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With the rapid development of cloud computing, mobile and social technology, the role of enterprise data centers is constantly changing. Enterprises need stronger computing capabilities, simpler IT architecture, and more controllable O & M costs. The individual software and hardware cannot meet all the requirements of enterprises. The integration system, chip and storage, and the integration of software and hardware in the IT architecture have been recognized and demanded by more and more users, it effectively helps you to integrate and optimize IT systems and easily build a cloud computing platform.

As the most extensive and advanced cloud product provider in the industry, Oracle provides cloud products and services for enterprise users, taking into account public, private, and hybrid clouds, (SaaS software as a service), PaaS platform as a service), and IaaS infrastructure as a service. To further expand its leading advantages in the cloud, Oracle launched a number of new Oracle cloud services for its customers and partners at the September Oracle Global Conference just concluded at the end of 2013, it further expands the comprehensive portfolio of Oracle products in application, social networking, platform and infrastructure services. At the same time, Oracle recently released a series of cloud-oriented Database and software integration products, including Oracle Database 12c) oracle SuperCluster M6-32 Integration System Oracle SuperCluster M6-32 Engineered System), Oracle Virtual computing device Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance, and so on. With comprehensive cloud solutions, Oracle will continue to provide innovative development impetus for enterprise users and build a new generation of data center for enterprises in all directions.

Oracle Database 12c, innovative in the cloud Era

As the world's first cloud-oriented Database, Oracle Database 12c has many excellent performances, including simplified cloud-based Database integration, massive data analysis and storage, and enterprise-level security protection. It can effectively help enterprises reduce management difficulty, respond to expanded business needs, and provide comprehensive and comprehensive choices for enterprises.


Yu sicheng, vice president of Oracle and general manager of technology in Greater China

Oracle Database 12c adopts a multi-tenant architecture. By separately managing data content in different tenants, the independence and security required between tenants can be ensured. While retaining the functions of each tenant, it can achieve unified management of multiple databases and improve the efficiency of server resource utilization. With this flexible design structure, Oracle Database 12c features high speed, high reliability, and high scalability, allowing you to easily implement real-time Database configuration and replication, it greatly saves the time required for Database Upgrade, backup, recovery, and so on, making quick database access and circular calling easier. It is an ideal platform for testing databases and developing the cloud.

In addition, the Database layer rather than the application layer supports multiple tenants. Oracle Database 12c can insert any Database into the multi-tenant architecture without affecting the existing Database platform or application. This feature helps SaaS-based integration of multiple databases and achieves fine-grained control over multiple tenants. Second, it can significantly improve the efficiency of independent software developer ISV application deployment: you only need to provide the application to the customer in the form of a pluggable database. This database can be inserted into a multi-tenant container database to run the application on the new platform, thus avoiding lengthy steps in traditional application deployment, the operation cost is greatly reduced.

Oracle multi-tenant technology can also work with all Oracle database functions, including real Application Clusters, partitions, data protection, compression, automatic storage management, real application testing, transparent data encryption, and Database Vault. Starting a multi-tenant database requires no changes to any existing applications. Oracle Database 12c provides enterprises with integrated and unified architecture platforms directly on the cloud, greatly improving Database flexibility and helping customers cope with all the key challenges of Database work in the private cloud.

At the same time, traditional database storage structures cannot meet the needs of massive data queries, and the database system becomes more and more complex. Data processing and urgent big data analysis are the core requirements of databases. The launch of Oracle Database 12c provides enterprises with a comprehensive approach to simplify data management. With the newly added heat map and automatic data optimization function, Oracle Database 12c can easily automate data movement and data compression.

In terms of simplifying big data analysis, Oracle Database 12c enhances the big data-oriented MapReduce function in the Database through SQL mode matching, and leverages the latest in-Database prediction algorithm, as well as highly integrated open-source R and Oracle Database 12c, data experts can better analyze Enterprise Information and big data. In addition, with the smart compression and storage layering functions provided by Oracle Database 12c, Database administrators can easily define server management policies based on data activity and usage time, implements automatic compression and hierarchical OLTP, data warehouse, and archive data. Therefore, Oracle Database 12c integrates many powerful functions dedicated to data analysis and storage, allowing Database administrators and enterprise IT to implement storage plans and information lifecycle management policies more easily, saves a lot of storage space and improves performance.

Compared with the previous Oracle Database versions, Oracle Database 12c has introduced more security innovations to help customers cope with evolving security threats and strict data privacy compliance requirements. The new revision feature allows enterprises to protect sensitive data without changing most applications, such as credit card numbers displayed in applications. Sensitive data can be proofread at runtime based on predefined policies and customer information. Oracle Database 12c also includes the latest run time priority analysis function, which enables enterprises to determine the permissions and roles they actually use, help enterprises revoke unnecessary permissions, and fully execute required permissions, and ensure that enterprise operations are not affected.

