Openfire + spark web installation Configuration

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Openfire + spark web installation Configuration


1. installation environment


Operating System: Windows XP prefes1_sp2

Server Software: openfire 3.4.2

Openfireenterprise 3.4.2

Client Software: spark 2.5.7

Sparkfastpath webchat 3.4.1

JDK: j2se 5.0 (1.5.0 _ 03)


2. Install the Jabber server software

2.1 software download

Jabber official website address:Http://

Commonly used Jabber server software:Http://

This article uses openfire (Wildfire) as the server, an open-source software based on the GPL Protocol, supporting various operating systems, the software requires Java environment support, but the software itself comes with the environment package, you can download different versions as needed.


If Windows has no Java environment version:Http:// Filename = openfire/

Latest Version: openfire 3.4.2


2.2install in Windows

Decompress to D :\. Note that the full path of openfire cannot contain Chinese characters. The host name is also the standard name. Run the installation file D: \ openfire \ bin \ openfire.exe.



2.3openfire Server Configuration

Enter in the address bar of the browserHttp: // localhost: 9090/You can start configuring the Instant Messaging Server.

(1) language selection: Simplified Chinese



(2) server settings: select the domain and port. The default value is recommended.


(3) database settings: Select "Standard Database"





(4) standard database settings: place the Oracle driver in the lib directory of openfire. Select oracle in the database driver option bar.


Enter your database address, port, database name, user name, and password (created before installation), maximum number of connections, minimum number of connections, and connection timeout. Openfire will create a table and initialize it in the specified Oracle database.




If a connection to the database cocould not be made appears. view theerror message by opening the "/logs/error. log "log file, then go backto fix the problem error message. Check whether your Oracle listener is faulty and whether your users have sufficient permissions, I cannot delete the listener and service name and reconfigure it.

(5) feature settings: The default value is the initial setting (the initial setting should be used, and the translation is incorrect)


(6) Administrator account settings: Enter System Administrator Information


(7) Installation Complete




(8) openfire Console: openfire has been installed. You can log on to the console for more detailed settings.





(9) Add a new account:

Open the user/group tab of the Management Console to view the summary information of existing users on the current server.



Select new user from the left-side Navigation Pane, enter the user name and logon password, and click Create user to add a new user.



You can log on with the user test on the client.


3. install and configure the Jabber Client

3.1 software download

For the client software list, see:Http://

We will use spark because spark and openfire can support each other well. Software:Http://

Windows Java environment version: Filename = spark/spark_2_5_8.exe

The latest version is spark 2.5.8.

3.2 Windows Installation

(1) download the example for Windows and run spark_2_5_8.exe. Click Next to install spark_2_5_8.exe. The default installation path is c: \ ProgramFiles \ spark.



(2) Select advanced options on the logon interface: Enter the server address and the default port is 5222. Click OK.



3) log on with the test user we added on the openfire console.


(4) logon Interface



(5) register a new account:

On the spark login interface, click Account, enter relevant information in the new account creation interface, and click Create account.


(4) After successful registration, you can log on with test2.


4. connections between jabber and IM communication such as MSN and ICQ

Jabber's most advantageous communication protocol is its ability to connect with other instant messaging software that provides XMPP protocol. For example, MSN, yahoomessager, ICQ, and Gtalk.

4.1 download the openfire gateway plug-in IM Gateway


All plug-ins of openfire can be downloaded here. What we need is


4.2 install Gateway

Gateway installation is very simple. You only need to copy gateway. jar to the openfire/Plugins directory and restart the openfire service.

4.3 configure Gateway

After the installation is successful, open the openfire Console (for example:Http: // localhost: 9090/), You can see the gateway Installation option at the bottom of the left-side menu bar (no Chinese version currently ),



Click Settings and then tick the service you want to activate.




4.4 spark client Configuration

Use spark to log on to openfire again. Some options are added in the spark menu bar.


Click the MSN icon and select enter logon information.


Enter your MSN account and password to log on to MSN.



5. Spark webchat Installation

Spark webchat is a Web-based spark that requires support from openfire Enterprise Edition.

5.1 Software Download

Openfire enterprise installation version:

Http://! Input. JSpA? Type =

To add some basic information, click "submitand download". On this page, you can download the trial version, authorize the user for 30 days, authorize the user for 5 days after expiration, or copy the license number.

Enterprise plugin and spark fastpath webchat Plugin:




4.2 Windows Installation

Two Enterprise Edition installation methods:

(1) Run openfireenterprise installation, openfire_enterprise_3_4_2.exe, and perform relevant configuration.

(2) install openfire based on the previously installed openfire: copy Enterprise. jar to D: \ openfire \ plugins \ and restart openfire. Go to the enterprise tab of the management console and copy the license number here.



5.3 sparkweb usage

(1) Click sparkweb on the left-side menu bar to display the logon interface.



(2) Main spark Web Interface



(3) Add a contact



(4) sending information



(5) received information


Spark web cannot store chat records, nor transmit files. Of course, it cannot support audio and video.

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