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More open-source performance testing tools to learn more:


"157 performance testing and optimization of open source software"

JMeter is an Apache-organized open source project, which is a tool for functional and performance testing, and 100% is implemented in Java.


Grinder is a load test framework that uses Jython to write test scripts, and HTTP-based tests can be used by browsers to record the entire process being tested.

Key Features: Generic test methods Flexible test Scripting Distributed framework mature HTTP Support


Multi-mechanize is an open-source Web performance and load testing framework that allows you to run multiple Python scripts concurrently to stress test a Web site or Web service.

Key Features: Support for various HTTP methods advanced hyperlinks and HTML forms support SSL Automatic processing Cookies can be set HTTP header auto-processing redirect Support Agent support HTTP authentication

Here are some test result graphs:


Selenium (SELENIUMHQ) is a powerful tool for ThoughtWorks's integrated testing.

First, the Selenium version

Selenium now exists in 2 versions, one is called Selenium-core, and the other is called SELENIUM-RC.

Selenium-core is a way to write test scripts using HTML, you can also use Selenium-ide to record scripts, but currently selenium-ide only have a FireFox version.

SELENIUM-RC is the selenium-remotecontrol abbreviation for writing test classes using specific languages.

SELENIUM-RC supports a lot of languages, and here we focus on the Java approach. The main point here is SELENIUM-RC, because the individual still likes this way.

The following figure is a screenshot of the Selenium IDE's running interface:


When you want to make some kind of more complex interaction with content found in a Web page, you need to use the mechanize Library

Zope-testbrowser Programmable Browser for black box functional testing

Zope.testbrowser provides an easy-to-use, programmable Web browser that is used primarily for testing and can be used in Zope.


The capybara is designed to simplify the integration process for testing Rack applications (Rails, Sinatra, Merb, and more). Capybara can simulate a real user interacting with a Web application.


Opensta is a free, open-source Web performance testing tool that can record powerful script processes and perform performance tests. For example, virtual multiple different users log on to the tested site at the same time.

Opensta is a free performance testing tool dedicated to B/s structure. In addition to the advantages of free, open source code, it can also be recorded test script, according to the specified syntax for editing. After you have finished recording your test scripts, you can edit the test scripts to perform specific performance metrics analysis. Its richer graphical test results greatly improve the readability of the test report.

Opensta based on the CORBA architecture, it uses its special script to control the language and records all HTTP/S traffic through the proxy through a virtual proxy. The performance of the system is analyzed by analyzing the performance metrics collected by the Opensta performance indicators, as well as the HTTP data.

Advantages: The pressure test engine is extensible and can perform scale stress testing. provides scripting language support.


Pylot is an open source tool for testing WebService performance and extensibility, which runs HTTP load tests, which is useful for capacity planning, benchmarking, analyzing system bottlenecks, and system tuning. During use, Pylot initiates concurrent requests (HTTP requests), verifies server responses, and reports with related metrics. It performs and monitors the test process for the tested site through a GUI or shell/console.

Pylot is based on the Python development, and the famous Apache Stress test Tool AB, which is run by default on the command line, can also trigger the GUI interface via parameters, of course, if the Wxpython is installed.


Splinter is a tool for acceptance testing of WEB applications written in Python.

Example code:

browser = browser (' ')

browser = browser (' Webdriver.firefox ')

browser = browser (' Zope.testbrowser ')
Browser.visit (' Http:// ')
Browser.reload ()
Browser.find_by_css (' H1 ')

Browser.find_by_xpath ('//h1 ')

Browser.find_by_tag (' H1 ')

Browser.find_by_name (' name ')

browser.find_by_id (' Firstheader ')


Windmill is a web testing tool that allows you to automate testing and debugging Web applications.


Alfajor provides an advanced, object-oriented, browser-agnostic HTTP resource testing framework, and Python Scripts and test code synchronize the x/html Dom in real-time, synchronously, when the page is mirrored as JavaScript changes the DOM. The client API is also provided to support testing of JSON and Web APIs.


Webrat can help us write expressive and robust acceptance test scripts, primarily for Ruby applications, and support a variety of Ruby Web frameworks such as rails, Merb and Sinatra. Webrat also supports a number of commonly used test frameworks, such as RSpec, Cucumber, Test::unit and Shoulda.


Webload is a performance testing and analysis tool introduced by Radview, which allows Web application developers to automate stress testing, and webload to test the performance of the web by simulating real-world user actions to generate a stress load.

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