the wireless network node. Log on to the management interface of the wireless network node again in IE browser, find the security option, and choose to enable WEP encryption function (this function is usually disabled in factory settings of the wireless network node ), then, enter a hexadecimal character (the character must be 0-9 or a-f) as the encrypted string (the encrypted string must be fixed and cannot be connected to a wireless network node after it is lost ), save the settings and restart the wireless network node. Modify "Wireless Network Connection Properties ". Click "properties" of "Network neighbors" to go to the "Wireless Network Connection Properties" page, and then select "wireless network configuration ". Find your own wireless network node in the available network. If there are no other wireless network nodes nearby, only one network should be listed here. Otherwise, other nearby wireless networks will also be listed. Next, click "attribute" to activate "Data Encryption (WEP enabled, enter the encrypted string in the "Network key" and "Confirm network key" columns below, and click "OK, the wireless network adapter can be correctly connected to the wireless network node.

The installation of wireless network adapters for desktop computers is no different from that for laptops. Generally, wireless network nodes can be connected to 64 computers or devices at the same time. Therefore, it is very convenient to add computers or devices in the future.


1. If your AP does not provide the routing function, you need to use a connection method like PC-AP-router-MODEM, if the desktop does not have a wireless network adapter, the connected network cable is connected to the vro and set to the same working group and IP address segment.

2. You also need to find out the network transmission mode supported by your network card. Because IEEE802.11a and 1IEEE802. because 11b uses different bandwidths, It is not compatible. Although some vendors have also released products with both 11a and 11b features, it can only be used by switching to different network segments, but not at the same time. 11g is compatible with 11b, but it is also not compatible with 11a. When the 11g and 11b terminals are mixed, the 11g access point can separately switch different modulation modes for each data packet based on different objects-that is, communication with the 11g terminal in the 11g modulation mode, communicates with the 11b terminal in 11b mode. The 11g access point has a special function: When the 11g and 11b terminals are mixed together, the 11g communication is controlled to avoid interference from the 11b terminal. This function is called the RTS/CTS (request sending/clearing sending ). IEEE802.11g access points are generally set to "11b hybrid mode" and "11g dedicated mode". The 11g dedicated mode does not use the RTS/CTS function. Therefore, if you only use 11G terminals in the 11G network, you can use the 11g dedicated mode to increase the communication speed.

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