Microsoft officially publishes Visual Studio Update 3 (2013.3) RTM

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Yesterday, Microsoft's Visual Studio Update 3 (Visual Studio 2013.3) officially announced (RTM), as a Microsoft certification gold cooperation of the Grape City control, we organize the first time to translate, share to everyone:

Download Visual Studio Update 3

This update is the latest in a cumulative new feature and bug fix for visual Studio2013, and you can get visual Studio2013 and Team Foundation Server 2013 from the following links:

Download Visual Studio Update 3 (2013.3) RTM

New features of Visual Studio Update 3

· CodeLens

· Code Map

· Debugger

· Performance and Diagnostics

· IntelliTrace

· Windows Store Apps

· Visual Studio IDE

· Testing

· Bug Fixes & Known Issues

· Release Management

· Web Tools

· Azure Tools

· C++

· Graphics Diagnostics

· Application Insights

· ClickOnce Deployment

· SharePoint Apps

In addition, a number of visual Studio2013 products and update 3 are available for download, including the following:

· Multi-Device Hybrid Apps CTP 2.0 Release

· Azure SDK 2.4 Release RTM

· IntelliTrace Standalone Collector

· Windows Phone 8.1 Update emulators

For specific information on these version numbers, please refer to the section below for the relevant press release (related releases).

This is a video overview of visual Studio2013.3. Watch Visual Studio Update 3 episode of Visual Studio Toolbox with Robert Green & Dmitry Lyalin:


You can use the Codelens indicator in the editor to understand your code at the same time as you focus on your work. You can find the reference file for the code, change your code, associate the Team Foundation Server project, and the unit test--all of these operations do not need to be looked away from the code.

Learn a lot about the Codelens information: Get history and other info about your code.

Codelense support for Git repositories

For update 3,codelens to work with the warehouse, provide the author with Codelens metrics and change your code. You can also view work items related to methods, properties, and classes. When the actual user commits, the GIT repository is used, or the branch office changes. (Minimum version: Ultimate Edition)

For many additional information, please click on: Code Lens for Git in Visual Studio Ultimate Update 3.

Code Map

Code MAP helps you avoid getting lost in large code libraries, unfamiliar code, or legacy code, and facilitates the location of your code at high speed. For example, when you are debugging, you might want to see which file or project the code is in. Code MAP helps you navigate through these snippets to see the relationships between them. You don't have to bother remembering all of this code, keeping the file path, or talking a separate file diagram.

Learn a lot of other information about code map: map dependencies in specific code using code, maps in Visual Studio.

Color-coding for links

The code map has a style and color link, which allows the user to learn the code map more easily and at a high speed. You can use the legend to see what each color represents. (Minimum version: Ultimate Edition)

Improved zoom

Before updating, it is assumed that a very large number of methods in the appropriate code map are in the callable stack, which may become unreadable. Now the code map retains your settings and reduces panning so that you can still see as much of the zoom level as possible. In addition, the entry of the current call stack or the active call stack is always visible, which lets you just take you where. (Minimum version: Ultimate Edition)

Drag and drop binaries to maps

Simply create a forward graph in Visual Studio and drag a forward graph from the file browser. Limitations, you are able to explore these binary files. You can find the assemblies they reference. (Minimum version: Ultimate Edition)

For a lot of other information please click on: Code Map improvements in Visual Studio Ultimate Update 3.


Multi-monitor support

When you move the Windows Store app to a different monitor for debugging, the application will be reproduced to the monitor the next time you start debugging. (Minimum version number: Express for Windows)

For more information, please click on: multiple Monitor support for Windows Store Apps in Visual Studio Update 3.

Managing Code Memory dumps

When a dump is made, memory discard is a snapshot of the memory usage of an application at that time.

For a lot of other information, click: Using Visual Studio to diagnose. NET Memory issues in Production.

When you debug a memory memory, you can now type, then navigate to the definition of that type, or use Go to definition and Find all References. (Minimum version: Ultimate Edition)

For many additional information, please click on:. NET Memory Analysis:go to Source in Visual Studio Update 3.

