NET Qin Q3 financial results present new posture Old driver exerting force mobile entertainment unexpectedly become net red

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Recently, the Net Qin announced the third quarter as of September 30, 2016 unaudited financial results. Mobile value-added services increased by 74.6% to $54.9 million a year to become the net Qinying contribution to the largest plate.

As one of the oldest mobile internet "giant crocodiles" in China, the old driver, Xuzemin, the chief executive of the Network Qin, said: "We are satisfied with the continuous progress made in the field of mobile entertainment, and with the last quarter in 2016, We will continue to focus on the implementation of our strategy. ”

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Really simple is a strategy? How did the Net Qin suddenly become "net red"?

Mobile Entertainment, not follow the old driver to have a new posture

Net revenue for the quarter was $91.1 million, up 3.6% from a year earlier, according to financial reports. Net revenue rose 38.1% from a year earlier, excluding the country's credit.

Many industry perceptions focused on the results of glossy earnings, but ignored the Network Qin as China's first successful landing in the United States NYSE mobile Internet enterprises, the pain of transformation.

To do a safe start of the Qin, in 2015 announced that Mobile Entertainment is the next strategic focus of the company, from Mobile security to Mobile entertainment, the gap between is not just 2 words of the difference so simple.

When the annual May, Net Qin announced n+q new strategy, the first push "Xiuse Entertainment" independent sub-brand, including Xiuse show, Xiuse music radar, xiuse lock screen and Xiuse Desktop 4 products. Among them, the entertainment line includes the Xiuse brand-based mobile entertainment product line, the mobile game product line with the main brand, the integration of two product lines constitutes the entertainment layout of the Network Qin.

Net Qin began to transform, but not just follow the air and mobile entertainment outlets to glide. The old driver must have a new posture.

Also in 2015 UGC (user production content), that is, net red anchor the most prosperous time, the choice of the Qin Dynasty is not follow the trend, but also no simple to PGC (professional production content) at the other end. Instead, choose a more troublesome way, to cultivate their own people, to build their own IP forest.

In the host building, Xiuse in addition to the host singing this extremely simple way, but also can use a variety of talents to display their own, MC, chat area, dance area, instrumental music, entertainment and other categories, more meta-guide anchors to the deep-seated content creation to explore new breakthroughs.

At the same time, the Net Qin in 2015 with a stall Entertainment test water program "goddess arrived" in the music vision to achieve hit, followed by a series of "Chinese New song", "China Good Sound", "Star Movement Asia" and other popular entertainment programs together, will own platform quality "amateur" host as IP matrix, pushed to live outside of more platforms, The formation of both encouragement, incentive and stimulate the content of the network to create specialization, and let their own host become the platform of the IP forest, bringing more traffic attraction.

From the woods to the forest, Net qin in afforestation, and the number is to let the net red not savage growth, and become the main force of professional content creation, star and multi-screen development, is the focus of the Network Qin betting.

Xuzemin that the development of enterprises not only to meet the needs of users, but also to inspire and create user demand. In combination with these actions, it is not difficult to see the specific presentation of this excitation, creation.

Broken wrist, do subtraction only for strategic focus

In the popularity of mobile entertainment, the Network Qin has become a "new Network Qin" and this is the network of Qin's own initiative to choose, the choice of broken wrist.

Financial results show that the Q3 quarterly corporate mobility revenue decreased by 78.3% to $8.5 million, while other business revenues fell 86.5% to $200,000 from a year earlier. In particular, the former reduction, that is, due to the first quarter of 2016 Qin Dynasty, the trump card enterprise State-informed sales caused.

Interestingly, the financial results of the mobile games in the Q3 also revenue to achieve growth, its main cause is the Net Qin branch of the second quarter of the move to the end of the first domestic release of new games and subsidiaries of the crane Chart and table. At the same time, mobile income grew by 36.7% over the same period last year.

Note that, like Han, Liu Fei in fact, is also the Net Qin plan stripping subsidiaries, as early as in August 2015, the Network Qin announced the agreement to sell all the shares of the FEI, but this plan, has been in progress. It is too difficult to cut off a letter of faith, or to understand that the service of a mobile enterprise is too hard to dig, and the selling of the flies is obviously to cut off the same items that xiuse the same money.

The purpose is only one, gather all the energy, march to the Xiuse show as the core mobile entertainment ecosystem, rather than the other end of mobile entertainment, the game field of two-line combat, even if it is a goose under the golden Egg, also at all. Online Qin insiders still say to the media: under the premise of compliance, the sale of Fei Liu is still the first choice.

Stepping on the tuyere more on a layer, if used in the history of the Network Qin, it is not difficult to understand its mighty broken wrist action. To network security started, and then to the platform service provider, and the mobile entertainment, the first two nets dynasty because of the early layout of the tuyere, and realize the difference, and the completion of the transformation of quality, at the same time, the previous two also adopted a similar "focus" means. And this time, the transformation of the focus, the old driver Network Qin, just the old routine, but from the external perception, more intense and radical just.

But at the moment, this focus has obviously been a definite success. As of September 30, 2016, the Net Qin monthly average active user number is 142.9 million. At the same time, in more than 12000 yuan of paid users accounted for, 9158 platform accounted for the ratio of 4.6%,YY platform accounted for 4%, and Xiuse show to 9.7% of the absolute advantage beat a number of veteran show entertainment manufacturers, high ranking market first. Compared to the hustle and bustle of the mobile entertainment front office, the Network Qin quietly has entered the mobile entertainment first-tier camp.

How to achieve more accurate focus for the Network Qin This has been a technology-driven core mobile internet drivers, the transformation of mobile entertainment this content creation, obviously there will be a lot of pressure. And technology will obviously become the mobile entertainment on behalf of the large shuffle on the eve of the Internet, Qin the most effective help. There are two ways to perform the technique:

One is the unique content-shaping technology. In the preceding narrative, it is not difficult to see the Network Qin and television, entertainment programs, film culture platform, traditional entertainment company cooperation, formed and the current mainstream mobile live different models, in the creation of their own IP forest, but also with the traditional entertainment supply chain to form a complementary pattern. This is the technical content of the promotion content.

The second is to provide better mobile technology support. In the financial results, you can see the content "Xiuse launched two new applications this year, making the Xiuse live business grew 172.7%. "On the surface, this is a narrative about income, and two applications can bring double the effect, just explain its application in the setting, there is more new performance, and the most intuitive user experience, that is widely criticized the live upload, picture quality, interactive and other hard experience link on the high-quality performance.

In particular, the online video is moving toward content depth creation and technology innovation of the two road, it may be recalled that in May 2015, the Network Qin in the strategic Conference on the line of business wrapping for technology and entertainment, such a layout has a deeper meaning.

In the 200 broadcast platform is about to be shuffled to a single digit before, there is prepared "net Red" Network Qin, certainly also need to have more content new posture and hard technology, in order to truly complete the third big transformation.

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NET Qin Q3 financial results present new posture Old driver exerting force mobile entertainment unexpectedly become net red

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