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Interactive publishing network computer channel. A book tutorial for you on the Perl language is recommended. Includes Perl push, Perl Chomp, and Perl python content.

perl language book One, "Perl Language Programming fourth edition (in the book) (Photocopy version)"

Perl language programming was the undisputed bible of Perl when it was first published in 1991, and it is still an introductory guide to this highly practical language.

perl Language Books Ii. Introduction to the Perl Language (Sixth edition. Chinese version) (required for Perl programmers) (China-pub)

The most authoritative O ' Reilly series books
Also a must-read for Perl programmers!

Perl language Book III, "Perl Efficient Programming: 2nd edition (China-pub)"

Ten years of grinding swords, classic re-out of the lake
Anatomy of the nature of programming
Professional translator, to give you a word.

Perl Language Books IV, "apache+ mysql+memcached+perl development of high-speed open source website"

The reader will know that the data is stored in MySQL and memcached, and Apache is the server that resides in it, learning to install, set up, and manage it as well as knowing every system.

Perl Language Books v. Introduction to Perl (Fourth Edition) (Photocopy of English edition)

The Perl Language Primer, fourth edition, like other camel books, has led many Perl programmers from getting to mastering. This book is written by a distinguished member of the three Perl communities who have many years of experience in Perl training and have been revised for the latest version of Perl 5.8.

1, English original "Programming Perl"Larry Wall, Tom Christiansen

He Weiping Translation of Perl language programming in Chinese translation

Code name: "Big Camel"

Summary: It's not just a Perl book, it's a unique developer who introduces the Perl language and its culture. The author, Larry Wall, is the original Perl designer, and Tom Christiansen is one of the first few advocates and one of the few who have mastered the intricacies of the book. Jon Orwant is the editor of Perl Journal, which combines the Perl community into a common forum for new Perl development.

2, English original "Learning Perl" Randal L.schwartz, Brian D Foy, Tom Phoenix

Moriharu translation of the Chinese version of the Perl language primer

Code Name: "Llama", also known as "small Camel"

Introduction: O ' Reilly publishing house combined with the first book of the Perl series tutorials produced by the most prestigious people in the 3 Perl community, the beginner's introductory book, which focuses on the basic Perl syntax, including what Perl programmers need to know to write a single-file script Knowledge for a large number of Perl applications.

3, English original "intermediate Perl" Randal L.schwartz, Tom Phoenix, Brian D Foy

Chinese translation version is not (translated: Intermediate Perl)

Code: "Alpaca", also known as "God Beast" (commonly known as "Grass Mud Horse")

Introduction: O ' Reilly Publishing House, a second book of the Perl series, produced by the most prestigious people in the 3 Perl community, focuses on building the knowledge of Perl complex data structures and objects, and how to organize team work (modules, tests, and releases) and write reusable Perl programs.

4, English original "Mastering Perl" Brian D Foy

Chinese version of "Proficient Perl" Korean Temple fly Translation

Code name: "Baby Alpaca mother and her child"

Introduction: O ' Reilly publishing house combined with the third book of the Perl series tutorials produced by 3 of the most prestigious Perl communities, the book combines the knowledge of the first two books in the series, gives a lot of interesting topics, and outlines a number of examples around them. Use these topics and examples to teach you how to think in Perl programming.

5, the English original "Perl Best practices" Damian Conway

Chinese version ofperl best Practice O ' Reilly Taiwan company translation

Code: "American Deer Hunting Dog"

Summary: This book provides Perl programmers with 256 rules on the art of programming that will help you write better Perl code. These rules cover code layout and naming conventions, selection of data and control structures, program deconstruction and modularity, interface design and implementation, object-oriented design, error handling, program testing, and debugging. All the rules are designed to write clear, robust, efficient, maintainable, and concise programs.

6, the English original "Effectiveperl programming" Joseph N.hall, Joshua A.mcadams, Brian D Foy

"Perl High-efficiency programming" Moriharu, Wang Hui and so on translation

Code: "Efficient Hacker"

Summary: The Perl language, as the most successful modular programming language, has a reputation as a "software chip" that delves into the efficient and concise features of the Perl language and provides a guide for Perl enthusiasts to apply efficiently. The book includes recommendations for various tests, the latest regular expressions, and the customary usage of various utility modules, each showing 120 practical and refined cases.

7, the English original "Advancedperl programming" Simon Cozens

Translation of Advanced Perl programming (PERLISB)

Code name: "Black Panther"

Summary: The book, as the top-level tutorial in the O ' Reilly Publishing house Perl book, clearly explains many of the concepts of Perl, such as introspection, overloaded built-in functions, Perl extensions based on object-oriented models, and how to test the stability of Perl programs. This book brings together the many experiences that the best members of the Perl community have painstakingly accumulated.

Perl Language Books Tutorials recommended

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