Support for. NET Native when debugging memory dumps

Now you can debug the NET Native x86 app and debug memory drops in. NET Native apps. (Minimum version: Ultimate Edition)

For many additional information, please click on: Performance and diagnostics Hub in Visual Studio 2013.

Performance and diagnostics performance and diagnostics

The performance and Diagnostic Center is able to open an analysis meeting (. diagsession file) from the latest developer preview output of the IE11 in the F12 Toolbox. (Minimum version number: Express for Windows)

For many additional information, please click on: Performance and diagnostics Hub in Visual Studio 2013.

CPU usage

The CPU usage tool was introduced from the beginning of Visual Studio Update 2. You can find it in performance and diagnostics, be able to use C++,c#,visual basic,or iavascript written in Wpf,console,Windows Store 8.1,or in Windows Phone 8.1 apps.

This tool provides the capability to use the CPU, so that it can be targeted to optimize, and strive to achieve the best new energy decision of the data.

Navigate to Source

You are now able to navigate from the call Tree of the function name to the function definition line in the meta code, so that you are very easy to see the code of the CPU in use in the application. (Minimum version number: Express for Windows)

For a lot of other information please click: New CPU Usage tool in the performance and diagnostics hub in Visual Studio 2013

Memory Usage

The Memory usage tool was introduced in Visual Studio 2013, initially using C3/vb/c++ and XAML only for applications in the Windows store and the Windows Phone store. (Minimum version number: Express for Windows)

For many additional information, please click on the Memory Usage Tool.

Here are some of the features added to the tool:

Support for WPF and WIN32 applications

In Update 3, you can also be in WPF (. NET4.0 or later) and the Win32 app to use these tools.

For more information please click on: New Memory Usage Tool for WPF and WIN32 applications.

Force GC

Focus on those who get rid of short-term objects and object end queues by understanding forced garbage collection in your application.

Copy multiple Rows

There is no need to copy a row, copy and paste format content is in the analysis view no matter what the data grid of multiple rows, can use standard gestures, such as: Ctrl + click.

Module Column

View the stack frame from that type or in the detail view that originated from the new module column.

Faster Native Heap Analysis

The native heap analysis is finished faster than ever. We postponed the load symbol for non-user components until you clearly closed my code only. We've seen a 10 times-fold increase in the time it takes to load large meeting files.


It is now possible to jump directly to a single performance event from application insights to IntelliTrace. (Minimum version: Ultimate Edition)

For more information on performance, click: Performance details in IntelliTrace.

Windows Store Apps

The Windows Application Certification Toolkit (WACK) has been updated to agree with the Winsock APIs that developers of Windows Store applications use in Windows Store applications. Wack is now through the use of libraries or code that relies on Winsock. Windows phone apps already support the Winsock API, making it easier to share many other code across phones, tablets and PCs.

For more information about Wack, click: Using the Windows App certification Kit.

Visual Studio idemenu bar:all Caps Option

In Update 3, you can choose whether to display the menu bar of Visual Studio in the title bar and you can find it under Tools > Options > Environment > General. Its default value is all Caps. This option maps to the user's current sign-in state, so that those who have closed all caps in the enrollment table will continue to see the header in the case of the menu. This option will proactively roam to all logged-on devices. (Minimum version: Ultimate Edition)

Notifications Hub

Visual Studio 2013 has a centralized notification hub (in the upper-right corner of the IDE) to showcase messages that are specific to your development environment (for example, updating to Visual Studio). In Update 3, the notification badge will turn yellow, indicating that an update download is available. Badges, and now also as a toggle, so you can open and use a single click to close the center. (Minimum version: Ultimate Edition)

Testingcustomize your test plans and test suites

A top-notch feature from our users in various forums: customized test plans and test kits to meet your testing needs.

Update 3 for Team Foundation Server 2013 now supports adding its own defined fields and workflows to test plans and test suites. For example: Add an additional field to identify the test plan for the review, or add a word to know the test type, assuming the test kit is a regression or functional test. In addition, you can change the Status field of the default value to suit your process better.

