MongoDB 3.4 Shard, Replica, authentication cluster deployment.

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MongoDB version:

Environment: one virtual machine

Three copies of Configsvr: Port is 27020,27021,27022

Two shards:

Shard1:-> three replicas with Port 27010,27011,27012

Shard2:-> three replicas with Port 27013,27014,27015

One route: MONGOs-Port 27023


Create a directory of data store files

mkdir /usr/local/mongodb/datamkdir /usr/local/mongodb//usr/local/mongodb/ Data mkdir mkdir mkdir mkdir mkdir s101 &&  mkdirmkdirmkdirmkdir s202

Generate Authentication Required KeyFile

1024x768 >/usr/local/mongodb/keyfilechmod /usr/local/mongodb/keyfile

Replica mode start Configsvr

27020 --replset cs--configsvr--bind_ip=192.168. 1.9  27021 --replset cs--configsvr--bind_ip=192.168. 1.9  27022 --replset cs--configsvr--bind_ip=192.168. 1.9

Cluster configuration, login any one configsvr

 MONGO 192.168 . 1.9 : 27020  
var css={_id:"cs","configsvr":true, members:[{_id :0, Host:""},{_id:1, Host:""},{_id:2, Host:""  }]}rs.initiate (CSS)

Replica mode start Shard 1

27010 --replset shard1--shardsvr--bind_ip=192.168. 1.9  27011 --replset shard1--shardsvr--bind_ip=192.168. 1.9  27012 --replset shard1--shardsvr--bind_ip=192.168. 1.9

Log on to any one Shard 1

Replica mode start Shard 2

27013 --replset shard2--shardsvr--bind_ip=192.168. 1.9  27014 --replset shard2--shardsvr--bind_ip=192.168. 1.9  27015 --replset shard2--shardsvr--bind_ip=192.168. 1.9

Log in any one Shard 2, operation with Shard 1

Start a route

27023 --fork--configdb cs/192.168. 1.9:27020,192.168. 1.9:27021,192.168. 1.9:27022 --bind_ip=192.168. 1.9

Landing route

192.168. 1.9:27023

Adding shards

Set up the Shard database, set the slice key

sh. Shardcollection ("testdb.orderinfo", {"_id": " hashed""collectionsharded""testdb.orderinfo"  "OK"1 }

Add the user before you have the authentication.

Mongos>Db.createuser (... {... User:"testuser",...     pwd:"testuser",... roles: [{role:"ReadWrite"Db:"TestDB" } ]...   } ... ) Successfully added User: {"User":"testuser",    "Roles" : [        {            "role":"ReadWrite",            "DB":"TestDB"}]}mongos> Db.auth ("testuser","testuser")1MONGOs> Exit

Then, turn off MongoDB, and then add authentication and then start.

Because lazy, I choose to restart, My computer, casual, not too serious ...

Start Mongod in turn, this time with the authentication parameter--keyfile/usr/local/mongodb/keyfile

Mongod--dbpath/usr/local/mongodb/data/c0--logpath/usr/local/mongodb/log/c0.log--keyfile/usr/local/mongodb/ KeyFile--fork--smallfiles--port27020--replset CS--configsvr--bind_ip= Fork--smallfiles--port27021--replset CS--configsvr--bind_ip= Fork--smallfiles--port27022--replset CS--configsvr--bind_ip= KeyFile--fork--smallfiles--port27010--replset shard1--shardsvr--bind_ip= KeyFile--fork--smallfiles--port27011--replset shard1--shardsvr--bind_ip= KeyFile--fork--smallfiles--port27012--replset shard1--shardsvr--bind_ip= KeyFile--fork--smallfiles--port27013--replset Shard2--shardsvr--bind_ip= KeyFile--fork--smallfiles--port27014--replset Shard2--shardsvr--bind_ip= KeyFile--fork--smallfiles--port27015--replset Shard2--shardsvr--bind_ip= cs/,,


[[Email protected]192conf]# MONGO192.168.1.9:27023MongoDB Shell version v3.4.10Connecting to: Server version:3.4.TenMONGOs>Use testdbswitched to DB Testdbmongos> Db.auth ("testuser","testuser")1MONGOs> Db.auth ("testuser","testuser")1MONGOs>Exitbye


192.168. 1.9:27023/testdb-u testuser-p

Test does not use account password

MongoDB 3.4 Shard, Replica, authentication cluster deployment.

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