"Oracle has unparalleled technology and profound industry experience in both the cloud and database fields," said Yu sicheng, vice president of Oracle and general manager of technology in Greater China. Oracle Database 12c is a good combination of Oracle and databases. It can easily integrate databases on the cloud, making data management easier, and provides multiple high availability features. We hope that more local customers will benefit from Oracle Database 12c ."

Superior integration system helps enterprises expand into the cloud

To help customers around the world reduce IT infrastructure costs and simplify management complexity, Oracle has launched an integrated software and hardware system to provide the ultimate performance for enterprises and IT departments. Through the development and testing of a series of innovative products, Oracle has achieved optimization and integration at all levels, making it a complete system with excellent performance, this helps enterprises simplify IT deployment, reduce operating costs, and reduce investment risks.

The advantages of the Oracle integration system are obvious: By using the Oracle Exadata database ECs, well-known online payment company PayPal achieves a response time of less than 100 milliseconds on the basis of petabytes of data, storage and computing capabilities increased by 10 times; Oracle Exalytics Business Intelligence cloud server helped Thomas Reuters achieve 100 times of performance improvement; as Oracle's fastest integrated system, oracle SuperCluster helped HDFC Securities, India's fastest-growing Securities brokerage company, significantly reduce the footprint of data centers by up to 30 times, while the peak transaction volume increased by 4 times, and the speed of batch processing reports increased by 3 times.

After Long-term R & D investment, the Oracle integration system is constantly improved and mature. This product family has also achieved rapid expansion and development. Up to now, Oracle has launched a series of software and hardware integrated design products, which are highly integrated and integrated with the best products in various product lines, such as databases, middleware, integrated applications, and server storage, including Oracle Exadata database cloud server, Oracle Exalogic middleware cloud server, Oracle Exalytics Business Intelligence cloud server, Oracle iSCSI SuperCluster, Oracle Big Data machine, Oracle Database machine, oracle Database Backup Logging Recovery Appliance and Oracle Virtual computing device Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance ).

Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance (Oracle Virtual computing device), as the latest integrated system of Oracle, can achieve easy application virtualization through integrated design, provides fast and repeatable software-defined infrastructure virtualization deployment for any x86 applications and loads. It takes about one hour for the customer to start from power-on to production, and it takes only a few minutes to deploy the ready virtual machine. Oracle virtual computing devices can run on Oracle Solaris, Oracle Linux, other Linux distributions, and Microsoft Windows. It is an infrastructure platform that combines a wide range of applications and operating systems.

Based on a 3.6 GHz, 12-core iSCSI M6 processor, The iSCSI M6-32 has 32 TB master memory that doubles IBM's maximum Power server memory capacity. The large memory capacity of the HPC M6-32 is combined with its comprehensive, zero-overhead, cost-free virtualization functions, making it an ideal integration platform for mission-critical workloads. The Oracle VM server for Linux allows up to 128 virtual machines to be created in each dynamic domain, further virtualizing the massive memory and I/O resources of the Linux M6-32 server.

Oracle SuperCluster M6-32, as the fastest and most scalable Integration System for Oracle, helps expand the Oracle SuperCluster product line and improve the performance of Oracle Memory Applications by 10-20 times, at the same time, the database compression and query speed up 10 times. The Oracle SuperCluster M6-32 uses wireless bandwidth I/O connections to provide maximum availability, no spof, and the highest integration rate with any Oracle Server. Compared to solutions based on IBM Power 795, the Oracle SuperCluster M6-32 running Oracle Solaris has increased cost-effectiveness by five times and helps enterprises change business dynamics and make smarter decisions.

In addition, Oracle also launched the ZFS Storage device ZS3Oracle ZFS Storage ZS3, which can help customers speed up insights through high performance, dynamic automation and extensive Oracle Joint Integration, reduce Risks and data center costs. With the advanced Cache architecture and multi-thread SMP operating system, ZS3 series can provide users with a sustained bandwidth of more than 32 GB in a single system, so that each system can support thousands of virtual machines, easy Processing of high thread I/O. Compared with similar NetApp, EMC, IBM, and HP Systems, the ZS3 series delivers the highest throughput, lowest latency, and better cost effectiveness.

Pan Yuqi, senior director of the sales and consulting Department of Oracle Greater China System Department, said: "With the continuous development of IT technology and enterprise application, enterprises are facing huge challenges from massive data and complex IT architecture. Integration of software and hardware has always been one of Oracle's business priorities. Oracle's new series of hardware system products can effectively simplify the enterprise data center architecture, help customers improve performance and stability, and further reduce IT costs ."

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