Mongo widget 1.0 test version (MongoDB for Visual Studio)

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Mongo widget is a vs plug-in that provides a very small tool similar to vs's "server resource manager" for managing MongoDB databases. The current version is the 1.0 beta version. Due to insufficient development time, only a few features are provided in the first version.


The preview figure is as follows:


1. Introduction


The initial version of Mongo widget only provides read-only views of data, and does not include the data editing function. Manager provides basic management functions for connections, databases, and collections.

The use of Mongo widgets requires that. NET Framework 3.5 is installed.



2. Download and install Mongo Widgets


* Click here to download Mongo widget 1.0 Beta.

The downloaded javaswidget_1.0_beta.rar package contains 1 file and a directory, which are the hidden widget directory (the main DLL is stored here) and hidden widget. addin.

* I have not made an installation for the plug-in.ProgramBecause I won't create an installer.


After decompression, copy the plugin widget. addin file and the plugin widget folder to the \ Visual Studio 2008 \ addins directory under my documents. Then, the plugin will be automatically loaded when vs is started.You can start the Mongo widget from the Tools menu of..


Note: My personal plug-in development environment is vs2008 SP1 and win7. I did not perform too many tests on the environment.




3. Instructions for use


Mongo widgets do not have server programs with MongoDB. In addition, the mongod feature is not automatically enabled locally in the initial version. This feature is expected to be added in the next version. Therefore, when using local MongoDB, you still need to start the mongod service on the command line before you can connect. You can also connect to the remote mongod service.


Because the operation is not complex, please forgive me for leaving the picture, and copy the [server resource manager] on the interface ].


1) Add a server




2) Add a database





3) add a set







4) view the bson data set


Use a program or command line to insert some data into the set. Currently, only read-only access is supported.


Double-click the set in the Mongo widget or right-click the set to view the set data:



A more complex data example result diagram:



4. Opinions and feedback


In the initial version, the time is too short and the function is insufficient. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please leave a message in the comments.

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