Learning HTML is the only way to make Web pages

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After reading this article, you can view the source code of our website.

What are the advantages of learning HTML language?

1: Easy to modify your website, blog structure of the web.
2: SEO site optimization is very useful place.
3: Copycat, by saving other Web page source code, appropriate changes, you can copy the template you want.
4: When you have a beautiful PSD source file picture, you can easily cut the picture into a Web page.
5: Whether it is PHP, ASP,. NET, JSP and other Web programming language, you need to use HTML.
6: Can easily detect whether the Web site is a Trojan horse. and prevent the Web Trojan.
7: Can be advanced to a higher level: DIV+CSS Web design.
8: Read this article, then you can modify the site to provide the template.

What tools do you use to learn HTML?

Or recommend the university to use Dreamweaver software to learn html,dreamweaver WYSIWYG software is the best HTML editor, can not understand the HTML of the knowledge can make Web pages.

How to learn HTML language?

1: Must be more hands-on, a lot of changes to other people's web code. (Right-click on the effect page to select View Source to see the code that implements the effect.) )
2: Remember some of the common HTML syntax. When Lou was learning HTML, he only remembered some of the common syntax of HTML web design.
Such as:
Join: write the words you want to write

Recommended HTML detailed tutorial learning address:

2:html Video Tutorials http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMzM0MzM3ODQ=.html (when you click on Youku, can you promise to watch only the tutorials and not the movies?) )

Summary: HTML is still an essential code for making Web pages. If you can know how to master and apply the code, large to do the site, small to blog forum, etc. will have great benefits.

In fact, I believe most people are very familiar with HTML, learn the HTML to look at once again may be able to know something new. Never learned HTML, see this article should be able to quickly grasp the essentials.

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