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In the general design of the Web page, you have to pay attention to a few problems, the first is that you have to avoid your own preferences, you have to know that your favorite things do not necessarily everyone likes, such as Web page composition color, you like gaudy, and your Web page is full of such colors, then you will lose a lot of your potential customers, The reason is simple ...

From the point of view of the viewer, do you like the pages that are advertised in the sky, or are there more content pages?

Obviously, you must choose the latter, this is human nature, this is the simplest user experience (user-experience, short UE), but also the most direct impact on your web browsing degree factors. Most of the time, the user experience directly affects whether your site is successful or not. In the last blog to make a money-making site of the necessary factors, I did not mention the user experience, this is because in the site planning and website operation, the user experience is the most important factor, once you do not good user experience, then you want to do a money-making website idea can only become empty talk.

In the general design of the Web page, you have to pay attention to a few problems, the first is that you have to avoid your own preferences, you have to know that your favorite things do not necessarily everyone likes, such as Web page composition color, you like gaudy, and your Web page is full of such colors, then you will lose a lot of your potential customers, The reason is very simple, is that your jumping color lets you lose the visitor to your website trust, to know that people now like the simple color, simplicity and not simple, then you should consider to look at the competitor's web design plan, do not copy, because it will make viewers lose trust, The best way to keep a visitor is to build on him. The second problem is that you have to get a lot of people from different levels to agree on your Web page, in the simplest terms, for all ages. That will show that your site is successful, because you have captured the common heart characteristics of all visitors, in order to attract more new visitors, of course, the prize-viewing things or less for good, although the benefits are the biggest driving force, but the network of the current situation so that the user's vigilance is very high, inadvertently will backfire. To catch people's habits is very simple, you first think about the people around you are concerned about the common things, you understand. The third is more important, this is the analysis of your competitors, but also a test of your own observation. Usually look at the competitor's website project, summed up their advantages and disadvantages, must remember a little, do not use eggs hit stone, their advantages have been extended for a long time, you can not beat them, see what they do not, and then you go to improve, so that will attract more visitors attention. Here's a very simple example of a small city, only a clothing market, if you open the clothing market, then perhaps you will lose money, but if you sell special clothing, then there will be customers to your store to spend, that is, you have to convert the disadvantage of competitors to their own advantages, Then highlight it for your viewers to see.

The user experience generally contains four aspects: 1. Brand (branding) 2. Usability (usability) 3. Functional (functionality) 4. Contents (content)


It's like bringing up a TV. People think of Konka, mention shampoo people think of the soft, brand for any show in front of ordinary people have a strong influence. No one is going to like a thing without a brand, because it doesn't have any quality assurance. Then how to create a website brand, this is to let a lot of webmaster headaches, this part of the things I will be in the article in detail, and now just a simple mention. A website is not a brand, probably depends on two elements: first, is not unique, two, is not the most characteristic or the richest content. The 1th is very good explanation, if this industry only you a person to do this website, then even if you choose the keyword is quite unpopular, then the site is not much IP, but you are the entire industry brand. Second, if your website content is most abundant, the information updates the quickest, then you are the most successful. These two points are very important for you to build a website brand, in the final analysis, your site is not to the visitors to bring attractive unforgettable experience.

In addition, the visual experience for brand promotion is also very influential, for example, Sony has a civilian digital SLR camera "Alpha 300", although the camera is cheap, but Sony has the camera's official website design Elegant, Let a person think such a machine must be tens of thousands of dollars of good machines, but the actual price of this machine only 3,000 yuan, this is the visual experience for the promotion of the brand. We make our own web page is the same, the pros and cons of web design for people can not remember your site has a very important role, and, appropriate use of pictures, multimedia, for your site is also very helpful, but must remember a word: "Ningquewulan."


I want to be a webmaster, the most do not like to see the "Web page has errors" under IE title bar, if the error is not small, it can endure, but if the error is too large, or even directly affect the important functions and use, then it is unforgivable.

Some of the errors may be caused by the Web site program, this is a great impact on the site user experience, the webmaster should be resolved quickly, and some errors are caused by the operator error, if there is no relevant guidance program, will give a lot of contact with the computer not many visitors a "this site is too difficult to operate" illusion, This will also affect the user experience very much, that is, in such an environment, AJAX application and life. So, to keep in mind that there must be a user Action error preset scheme, so as to better improve the user experience.

According to this point, it can also be extended to the other point is that "the overall page focus on the main audience object optimization." Give a simple example to illustrate the meaning of this sentence: for example, you have made a Web page of agricultural Science and technology, your first thing to do is not to think about how to make others feel your Web page beautiful, but you have to consider the peasant brothers online time is not long, for the site operation there are some doubtful questions, for the entire use of the Web page optimization, For example, the description of basic functions, navigation bar optimization, search function simplification and so on.

And the question you need to consider is, no matter what kind of visitors, the purpose of arriving at your site is to find the information they need, then you have to stand on the user's point of view, what exactly is what they may want, and put the information in anyone can find the place, so, Your site to visitors not only bring a perfect experience, let them get what needs to get, and one wildfire, gradually, your site is word of mouth, visitors will be more and more. This is the so-called "Word-of-mouth marketing." The thing you need to do is to help your visitors achieve their goal of coming to your site.

If you have the technical conditions, it is best to consider the habits of some disabled users in your website, such as listening to the authentication code, such as voice reading content, which will help you improve the user experience.

Besides, it's also a very important point. is whether the style of the Web page, or the content of the site, to a large extent, to reach an agreement, for example: you go to a furniture site to see new furniture pictures, suddenly appeared a irrelevant picture, it will make you very disgusted? Do unto others others, This is the most important point to do the website.


The so-called functional, not just refers to the interface function of the site, more is in the site internal procedures of some processes. This is not only for the Web site visitors have a great use, but also for the role of webmaster can not be overlooked.

Functionality contains about the following: 1, the site in the shortest possible time, access to the user's query information, and feedback to the user. 2, the program function process feedback to the user, this is actually very simple, for example, you can often see a lot of sites "submitted to Success" or you will sometimes receive updates to other sites mail, and so on. 3, the website to the visitor Personal Information Privacy protection strategy, this to increase your website The trust degree to have the very good help. 4, line under the combination of online, this will not need me to say, the simplest example is the Netizen party. 5, the excellent website backstage Management procedure, helps the administrator to achieve the goal quicker.


If the site's technology composition is a website skeleton, then content is the site's flesh and blood. Content includes not only the readability content of your website, but also the connection organization, navigation organization and so on, this is also a key part of a website user experience.

It says so much, as long as you quantify your site in terms of user experience, you can make your site popular.

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