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Before learning must read, now there are too many resources on the Internet, therefore, the study of the internet age must not be without the help of search engines.

This post is through the search engine to help get the relevant knowledge, and the resources of the Web site sorted out for themselves and everyone later to facilitate reading and access.

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Infoq has a lot of resources, but the site's search function is not so strong, so still use Google. Video search keywords, and add Inurl:infoq parameters can
nosql and sql:Purpose of introduction: In order to have a general understanding of NoSQL and SQL, and for the convenience of project selection1.SQL or nosql--in the cloud computing environment. 2.CAP Theory 12 Years Review: "Rules" have changed 3.CAP theory, acid and base A written conversation about 4.NoSQL database (NoSQL database v0.2) 5. Vision China's NoSQL road: from MySQL to MongoDB (Video: Visual Chinese Panfan talk about MongoDB application practice ) 6.10gen CEO Interview: Why MongoDB is a well-deserved nosql king 7.NoSQL Database: A preliminary study of MongoDB 8. What companies are currently using MongoDB on a large scale in China? 9. The pioneer of the domestic MongoDB field--Interview senior database expert "CD Red pill" 10.NoSQL Architecture Practice (i)--nosql supplemented by 11.NoSQL Architecture Practice (II.)--mainly based on NoSQL 12.NoSQL Architecture Practice (iii)--caching with NoSQL performance test of 13.MONGODB-billion data volume the true performance of 14.MongoDB 15.MongoDB Real Performance-100 million props for combat-millions of users 16.MongoDB Core contributor: Not MongoDB, but you don't understand. 17. For WEB 2.0 real-time applications, large data volumes, MongoDB and memcached + SQL which performance is better, in the domestic more easy to hire engineers. The application of 18.MongoDB in grand large data quantity project 19.8 days Learn to pass MongoDB 20.MongoDB Management and Development Essentials tutorial 21.MongoDB Simple Research 22. "MongoDB Management and Development essentials" CD Red Pill blog 
MongoDB's CRUD basic operations: 1.MongoDB crud Simple Operation 2.MongoDB Basic Management Command 3. Common commands, basic data types for conquering Mongodb 4. The CRUD of conquering Mongodb 5. The modifier of conquering Mongodb 6. Conquest of Mongodb modifier enhanced 7.db.stats () 8.db.serverstatus () 9. Db.stats on MongoDB () 10.MongoDB cluster Insert data test 11.MongoDB authoritative Guide (6)-Advanced topics 12. (reprint) MongoDB database Storage (original source has been submerged, cannot be found) 
Index of Monogodb: 1.MongoDB Index Combat Skills 2.MongoDB Essay 3: Using Indexes 3.mongodb Index explanation and performance tuning 4.MongoDB Learning Notes (vi) MONGODB index usage and efficiency analysis 5.MongoDB Indexing tips #1: Finding friends ' latest developments 6.MongoDB Indexing Tips #3: How to Index too many fields. Using Common indexes

MongoDB JS Script:
1.MongoDB Execute external script file 2. Awareness of JavaScript

Geographical Index of MongoDB: 1. Simple Symfony2-combined with MongoDB development lbs application 2. Schematic MongoDB The realization principle of geographical index 3.mongodb lbs 4.MongoDB Location Query

Aggregation and MapReduce of MongoDB: Aggregation in 1.6.MongoDB

MongoDB's Gridfs: 1. Introduction to various Distributed file systems 2. Image storage based on MongoDB Gridfs 3.MongoDB distributed storage based on GRIDFS implementation files 4.MongoDB GRIDFS Data reading efficiency benchmark 5.nginx + Gridfs + MongoDB memorabilia (remnant) the Nginx-gridfs plugin on the 6.Github 7.Nginx + Nginx-gridfs installation method 8.Nginx thumbnail image 9.gridfs:the MongoDB filesystem 10.Python Distributed File system Mongodb Gridfs
Master-slave Master-slave replication, replica sets replica set replication: 1. The Master-slave of actual combat mongodb-replication 2. Replica Set of actual combat mongodb-replication 3.MongoDB Replica Sets master configuration 4. Why more than 7 nodes are required for replica Sets. 5.Replica Sets series of articles: election

sharding Fragment: 1.MongoDB Fragment Combat 2.MongoDB automatic slicing auto sharding

MongoDB Cluster Deployment: 1.MongoDB Cluster Construction 2.MongoDB Replica Set learning

MongoDB operation & Monitoring and performance optimization: 1.Foursquare MongoDB Downtime Event thinking of 2.mongodb fragment 3.MongoDB operating status, performance monitoring, analysis 4.MongoDB cluster Insert data test usability testing for 5.MongoDB clusters 6.Mongodb Chunk Analyzer

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