Linux Web site configuration file. htaccess pseudo-static transition to IIS Web. config

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The PHP Web site under Linux is placed under Windows Server IIS. htaccess file pseudo-static rule conversion.   This method is only suitable for Linux under the PHP Web site under the Windows Server IIS, the site in addition to the main page of normal sub-page all appear 404 error, where the sub-page 404 error is that pseudo-static is not open.   What is. Htacdess:.htaccess is called a distributed configuration file that provides a way to change the configuration of a directory by placing a file containing one or more instructions in a particular document directory to act on this directory and all its subdirectories. and the directives in the subdirectories overwrite the higher-level directories or the directives in the master server configuration file. In general, if your virtual host is using a UNIX or Linux system, or any version of the Apache Web server, it is theoretically supported. htaccess. htaccess is in Apache HTTP Server A file that is set up under various permissions rules for the system directory, which exists in the Linux operating system. More common is the definition of the default home page name, 404 pages, 301 turn, and so on, there are more features such as pseudo-static, limit the picture outside the chain, limit the download, password protection, remove page ads, and so on, there are a lot of features are not listed. In fact, most of these functions can be set in the Cpanel Control Panel (the equivalent of the graphical interface of the. htaccess). But for the master, cpanel for htaccess to provide the function is too little point, manual editing is kingly. Relative to the domestic virtual host, the vast majority of the  &nbsp is not the function;. htaccess file directory rules generally we place the. htaccess file in the root directory of the Web site, control the directory and all subdirectories, and if placed in subdirectories, are affected by the. htaccess file in the parent directory.   The first step to find. htaccess file   Second step to open the server on IIS select the site you want to modify, click URL, Path rewrite click on the right import rule Select the folder where the site is located, locate the. htaccess file, click Import Rewrite rule successfully click on the right app * Note If the import rule appears with a rewritebase error, open the Web site file to locate the. htaccess, add the Rewritebase/  front to the # (this represents the comment out of this rule) or delete it directly.   Permanent update of this article address:

Linux web site configuration file. htaccess pseudo-static transition to IIS Web. config

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