[linux]date command timestamp and time conversion

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Many times we look at the data in the database, or the data in other people's systems need to be time-stamped to query, or the result of the query is a timestamp. There are times when you need to enter a timestamp for the query condition. My previous approach is to use the online tool to complete, and later with the Mac, I think directly with the command line to solve the good, do not have to open a browser every time the trouble (actually dozen command unfamiliar also trouble)

Here is the operation under the Mac, mainly with the date this command, more usage with the man command to view

string format time to timestamp

We know that the date command can directly convert the current time to a timestamp

# date +%s1436781527

And here we turn our defined time into timestamps.

# date "%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S""2015-07-13 18:02:00""+%s"1436781720

In fact this slightly complicated if hand hit

Time stamp to time

But the time stamp becomes readable time form is very simple, Mac and CentOS a little different

On Mac

date-r143678172020157月1318时02分00秒 CST

On CentOS

$ @14367817202015071318:02:00CST

These two commands are really short and good to remember

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[linux]date command timestamp and time conversion

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