Microsoft Visual C + + 6.0 Classic plug-in small orange (visual Assist) plug-in installation and Chinese graphical illustration

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Visual Assist is a development environment accessibility tool that makes it easier for users to write code. The following is a detailed description of the installation and use of Visual Studio 6.0 + Visual Assist 1901 as an example (Vs2005 and later).

1. function

There are 3 main features of Visual Assist X, specifically as follows.

(1) The Member list box appears more frequent, faster, and results are more accurate. Parameter information is more complete and annotated. A stop tool tip that contains all the symbols. Use Visual Assist as shown in hint 1-1 before using visual Assist as shown in hint 1-2.

Figure 1-1 before using visual Assist

Figure 1-2 after using visual Assist

(2) Smart tips. Enter "Da", Visual Assist will automatically give a hint "data" (1-3), if prompted correctly, you can directly press ENTER to use the contents of the prompt.

Figure 1-3 Smart Tips

3) Error Auto-correction: Monitor your IDE for instant correction of simple but time-consuming errors. In the following code, type "CDATA", enter a space, and "CDATA" automatically becomes "CDATA".

void Cex010106dlg::onbutton1 ()




2. Download the Visual Assist

Visual Assist 1901: Password:m8jd

3. Install Visual Assist

The specific steps for installing visual Assist are as follows.

(1) After downloading all the files, run the installation files (va_x_setup1901.exe), compress the other files within the package for cracking. Before you run the installation file, you must close Visual C + + and its same series, or you will see a hint like 1-4.

Figure 1-4 Error message

(2) Select "Pre-2010 version of Microsoft Visual Studio ..." check box, shown in 1-5, click the Install button.

Figure 1-5 Installation Options

(3) Choose the installation path, do not have to install with Visual C + +, here I also do not use the default directory, but note the path, after the installation is completed to crack the need to copy files to this directory, 1-6. Click on the "Next" button to start the plugin installation.

Figure 1-6 Selecting the installation path

(4) Click the "Finish" button to complete the installation of visual Assist, as shown in 1-7.

Figure 1-7 Installation Complete

(5) Open Visual C + + 6.0,visual Assist pop up two boxes, no matter, click OK.

Figure 1-8 Installation Successful initial boot

(6) Chinese-typed cracking

Some features of the trial version, such as toolbars, are not available and it is best to purchase a full version. But for ordinary users, buying is too far. Then let's crack it.

Extract the downloaded compressed files out of the file, close all Visual Studio 6.0, except the installer and a text outside of the 5 DLL files copied to the Visual Assist installation directory. As shown in 1-9, copy and replace. The completion of the Chinese and cracked. Figure 1-10 Sets the interface for the Chinese visual Assist after the localization.

Figure 1-9 File replacement overrides

Fig. 1-10 the interface of Chinese setting

4. Uninstall

If you no longer use visual Assist, you can remove it from the control Panel.

5. Disable, enable

If you just don't want to use this toolbar for the time being, you can disable it. Select the menu "tools→customize" command, in the pop-up "Customize" dialog box, cancel the "visual Assist X add-in" check box to disable the visual assist,1-11 shown. Select the Visual Assist 6.0 add-in check box to re-enable visual Assist.

1-11 Disabling, enabling Visual Assist

Finally, I'm telling you a great way to annotate visual Assist! Right-click the code that requires comments or touches the comment. Press and hold the keypad's "/" or "*" key to implement a single-line comment or multiline comment for the code, or to dismiss the comment!

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Microsoft Visual C + + 6.0 Classic plug-in small orange (visual Assist) plug-in installation and Chinese graphical illustration

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