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Linux Command Learning Notes directory is in use recently, Linux, by the way the commands used to organize a bit. I. File directory Operations Command: 0.linux Command Learning Note (0): Man command 1.linux Command learning Note (1): ls command 2.linux command learning Note (2): cd command 3.linux command learning Note (3): pwd command 4.L Inux Command Learning Note (4): mkdir command 5.linux Command Learning Note (5): RM Command 6.linux Command Learning Note (6): rmdir command 7.linux Command Learning Note (7): MV Command 8.linux Command learning Note (8): CP Command 9. Linux Commands learning Note (9): Touch Command 10. Linux Command learning Note: Cat command 11. Linux Command Learning Notes (one): NL command 12. Linux Command Learning Note (a): more command 13. Linux Command learning Note: less command 14. Linux Command Learning Note: Head command 15. Linux Command learning Note (tail): Command two. File Find command 16. Linux Command Learning Note (17): Which command. Linux Command Learning Note (18): Whereis command. Linux Command Learning Note: Locate command 19. Linux Command Learning Note: The Find command at a Glance 20. Linux Command Learning Note: Exec 21 of the Find command. Linux Command Learning Note: The Xargs 22 of the Find command. Linux Command Learning Note: The parameters of the Find command are detailed three. File and Directory properties 23. Linux Command Learning notes: Linux directory structure 24. Linux Command Learning notes: Linux file types with extension 25. Linux Command Learning Note: Linux file attributes four. file package upload and download 26. Linux Commands learning Note (26): Upload and download files with SecureCRT 28. Linux Command learning Note: Tar command 32. Linux Command Learning Note (+): gzip Command v. Linux file permissionsSet 27. Linux Command learning Note: Linux chmod command 29. Linux Command Learning Note: CHGRP command 30. Linux Command Learning Note (31): Chown command. Linux Command Learning Note:/etc/group file six. disk storage related 33. Linux Command learning Note: DF Command 34. Linux Command learning Note: Du command seven. Performance monitoring and Optimization commands: 44.linux command learning Note: Top command 45.linux command learning Note: free command 46.linux command Learning Note: Vmstat Make 47.linux Command Learning Note: iostat command 51.linux Command learning Note: lsof command eight. Network command: 52.linux command Learning Note (*): ifconfig command 53.linux command to learn notes ( (+): Route command 54.linux Command learning Note: ping command 55.linux command learning Note: traceroute command 56.linux command learning Note: netstat command 57.linux command learn XI Note: SS Command 58.linux Command Learning Note: Telnet command 59.linux command learning Note: rcp command 60.linux command learning Note: SCP command other commands: 35.linux command Learning notes: ln command 36.linux Command learning Note: diff command 37.linux Command learning Note (PNS): Date command 38.linux command learning Note: Cal Command 39.linux Command learning Note: g Rep Command 40.linux Command learning Note (max): WC command 41.linux Command learning NOTE: PS command 48.linux Command learning Note: Watch command 49.linux command learning Note: at command 50.lin UX Command Learning Note: crontab command 61.linux command Learning Note: Tree command 62.linux Command Learning Note (-curl)Make-url Download Tool 63.linux Command Learn note (-sed) command detailed 64.linux command Learn note (up to)-awk command detailed 65.linux command Learning Note (+)-vmstat command detailed 66.linux command Learn notes ( -SSH command to use parse 67.linux command to learn notes (-install) command detailed 68.linux command Learning notes (-md5sum) command Details 69.linux Command Learning Notes-eval command details 70.L     Inux Command Learning Note (-kill) command and killall command detailed Linux shell learning notes-Internal command Learning 2 Linux Shell Learning notes-Internal command Learning 1 Linux shell Learning notes-variable declaration and assignment Linux Shell Learning note--if,case,for,while, sequential, cyclic structure Linux shell Learning notes-Compare Operations Linux shell Learning notes-The main reference for file-test-taker learning is: 1. Brother Bird Lin UX Private Cuisine 2. 3.linux command five-minute series 4. One Linux command per day 5. Other Internet data, Google,baidu and other search engines


Linux Command Learning Notes directory

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