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Magento(Attributes) is the measurable or descriptive nature of the product, such as color, manufacturer, Stock Number (SKU), and so on.MagentoThere are two types of Attribute: Simple Attribute and System Attribute. By default,MagentoContains all the required system properties that cannot be deleted, and each productAllOwns these system properties. and all attribute sets (Attributes sets) must also contain these system properties (the property set is described in detail in the next section (Attributes sets)). System properties include name, price, and stock Number (SKU), any productAllCannot be absent. Individual attributes (simple Attribute) are defined by the owner. It is more applied to the particular properties of individual products and is not necessarily included in all attribute set. For example, you create a property that represents a color, which is the equivalent of red, blue, and black. Then you might add this attribute to shirt's attribute set to represent different colors of shirt, but you certainly won't add it to the DVD's attribute set, becauseto beColor is not a useful attribute for DVDs. To create simple Attribute, you can access it through the Catalog > Attribute > Manage Attributes and then clickAdd New AttributeButton.

features (properties)attribute attributes (Attribute properties)
  • Property Code (Attribute Code)- This is the name of the property used by the system. When managing attribute set, it will be used, of course, it will not appear on the foreground page. Each new property has a unique attribute Code, and cannot contain spaces.
  • Scope -This drop-down menu determines the level at which the attribute is shared. When creating a product, you can see its scope on the right side of each attribute. You can set attribute to have three levels: Global, website, or store View.
      • global: Indicates that the product owning this attribute all is consistent.
      • Green, and in another store view, define Blue.
  • owner Directory input form (catalog input type for store Owner) -This option describes what form of attribute data is stored. This setting determines what form attribute will enter the value of attribute. For example, the attribute of a product description uses a text field so that different descriptions can be entered for different products, whereas for color attribute the drop-down menu (Drop-down) is used. Then the product can choose the color attribute by the drop-down menu (the value of the drop-down menu can be entered in the Manage Label/options tab). Tip: When you select a type that needs to enter multiple values (for example, a drop-down menu and a multi-box), you cannot later modify it to a directly typed type (for example, an input box), or vice versa. So when setting this option, consider it a lot.
  • Default Value -If you choose to enter a default value, the attribute of the product will be given this default value when creating a new item, but you can modify the value. This option item does not appear when you select the Multi box (Multipal Select) in the input type above, the drop-down menu (Dropdown), or the media image. You can set the default values for these input types in the Manage Label/options tab.
  • Unique Value -if you define attribute as unique value, then this attribute will be different on each product. For example, if color colors are defined as unique Value, then only one product is green, blue, and so on.
  • whether the value is required (values Required) -If you require the values, you must select a value for this attribute for each product you c Reate. You are not being able to save a product if this attribute is the left blank. When this option is turned on, you must set a value for the attribute when creating the product. If this value is empty then this product will not be saved.
  • Input Information validation (input Validation for Store Owner) -This option allows you to set the input content to be checked when the value of attribute is set, andMagento has several types of tests built in. If none is selected, you can enter any type of content. If e-mail is selected,Magento will verify that the value entered is the correct email and will prompt for an error if it is not correct.
  • apply to -this selection determines which product type owns this attribute. Magento has six product types: simple, grouped, configurable, Virtual, Bundle, downloadable products (these product types are described in detail in later chapters of this chapter). If you select Selected product Typesfrom the drop-down menu, a multi-select menu will appear, where you can select the type of product that has this attribute.
  • used to create configurable products (use to create configurable product )- This option appears only if the scope selects global and the input type has dropdown selected. With this option turned on, the Attribute will become a configurable Attribute. When you create configurable product, after you select the attribute set and product type, a Procuct Select options for configrable attribute. You will see all configurable Attribute of the Attribute set previously selected. If you choose it, then this attribute will be Product configurable Attribute, do not choose, of course, the product does not have that configurable Attribute, but do not worry, Attribute set is still retained, the next time you can use. What's the use of configurable attribute? It allows customers to select the value of this attribute in the foreground via the drop-down menu, which can be configured by the user. To learn more about configurable products, the following section on product is mentioned. Reminder: This drop-down menu has nothing to do with apply to above. Attribute can be a configurable Attribute even if it is not applied to configurable product. If this is the case, you will be able to select this attribute as configrable when creating the product. Product, but you will not see this atribute in the attribute list when you create new products.
foreground features (Frontend properties)
    • Apply in Quick Search -turn this option on when customers use the search function in the header Magento will search for the value of this attribute for all products. For example, if you have a quick search for the Color property, your customers can search for products of the color they need by entering green or blue. For more information, Chapter 5th: Promotions, marketing and content pages.
    • apply in the advanced search (using in advance search) -This is a little bit similar to faster searching. However, in an advanced search, each attribute will have a selection area, not just a search box. Turn on this option to create a selection area for attribute in the Advanced search page. See chapter 5th for details.
  • the foreground can compare (comparable on front-end )-turn this option on, and the pop-up window for comparing products (Compare product) this atrribute. See chapter 5th for details.
  • apply in the hierarchy navigation bar (use in layered Navigation)  - magento layered navigation allows your customers to filter products by properties on the Product Classification page (these properties are, of course, turned on. can also be filtered). The hierarchy navigation menu is displayed in the left column of the category page and contains all the properties that can be filtered. A different property value is displayed below each property. Filter the product list by clicking on these property values. There are two types of filter properties (filterable  attribute), which can be selected by the drop-down menu: Span style= "Background-color:rgb (160,255,255)" >filterable   (With results " and  filterable   (no results ). This determines the value of the property displayed in the hierarchy navigation menu.
      • Filterable   (With results ), Then on the menu, only the property values that are in the product that the current category page displays are displayed (that is, only product-owned attribute values can be Filter).
      • filterable   (no results ", all values of this property (the value set in the Manage Label/options tab) will be displayed on the menu, regardless of the current category page product, All attribute values can be Filter).

    The level navigation menu will not appear if there are no filtered properties in the product on the category page. If the attribute is to be set to be filtered, the input type must be dropdown, multiple Select, or price.

  • position (Position) -this option determines where the property is displayed in the hierarchy navigation menu.
  • Front Desk Product View whether the page is visible (visible on Product view page on front-end) -turn on this option to display the product this property value in the product production page.

Manage tags/options (Manage label/options)
  • Manage Title (Manage titles) -the value entered in the admin input box will be displayed as the name of this property in the background. You can enter different property names for different store view. This is useful when managing different store view in different languages, for example, type color in the admin input box, enter colour in the UK store view input box, and enter couleur in the French store view. If the input box for another store view is left blank, the input value in admin will be used automatically.
  • management options (Manage options)  -This feature only appears when the input type has dropdown or multiple select selected. You have to prepare these values in order to generate the dropdown and multiple Select in the product page, which is the value you want to enter. In fact the input is also very simple, just click Add option to create a new value, and you can build countless values (if you need to). Each value, in the admin input field input, other store view can not be entered. For example, if you want to create two option, the first option, enter green in the admin bar, UK store view can be left blank (because also green), enter Vert in the French store view bar, second option, Admin input blue, UK store view can be left blank, enter Bleu in the French store view bar. And you set the sort and default values for these options. You can enter a number in the position (Position) column to determine how these options are sorted. When the input type dropdown, you can select an option for default value (is default); input type Multiple select multiple options can be selected for default selection.


Magento Creating properties

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