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Basic Class]

1. Oracle Functions

2. Common functions of ipve

3. Oracle date functions

4. Explanation of common Oracle to_char usage (detailed list of FMT)

5. Summary of Date and Time Functions in Oracle (reproduced)

6. Comparison between SQL Server and common Oracle Functions

7. Oracle Functions

8. Use of Oracle analysis functions

9. Oracle for Windows

10. Basic syntax and precautions for Oracle stored procedures

11. Introduction to Oracle PL/SQL

12. Oracle Database startup and Shutdown

13. Oracle database architecture

14. Precautions for installing the Oracle database

15. Differences between instance instances and databases in Oracle



1. C # use ORACLE transaction to delete tables

2. ASP. NET ApplicationsProgramSolution to Oracle database connection failure after IIS is released

3. Brief Summary of migrating the company's system from SQL Server 2 K to Oracle 10g 2.0 accessing Oracle -- differences with SQL Server, precautions, common exceptions SQL/Oracle common paging controls

6. ASP. NET calls the Oracle Stored Procedure for fast Paging

7. Two Methods for reading and writing Oracle databases in. net

8. Net calls the Oracle stored procedure and uses array parameters (such as arraylist)

9. Access the Oracle database through. net

10. use ORACLE database transactions in. net

11. ASP. NET accesses the Oracle database to execute SQL statements and call stored procedures

12. Oracle's experience in. NET development pcsky (original)

13. Use C # To process lob data types (Oracle)

14. C # calling the stored procedure with the out cursor parameter in Oracle

15. C # operating XML database type, Oracle xmltype

16. C # Call the Oracle stored procedure to return result sets and functions


Management class]

1. Common ORACLE data dictionary table operations

2. [Switch] common Oracle commands

3. Oracle exp/IMP Parameters

4. Use synonyms in Oracle

5. Oracle uses job to implement scheduled task execution

6. Oracle cross-Database Data Operations

7. Routine Oracle Database Maintenance

8. Oracle Database Backup Method

9. Oracle Database Security Policy

10. Notes for managing Oracle databases

11. Oracle Database Optimization

12. Oracle database backup and Restoration



1. ORA-00911 errors and Solutions

2. "ORA-00942: Table or view does not exist" causes and solutions

3. query error due to insufficient temporary Oracle tablespace.

4. explain in detail the design principles and development skills of Large Databases

5. The strange "column not explicitly defined" error

6. Use the coalesce function to replace the long "When... else" String

7. Oracle FAQs

8. Oracle Database favorites

9. SQL Server to Oracle Database conversion notes

10. Use commands to operate Oracle Database


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