Node. js is the best choice for Web application development.

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Node. js is the best choice for Web application development.

The entry of a disruptive technology into the technology market is always a shock, but it is often abandoned. However, this is certainly not the case for Node. js. It is an open-source, cross-platform Chrome-based JavaScript runtime. Node. js was developed by Ryan Dahl in 2009. This platform has now become a unique choice for real-time Web application development. It improves ROI by providing highly interactive user experience.

The biggest advantage of using Node. js is that developers can write JavaScript on the client and server. It is worth mentioning that companies like PayPal, Yahoo, eBay, Netflix, The Mail Online, and Walmart have implemented their own businesses by using Node. js. Continue to read the following content to find out the top ten main reasons for most companies to develop Web apps using Node. js.

Top ten reasons behind the surge in popularity of Web App development using Node. js:

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1. Accelerate development

Node. js uses the V8 engine developed by Google. It can compile JavaScript into native machine code and execute it quickly. Because Node. js uses the event-driven non-blocking I/O model, it is very efficient and lightweight for real-time Web applications with memory usage and data intensive, and can work on multiple devices.

With Node. js, you can quickly execute common Web application tasks, such as reading or writing data to a database, reading or writing data to a network connection, and reading or writing data to a file system. Node. js is a good news for developers who want to build fast and powerful Web applications. It can effectively process parallel connections and increase throughput.

After LinkedIn selected Node. js, its mobile traffic increased significantly, and the number of servers dropped from 30 to 3. PayPal is another case that has benefited from Node. js. After Node. js is used, the response time of PayPal is reduced by 35%. Compared with the previous one, PayPal processes double requests per second. You can run Node. js applications on multiple servers, including Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Unix.

2. Suitable for real-time application development

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Currently, almost every company searches for user information in real time. One simple reason is that, when generating customer information, reliable access to customer information provides an important way to promote business sales by providing users with the actual content they are looking, rather than the randomness of interest. In addition, over the past few years, using Node. js to build real-time Web apps has become the best method.

With Node. js, all concerns related to underlying sockets and protocols will disappear. With Node. js, you can quickly build a real-time Web application just like creating a simple blog in PHP. Node. js is ideal for real-time Web applications for multiple users, such as games and chat applications. Multi-user functions are solved by the event loop through the WebSocket protocol, which works on TCP. It can also prevent excessive HTTP overhead for Web development.

3. Data Stream

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Although HTTP requests and responses are considered as two isolated events, they are actually data streams. The advantage of Node. js is that it can process files during uploads. Therefore, when data appears in the form of a stream, it can save a lot of time wasted in the overall process. The same is true for real-time videos or audios.

4. Node. js is everywhere

JavaScript can be used in both browsers and servers. If a company needs to change the build logic for the Browser Side to transfer to the server side, developers can easily implement it by using Node. js code migration. However, writing code running on a browser or server is not much different.

5. Allow Web applications to use a single code library

With Node. js, developers can automatically send and synchronize data between the server and the client, because it allows developers to write JavaScript code for the server and client. Meteor is a Web application framework created on Node. js. It provides support for the same code library on the client and server. Any data changes on the server are immediately displayed on the client.

"Node. js is not a new platform that dominates the Web development world. On the contrary, it is a platform that meets specific needs. "According to Toptal, a Web engineering company, the true highlight of Node. js is the construction of fast and scalable network applications.

6. Provide services for proxy servers

One of the biggest advantages of using Node. js is that it acts as a proxy server to provide services for services with different response times, or to collect data from multiple source points.

For better understanding, see the following example: an enterprise has a server-side application used to communicate with third-party resources and collect data from different sources, or store images and videos in a third-party cloud service. Now, although enterprises can use dedicated servers, Node. js is a better choice if there is no infrastructure or when a solution is needed for local development.

7. Powerful Node. js Package Manager (NPM)

Node. js has a dynamic repository of dynamic tools and modules, which can be used by programmers to share application development. Through the framework, template system, and real-time communication management with visitors, Node. js uses thousands of modules for various tasks, such as file upload management, and connects to the MySQL database or Redis.

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For programmers who need to re-use the Code created by external JavaScript developers to solve a specific problem, Node. js Package Manager or NPM is their savior. NPM also allows JavaScript developers to download updates to specific Code previously used in their applications. Even if you do not want to reuse the Code created by JavaScript developers outside the organization, you can use a module-based approach to improve the synergy between team members.

After using NPM, PayPal significantly improves developers' productivity. In addition, internet payment giants do not need too many developers to build an application, just as they did before using Node. js.

8. Node. js is very suitable for database queries.

Node. js has an advantage in database query because JavaScript can be used to write database queries for new NoSQL databases such as MongoDB and CouchDB. For developers, this is a great relief, because they do not need to remember the syntax differences when executing the combined Node. js and NoSQL database tasks. Since the data format stored in JSON allows smooth operation, there is no obstacle in data conversion or mismatch. Therefore, Node. js is indeed a good news for real-time Web applications.

9. Node. js hosting has reached a new level

Because Node. js is very popular among developers, its hosting has achieved great success. PaaS (platform-as-a-service) service providers (such as Heroku and Modulus) Provide support for the deployment of a single command node. With Node. js hosting, you can reduce page loading time by up to 50%, and reduce the number of servers required to host applications.

10. Thriving open-source communities

Node. js also has a very good community. With the open-source community, Node. js provides many outstanding modules to add more outstanding functions to Web applications. For example, Socket. io can be used to process constant communication between the client and the server, so that the server can send real-time updates to the client. Express. js, Koa. js, Hapi. js, Sails. js, Meteor, and Derby are other top-level frameworks developed by the Node. js community to accelerate the application development process.

The IoT community also welcomes the use of Node. js for embedded devices and robots, such as Cylon and Nodebots. In addition, it has become a giant in the real-time Web APP development world. All the advantages of Node. js mentioned above are that many companies think that Node. js is a good technology for running heavy-load Web applications and allow the team to use it in the production environment.

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