Outlook mailbox messages are synchronized with the Enterprise mailbox (Outlook local folder mail, not in the Web mailbox)

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Accustomed to the outlook2010,

Issue: After you drop a message into a custom folder today, you find that the message is not visible in the Web mailbox. You cannot synchronize to an enterprise mailbox.

Solve a busy day, just know is the account type problem, POP3 type, only download does not upload. So after Outlook is locally modified, the Web mailbox is not visible. Create an account type IMAP to upload local folder mail to the mailbox server. Create a new IMAP account, then drag the local folder in the old account directly under the new user, and then select all groups under Send/Accept (the radio IMAP type user is also OK), or turn Outlook off to automatically upload the message to the mailbox server. You can see it through a Web mailbox.

Note that I am, have a POP3 old account, and then create a new IMAP account, two accounts, two storage mail locations, two mails. So drag the folder directly to the IMAP user directory from the POP3 account directory, close Outlook and upload it automatically.

If, before creating a new user, it is best to save the message as, backup

Foxmail is installed and is available after you configure the connection. Outlook cannot be activated. You can also save Outlook messages as, and import them to Foxmail.

Talk about Outlook Configuration Connection Enterprise mailbox:

You need to know the business email address (server address), user name, password.

The basic configuration in outlook2010 is as follows,

1, under "Files" in the menu, select Add Account

2. In the pop-up session box, select "Email account" and click "Next".

3, then select "Manually configure the server or other server type" and click "Next".

4, select "Internet e-mail", Next

5, fill in the configuration information, name any; email address, [email protected]; Server information settings, account type selection POP3 (download not upload); Accept mail server, and outgoing mail server (SMTP) is the mailbox server you want to use, if it is a company mailbox, are generally the same. If it is 163, then separate, such as NetEase 163 mailbox Information:

Incoming mail server: pop.163.com

Outgoing mail server (SMTP): smtp.163.com

Enter the user name and password for the login. Test in the test account settings to see if it can be used.
6, the next test shows that there is a problem with the login, in other settings, select the Sending Server tab, check the "My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication", I set the "Use the same settings as the receiving mail server", you can set the login use. Advanced inside set the port number of the server, the general default is the line.

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