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Long-awaited began to come out, life calendar finally released mobile phone Android version. Follow the small weave to experience its various functions together below.

On the phone screen to open the calendar of life, after entering the program, there will be the following interface. Enter the interface simple and beautiful, light blue background tone, the continuation of the life calendar computer-side small fresh style.

Then entered the calendar main interface, in the case of mobile phone is not networked, the calendar can not update real-time weather, networking situation, the weather update is timely. Weather forecasts, temperatures, and PM2.5 values will be shown, allowing us to see the weather forecast very clearly at the first glance. The calendar displays the page, the day date uses the circle design, appears small fresh but not inflexible. In contrast to the lunar calendar, we are free to search the lunar calendar, Gregorian calendar and Almanac, and we will not miss any important holiday.

Click on the icon in the upper-left corner of the calendar, you can use the calendar more features, the life calendar will be shown below, look at the calendar, notes, birthdays, weather and settings and other corresponding functions, you can understand the life calendar more intimate function design.

In setting options, we can set the weather in the notification bar, and when we slide the button to on, the mobile notification bar will appear with the Life calendar icon. Open the Drop-down menu of the notification bar, we can see the life calendar detailed weather display. Usually take a mobile phone as long as a slip, you can very clearly see the day's weather conditions.

We can also log into the Life calendar computer end of the account, after the login can be synchronized with the computer end of the life calendar together to remember. At the same time, the Life calendar Android version also has a custom birthday and Notepad function. Enter the birthday name, date, and choose your favorite reminder, you can be family, friends of the birthday record in the life calendar, and the Chronicle function, we can set up their own memos, whether it is important in life or work memo, can be detailed records. So we don't miss out on an important date.

The set of birthday reminders and notes will be displayed in the main interface of the life calendar, a very intimate reminder when you open the calendar. A reminder for the day is also displayed in the Drop-down list in the notification bar.

We can also click on "Weather" to get the next four days weather forecast, the next four days of weather conditions, temperature trends can be clearly displayed, let us at a glance. At the same time, we can change the city names at any time to see weather forecasts in different cities.

The Life calendar Android version, extends the Life calendar computer side function, may remind, can be forgotten, may synchronize. is a user-friendly use for the purpose of the intimate life of small tools.

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