MySQL Learning Summary (i) Download and install

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About the database this is the usual use of Oracle and SQL Server, about the other database is heard, but never used. So, I've been learning to use MySQL database for a while, and this tutorial is also a record blog to increase the impression of learning.

About the MySQL database introduction, I will no longer repeat here, there are interested friends can Baidu a bit. MySQL's official website,, download software can be downloaded directly from the official website. Briefly speaking the characteristics of MySQL database, it is a kind of relational database management system. The most impressive point to everyone, should be free open source (at least I know this before), and small, convenient.

First, download MySQL database

Just mentioned, if you want to download MySQL software, you can download it directly on the official website. Go to the website, click Products, and on the right click "Download MySQL Community Edition"

Go to the Software version selection screen, according to your own computer's operating system and the number of digits to choose the appropriate version, I choose here is the Windows (x86, 32-bit), MSI Installer version.

Second, install MySQL database

Double-click the downloaded Mysql-installer-community- file,

Go to the MySQL installation screen, select "Agree", click Next,

Select the installation type, select "Full" to fully install, click Next,

The check screen will prompt you to install "Python" on your computer, and if not, install it on the MySQL installation screen.

Click Execute to enter the installation interface as follows:

After the installation is complete, click Next,

Click Next to enter the configuration interface,

The first radio box means whether to use MySQL as a service for Windows, and change the Windows service name to MySQL, and set the password for the root user name, such as:

Click Execute,

When you are finished, click Finish,

Click Next,

Enter the username password, click Check to see if you can connect successfully, click Next after success,

Click Execute,

Click Finish,

Click Next,

Click Finish

At this point, the MySQL database software has been successfully installed.

Third, the configuration of MySQL graphics management software

After the installation of MySQL, in the program folder will have MySQL Workbench 6.3CE menu, which is the official MySQL graphics management tools, interface;

Interested in this software friends can use their own, about MySQL graphics management software I use another sqlyog, software: 3372720248, this is a cracked version of the software.

After downloading the extract, click SQLyog.exe to start, click the New button,

Enter a name for the new connection,

Enter your password when you just installed the database, click Test Connection,

Success will pop up, as shown in the following information,

Click the Connect button, click OK, enter the SQLyog interface,

If you've ever used SQL Server Management Studio or PL/SQL, you'll see that the interface is still familiar,

Below, we do a simple test, select the World database, in the inquiry interface, write a sentence of SQL, select * from the city, click on the Query button or shortcut key F9.

Iv. start and close MySQL service

In front of the installation we have chosen to start MySQL as a system service, we can start the shutdown of the MySQL service in two ways.

One is through the service management of Windows system, find the MySQL service, by right-click Start, stop to control.

The second through the Windows command-line window, view the service net start that the Windows system has started. Close the MySQL service: net stop MySQL. Start MySQL service, net start MySQL.

MySQL Learning Summary (i) Download and install

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