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Indicates that it exists, but it complains when it is deleted: The table or view does not exist.
One possible reason is that the table name contains lowercase and can be removed by using the drop command with double quotes containing the table name.
As shown below:

drop TABLE "Employee"

One, what is the Oracle character set

An Oracle character set is a collection of symbols that are interpreted as a byte of data, having a size and a mutual containment relationship. ORACLE's support for the national language architecture allows you to use localized languages to store, process, and retrieve data. It makes database Tools, error messages, sort orders, dates, times, currencies, numbers, and calendars automatically adapted to localized languages and platforms.

The most important parameter that affects the Oracle database character set is the Nls_lang parameter.

Its format is as follows: Nls_lang = Language_territory.charset

It has three components (language, region, and character set), and each component controls the characteristics of the NLS subset.


Language: Specifies the language of the server message, which indicates whether the message is Chinese or English

Territory: Specifies the date and number format of the server.

Charset: Specifies the character set.

such as: American _ AMERICA. Zhs16gbk

From the composition of Nls_lang we can see that the real impact of the database character set is actually the third part.

So the character set between the two databases as long as the third part of the same can be imported to export data, before the impact of only the hint information is Chinese or English.

How to view the database version

SELECT * FROM V$version

1 Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition release Production
2 Pl/sql Release
3 CORE Production
4 TNS for Linux:version
5 Nlsrtl Version

Contains version information, core version information, bit information (32-bit or 64-bit) as for the bit information, on the Linux/unix platform, you can view it through file, such as file $ORACLE _home/bin/oracle

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