Pen is a pen writer who uses metal as his pen.

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Pen is a pen writing tool that uses metal as the pen body. It uses hollow pen tubes to hold ink (mostly black or blue), and uses gravity and capillary tubes to write the pen in a duck's mouth, it is a tool for writing Western calligraphy. The ink of most pens can be refilled. Generally, the ink can be filled with small bottles or straws such as eye drops. The earliest history of the storage pen can be traced back to the 10th century. The earliest storage pen has been used for the 18th century. The development process was very slow, but until the beginning of the 19th century, a stable and accelerated stream pen was found in the production process. Only three key inventions made the pen a popular writing tool. These inventions are: Iridium gold pen tip, hard rubber and free-flowing ink. Jinshuo stationery

The first kind used the pen of the above three key inventions, which was manufactured in the 1850 s. However, it was not until the 1880 s that mass production began. Waterman and wirt in France were the main producers at that time.

In the early 20th century, the U.S. pen gradually entered China and set up regional distribution in coastal cities. After that, Conklin, eversharp, Pelikan, Sheaffer, and Parker) pens of various brands are pouring in one after another.
Jinshuo stationery
In 1809, the UK issued the first batch of patent certificates for storing pens, marking the official birth of pens.

Pen Box in the early storage pen, ink can not flow freely. When the writer presses the piston, the ink begins to flow. After writing, press it again. Otherwise, the ink will not flow out. It is inconvenient to start writing words in this way.

James beili, British, successfully developed a pen tip in 1829. After special processing, it is smooth and flexible, and its writing is quite smooth, so it is very popular. However, this pen must be written in ink.

By 1884, an employee of an insurance company in the United States, watman, invented a method to supply ink with capillary tubes, which better solved the above problem. This pen can be removed, and the ink is injected with a small dropper.

The earliest ink-absorbing pen appeared in the early 20th century and adopted a piston to suck ink. When the pen uses pig, it is necessary to use a piece of iron inserted into a joint to squeeze the skin to suck ink. In 1952, a tube was inserted into the ink to absorb water. It was not until 1956 that a commonly used capillary pen was invented. There are also some art pens. Width

A pen is like a human's hand and writes on paper. The human hand is fat and thin, and the pen is also very natural to distinguish between thickness, some pen cylinder is small, suitable for the hand-shaped petite people to grasp, On the contrary is the hand-shaped larger people to take. Jinshuo stationery

Pen is a pen writer who uses metal as his pen.

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