Make use of "more" to create message board, comment system, message board Comment _php Tutorial

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Make use of "more" to create a message board, comment system, message board comments

Message board and comment system will often be used in the site construction, today for everyone to introduce how to use more to say for their own website to create a message board, commenting system! Note the following is just a brief introduction to the creation of simple settings, more functions you can explore!

1, enter the more said website log in.

2, click on the homepage of "I Want to install", go to create Site page, and then according to their actual situation fill in information.

3, enter the background management interface, click Tools, Get code----general code, copy this code to your message board or comment area, the code needs you fill in the information in the "article" set

4, article settings, add the article, note if you want to add a message box that the message as an article, specifically see

5, the setting has the specific settings of the comments, you can study on their own, but note that there is a custom CSS, which is the style of setting your comments. Here are two ways to refer to, one is to click on the "comment box CSS style reference" below and then write your own defined style in the custom Style box. The second is to use the firebug of the Firefox browser to view the comment box element information and then modify in the CSS file, the individual think that a more convenient point!

And then it's done!!!

The above mentioned is the whole content of this article, I hope you can like. true techarticle The use of "more say" to make the message board, Comment system, message Board Comment message board and comment system in the website construction will often use, today for everyone to introduce how to use more said for their own network ...

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