Oracle Official Document Structure instructions (how to quickly get the knowledge you need from official documents)

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Here is an example of the official 11g document:

Today, how to get the knowledge you need quickly from the official documents. Official online document Address: includes documentation for Oracle's various products (Oracle DB12C's documentation has not been updated) offline: that's not much. Take 11g official web documentation as an example: Getting started page: Here are some of the most basic documentation links. Concept ,It includes some basic concepts and principles within the Oracle database. For example, the logical structure of the database, physical structure, the composition of the instance, optimizer, transaction and other knowledge are described. PDF just 460 pages, the landlord all printed out plus experiment for six months ... English is too bad to hurt. Reference ,It includes dynamic performance view, data dictionary, initialization parameters and other information. If there are parameters that do not know what it means, or if the field information in the v$ view is somewhat blurry, you can find the corresponding description here. (after the HTML point in the bottom there is an index, CTRL+F lookup faster) also contains some other such as database hard limit, wait for the name of the event, the background process description and so on. SQL Language Reference ,This document includes the syntax for SQL statements in the Oracle database (Plsql not included). For example, CREATE TABLE syntax, functions, expressions are described here. If you have any SQL statement syntax that you do not know how to write, you can open this document. Administrator ' s guide ,This document contains more content, and almost every scenario for managing an Oracle database is described here. Various management tables, indexes, table spaces, redo, etc. can be found here (the online transport table space is also described in this document) Performance Tuning Guide ,It contains optimization-related content, and describes optimization methods, database instances, and SQL optimizations. The optimizer-related details are described here. Database Administration page:The main thing is that Administrator's guide has been described above, and here are a few of the more important documents. Net Services Reference ,The documentation explains several important documents about listening, Tnsnames.ora, Listener.ora, Sqlnet.ora, and so on. You can find answers in this document for questions about listening. Backup and Recovery User ' s guide ,Various uses of Rman are described in the documentation. (There is a chapter is written using Rman for data transmission, interested people can see) Backup and Recovery Reference ,The main description of the Rman syntax. Application Development Page   PL/SQL Packages and Types Reference ,This document includes functionality and parameter descriptions for various Oracle-built packages and functions. If you do not know the package can be found here, such as the usual information about the Dbms_stats package, the function of the package and the role of the stored procedure, parameter description, the use of the sample can be found in this document. PL/SQL Language Reference ,This document describes the basic concepts of PLSQL programming, syntax, and so on. If you want to learn Plsql programming, you can see it from this document. SQLJ Developer ' s Guide,SQLJ, heard this thing on the  pub. Specifically not in-depth understanding, but the feeling is relatively advanced and useful, when  plsql no way to complete the task, you can use the  java stored procedures to solve, for example, want to get a list of files in the host directory.  SQLJ provides an easy way to integrate plsql  and Java. Provides a simple example where you can enter the following code in a  java stored procedure:
for (int i = 0; i < list.length; i++), {element = List[i], #sql {INSERT into dir_list ( FILENAME) VALUES (: Element)}; 21}
Workspace Manager Developer ' s guide ,It says something about the workspace Manager versioning in Oracle. Installing and Upgrading page:  When you need to install an Oracle database, you can enter the installing and upgrading link, and the installation documentation for each operating system is here. (It is recommended to deploy the environment in the time of the document, the article on the Internet because of the environmental differences may be on the basis of existing hardware problems such as this.) The way to look at official documents is the fastest deployment method) Grid Computing page:  Includes various documents for the Oracle Grid infrastructure cluster software. Automatic Storage Management Administrator ' s Guide,ASM related documentation, there are questions about ASM that can be found in this document. Real Application Clusters Administration and Deployment Guide ,Includes content for database management and maintenance in a RAC environment. Clusterware Administration and Deployment Guide ,It mainly writes the various tools and commands of the cluster software. High Availability page:  It includes documentation for a variety of highly available technologies. Data guard broker and data guard concepts and administration ,Needless to say, this is a document about Dataguard. 12c inside Goldengate full take over stream task. If you are interested, you can see it. Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence page:  Technologies related to data warehousing and business intelligence. VLDB and Partitioning guide,Very large database ... partition and parallel related content is here. Utilities ,Do not know how to use Imp, EXPDP, Sql*loader, external table, DBV, Adrci, Logminer, come here. unstructured Data and Content Management page:  unstructured data related. For example, object type, XmlType, Oracle text, and so on. securefiles and Large Objects Developer ' s guide ,Tells you something about the secure file technology used to store LOB fields in 11g. text Application Developer ' s Guide and text Reference ,Full-text indexing related things up.      Just write here, and you are welcome to add. "Turn"

Oracle Official Document Structure instructions (how to quickly get the knowledge you need from official documents)

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