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Outlook Express is a convenient, easy-to-use e-mail client software that requires a little help from the security sector in terms of security. Here are 5 ways to improve Outlook Express security.

Microsoft Outlook Express is a common, free e-mail client software that is typically sold with a variety of Windows software (only Windows Vista provides Windows Mail). This software is easy to set up and easy to use.

However, Outlook Express is also the target of many hackers and viruses that are currently and in the future, because it is the email client software (one of the best channels to spread the virus) and is tightly integrated with the Black hat's most frequently attacked browser ie. But the popularity of the bad guys doesn't mean you have to switch to other paid client software to look at your emails at ease.

You can still safely use Outlook Express: You just need to improve the security of Outlook Express in some simple ways. Here are five ways to make Outlook Express more secure.

Prevent applications from sending e-mail

Viruses that need to be replicated and shared take advantage of Outlook Express, which can be easily prevented. In Outlook Express, under Tools | options, select the Security tab, and then start the alert when other applications attempt to send mail on my behalf.

Turn off HTML mail

Although there are pictures and links in HTML emails that look beautiful, this is a dangerous format. Network vulnerabilities, cloaking links, and many other annoying problems can cause great damage to your computer. Sometimes just opening an HTML email is enough to be an accidental attack. So I strongly recommend using text messages.

To prohibit HTML e-mail messages in Outlook Express, under Tools | options, select the message format, and then select text Format. To configure Outlook Express to read HTML e-mail messages in text format to filter any malicious content, go to the Tools | option, select Read, and then choose to read all the information in plain text.

Discard Preview Pane

Previewing through grille is no doubt convenient when browsing messages, but it is also quite dangerous: the operating system thinks that previewing an e-mail message is the same as opening an e-mail message. To cancel the preview pane, you need to remove the options for the preview pane under View | appearance items.

Cancel JavaScript

Malicious use of JavaScript can get a lot of information on the computer, especially the browser's history and cookies. It cannot format the hard disk, but it can steal your information without you knowing it.

Because Outlook Express is highly integrated with Internet Explorer, canceling JavaScript can have some effect:

1. In Outlook Express, select Security Under Tool | selection.

2. Select the Limit Site security area (more secure) option.

3. To start | Under Control Panel, and then double-click the Internet Options applet.

4. Under the Security tab, select the Custom Level button.

5. Under the Script tab, cancel the script under the Active Scripting heading.

Note: This also cancels the Visual Basic Script (VBS).

Block possible malicious attachments

Some of the accessories are harmful, while others are harmless. But security is more important. To remove a possible malicious attachment, you should select the Security tab under the Tools | option, and then under virus protection, select Do not Allow Attachments to be Saved (no attachments are allowed) or select opened that could under the virus protection project Potentially be A Virus (state public, possibly virus).

If you select this option, Outlook Express confirms that a file is secure before it is opened based on the Internet Explorer 6 unsafe file list and when the download is complete in the folder's properties. It will block any attachments that are considered "unsafe" by any mail.

Note: This option is selected by default for Outlook Express Service Pack 1.


Outlook Express is a convenient, easy-to-use e-mail client software that requires some help from the security department. You don't have to be afraid to use a few flaws in the integration of Outlook Express and IE, you just need to improve security a little and remember never to open a stranger's attachment.

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