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MySQL has a lot of connector:

One of the

J,c++,c is primarily used to develop connected MySQL applications using languages such as java,c++,c.

ODBC: Used primarily for universal programs connected to a database on a variety of platform windows,linuxe, such as PowerDesigner when connecting to a database.





Problem: Installation exception

5:action 15:47:06:install. 5:1: MySQL CONNECTOR/ODBC 5.2 2: {6f4e90ac-3b32-4631-a9e5-5cc0186ca97b} 5:action 15:47:06:findrelatedproducts. Searching for related applications5:action 15:47:06:appsearch. Searching for installed applications5:action 15:47:06:validateproductid. 5:action 15:47:06:costinitialize. Computing Space Requirements5:action 15:47:06:filecost. Computing Space Requirements5:action 15:47:06:costfinalize. Computing Space Requirements5:action 15:47:06:installvalidate. Validating install5:action 15:47:06:setarpinstalllocation. 5:action 15:47:06:setarpreadme. 5:action 15:47:06:installinitialize. 5:action 15:47:06:removeexistingproducts. removing Applications5:action 15:47:06:processcomponents. Updating component Registration5:action 15:47:06:generatescript. Generating script operations for Action:5: Updating component Registration5:action 15:47:06:unpublishfeatures. Unpublishing product Features5:action 15:47:06:removeodbc. Removing ODBC comPonents5:action 15:47:06:removeregistryvalues. Removing system registry Values5:action 15:47:06:removefiles. removing Files5:action 15:47:06:installfiles. Copying new files5:File:Copying new files, Directory:, Size:5: Action 15:47:06:writeregistryvalues. Writing system registry Values5:Key:Writing system registry values, Name:, Value:5: Action 15:47:06:installodbc. Installing ODBC components5:action 15:47:06:registeruser. Registering User5:action 15:47:06:registerproduct. Registering product5:registering product5:action 15:47:06:publishfeatures. Publishing Product features5:Feature:Publishing product Features5:action 15:47:06:publishproduct. Publishing Product Information5:action 15:47:06:installfinalize. 5:action 15:47:06:processcomponents. Updating component Registration5:action 15:47:06:removeodbc. removing ODBC components5:action 15:47:06:installfiles. Copying new Files5:file:myodbc-installer.exe, Directory:c:\program files\mysql\connector ODBC 5.2.6\, Size:37888005:file:licenses_for_third-party_components.txt, Directory:c:\program Files\MySQL\Connector ODBC 5.2.6\, Size:1031615:file:copying.txt, Directory:c:\program files\mysql\connector ODBC 5.2.6\, Size:181225:f Ile:myodbc5a.dll, Directory:c:\program files\mysql\connector ODBC 5.2.6\, Size:48414725:file:myodbc5s.dll, Directo Ry:c:\program files\mysql\connector ODBC 5.2.6\, Size:39075845:file:myodbc5s.lib, Directory:c:\program Files\MySQL\ Connector ODBC 5.2.6\, Size:19165:file:myodbc5w.dll, Directory:c:\program files\mysql\connector ODBC 5.2.6\, Size:   48384005:file:myodbc5a.lib, Directory:c:\program files\mysql\connector ODBC 5.2.6\, Size:162765:file:myodbc5w.lib, Directory:c:\program files\mysql\connector ODBC 5.2.6\, Size:164565:file:readme.txt, Directory:c:\program Files\M Ysql\connector ODBC 5.2.6\, Size:56015:action 15:47:06:writeregistryvalues. Writing system registry Values5:key: \software\mysql Ab\mysql ConnEctor/odbc 5.2, Name:version, Value:5.2.65:key: \software\mysql ab\mysql connector/odbc 5.2, Name:, Value:5: Action 1 5:47:06:installodbc. Installing ODBC Components5:error 1918.Error Installing ODBC Driver MySQL ODBC 5.2 ANSI driver, ODBC Error 13: Unable to load MYSQ ODBC 5.2 ANSI Driver ODBC driver installation routine because there is a system error code 126: The specified module could not be found. (C:\Program files\mysql\connector ODBC 5.2.6\myodbc5s.dll): Verify that the file MySQL ODBC 5.2 ANSI Driver exists and so you can access it.5:action 15:47:06:rollback. Rolling back Action:5: Installing ODBC components5:writing system Registry values5:copying new Files5:removing ODBC com Ponents5:updating component registration5:1: MySQL CONNECTOR/ODBC 5.2 2: {6f4e90ac-3b32-4631-a9e5-5cc0186ca97b} 3:3 5: 5:final Actions.5:install Error



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