Oracle Series: (1) installation

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1. Introduction to Oracle

1977 American Larry set up a software development lab

1980 developed the world's first business relational database (RDBMS)

1983 the company was renamed Oracle Corporation (Oracle Corporation)

Over more than 30 years of development, Oracle has become the world's leading provider of information management software and independent software development companies, with nearly all industries involved in Oracle technology

April 21, 2009, Oracle, original Sun

Market share: "Oracle (54%+-)--->ibm-db2 (21%+-)--->microsoftmssql (14%+-)"

Types of Oracle Certifications:

* (1) Development Technology Certification: Java Certification

database development language SQL and PL/C certification

(2) Database technology certification:

OCM Certified "Master"

OCP Certified "Expert"

OCA Certified "Beginner"

(3) Middleware Technology certification: Oracleserver certification, Web server certification, ...

(4) Application technology certification in the field of specialization:

ERP Certification

CRM Certification

HR Certification

OA Certification

Tax certification:

July 12, 2007, Oracle launched ORACLE11G in the United States, it is recommended to use at least JDK6

It has more than 400 functions, after 15 million hours of testing, development work to reach 36,000 people/month

Early: oracle8i,9i, "10i"----(i means Internet)

Recent: Oracle11g-------------(g for grid), using multiple Oracle servers as a single host, Grid computing is seen as a future computing method

Now: Oracle 12c (clound converged cloud Server)

Window7/8, the name of the query port: netstat-a, or use other third-party tools to query the port number on the current computer

The primary port of the Oracle database: 1521, usually fixed, provided that the "Oracleoradb11g_home1tnslistener" service is started when booting

Quote: ORACLE11G Enterprise Edition/Standard/personal-----¥ 195,000 +-

Quote: ORACLE12C Enterprise Edition/Standard/personal-----¥ 317,900 +-

2. Oracle Installation

Operating system: Windows 8.1 Enterprise Edition 64bit

1th Step:

Double-click setup.exe

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2nd Step:

Cancel the "security update";

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3rd Step:

In the installation options , select Create and configure database

In the system class , select Desktop Class .

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4th Step:

In a Typical installation , select the Oracle Base directory , the character set select UTF8, and set the administrative password (for example: root).

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5th step:

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6. Test whether the installation is successful

Input after running cmd

Sqlplus/as SYSDBA

If you can log in, the installation is successful.

If you encounter a ora-01031:insufficient privileges error, such as

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The possible reason is that users who log on to Windows (Administrator or users who are using Oracle when they install it) are not included in the ORA_DBA group .


The workaround is to join the current user to the ORA_DBA group (you do not need to restart Windows) and try to log in again.

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To add a user to a user group

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Oracle Series: (1) installation

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