For a lot of other information please click: Configure features after a TFS upgrade.

Any changes you join or do in any field can be viewed or edited in Microsoft Test Tube Manager or group Web Access. Just open the test kit and test plan.

For a lot of other information please click on: Use test plans and test suites after a TFS 2013.3 upgrade.

Track changes to test plans and test suites

Update 3 for Team Foundation Server 2013, the test plan and test suite now track the history of changes like other TFS work items.

For example, you can see all the changes in the history area when you add a test sample to a test plan.

Enhanced security for test suites

Team Foundation Server Update 3, we added a new type of permissions to manage test suite security, such that the type of permission control access:

· Create and delete test examples

· Adding and removing test cases from test kits

· Test kit for changing test configurations

· Mobile Test example to test plan

You can grant this permission to provide an access level for different levels of zone paths.

The existing permissions to manage the test plan will be changed to restrict access to specific test plan properties.

For many additional information, please click on: Test Plan and Test Suite customization with TFS Update 3.

cloud-based load Testing with application Insights

You don't need to use resources and build your own machines to do load test your site. You can use a cloud-based load test to provide virtual machines that generate a lot of user access to your site's load at the same time. When you perform a load test using Visual Studio online for your application, you can use the application's insights to retrieve performance data as well. By correlating load and performance data together, you'll get a lot of insight into the other, and you'll be able to discover whatever the performance problem is.

In Update 3, you are no longer limited to the default counters. Today, you have the option to choose from the application whatever performance counter you want to see.

Start using: cloud-based load testing.

Release Management

Improve the process for you to manage the publishing of your application. Deploy your application for each individual phase of a specific environment. Manage each step of the process with certification steps. To start using version number management, see: Manage your announcements.

Desired State Configuration (DSC)

Today, you can deploy to a local environment or to a Windows Azure environment without having to set up a Microsoft Deployment agent on each machine. You can use Windows PowerShell, or Windows PowerShell desired state Configuration (DSC). Announcement of new management measures to support any deployment. Many other about deploying without agents please refer to: Release your apps to environments without deployment agents.

New Change Summary

Today, you can use the change summary to view the user's incidents and errors, since the previous version number needs to know what to test and add to the announcement list.

Web Platform and Tools

ASP & Visual Studio provides developers with powerful framework and tool capabilities to build websites, services (API's), real-time bidirectional communication endpoints, and more. Please refer to official ASP. NET website for a lot of other information.

The update 3 and ASP. NET Web Platform and tooling have been updated with highlights such as the following, all lists: announcing New Web Features in Visual Studio Update 3 R Tm.

Visual Studio Web Tools provides all Web developers with the need to create large applications, including project templates, Html,css and JSON file types, and IntelliSense special editors.

For many additional information, please click on: Announcing New Web Features in Visual Studio Update 3 RTM.

Microsoft Mobile Development

Multi-Device Hybrid Apps CTP 2.0 Release

You can use the Multi-Device Hybird Apps CTP 2.0 feature to build mobile apps (IOS, Android, Windows Store, Windows Phone), often using JavaScript, Typescrip T scripting language, the platform used is the Apache Cordova Framework.

New Feature List:

Fixed hundreds of bug--improves across-the-board quality, stability, performance

    • SDK supports Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Server R2 operating systems
    • Support for using Jshybugger to debug Android (< 4.4 using)
    • Compatibility Checker to help you properly install dependencies and configuration of third-party tools through timed checks (such as JAVA,ANDROIDSDK)

: Multi-Device Hybrid Apps (Preview).

For a lot of other information please click: Apache Cordova Tooling Update with support for Windows 7.

Windows Phone 8.1 Update emulator

Windows Phone 8.1 Update emulators new emulator package.

SOURCE Link: Visual Studio Update 3 (2013.3) RTM


The old tradition of grape city control, will be the first time to support the latest version of the Visual Studio IDE, invite you to componentone Studio download trial, feedback is sent on the gold.

Microsoft officially publishes Visual Studio Update 3 (2013.3) RTM

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