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Perl Development Environment Build: Interpreter + editor + Debug Tool

such as: Strawberry Perl (interpretation) +padre (edit + Debug)

such as: ActivePerl (interpretation) + VIM (edit) +perl (command line) (Debug)

---------------------------------------------------------Perl interpreter--------------------------------------------------------- ---

1) ActivePerl

System platform: Windows

Reason to recommend: ActivePerl is a complete, self-installed version of Perl based on standard Perl source code that enables users to quickly and easily install Perl.

Download Link:

Introduction to Software: ActivePerl is a tool software (script interpreter) that allows you to execute Perl programs at will, including Perl for Win32, Perl for ISAPI, PerlScript, Perl Package Manager four sets of development tools that allow you to write CGI programs for UNIX, Windows, and Linux systems.

2) Strawberry Perl

System platform: Windows, Linux and Mac OS X

Recommended reasons: The Chinese Perl Association website recommended Novice installation.

Download Link:

Introduction to Software: Strawberry perl functions like ActivePerl.

---------------------------------------------------------Perl dedicated IDE------------------------------------------------------- -----

1 Perl Dev Kit

System platform: Windows, Linux and Mac OS X

Recommended reasons:

Download Link: Http://

Introduction to Software: ActiveState perl Dev Kit Pro makes it easy to create and construct Perl programs that can generate their own executable files on HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, and Windows platforms. Debugging Perl Scripts is also an easy task, enabling you to convert VBScript to Perl, as well as creating. NET and ActiveX controls in Perl.

2) Padre

System platform: Windows, Linux and Mac OS X

Recommended reason: Padre is the Chinese Perl Association website recommends the installation of Windows Perl development software, which not only contains the Perl editor, Strawberry Perl package also with the same and install, as well as some useful cpan modules.

Download Link:

Introduction to Software: Padre is a free and open source integrated development environment for Perl language developers, providing syntax highlighting and code refactoring.

3) Open Perl IDE

System platform: Windows

Software Introduction: An open source visualization of the Perl Integrated development tool.

---------------------------------------------------------Universal IDE------------------------------------------------------------

1 Eclipse + epic/perlipse

System platform: Windows, Linux and Mac OS X

Recommended reasons: Free, powerful

Download Link:



Introduction to Software: Eclipse is a well-known cross-platform, free integrated development environment (IDE). It was primarily used for Java language development, but at the moment there are also plug-ins that make it a development tool for other computer languages such as C + + and Python. Eclipse itself is only a framework platform, but the support of many plug-ins makes it very difficult for eclipse to have the flexibility of other, relatively fixed, IDE software. Many software developers develop their own Ides with Eclipse as the framework.

Perlipse is a Perl editor developed based on the Eclipse Dynamic Language Toolkit.

Epic is an Open-source Perl development tool. Support syntax highlighting, quick syntax checking, content help, Perldoc support, source code format, template support and a Perl debugger.

---------------------------------------------------------The Code Editor------------------------------------------------------------

1) Notepad

Reason to recommend: Classic Notepad.

2) UltraEdit

Recommended reason: UltraEdit is a powerful text editor, you can edit text, 16, ASCII code, can completely replace Notepad (if the computer configuration is strong enough), built-in English word check, C + + and VB instructions highlighted, you can edit multiple files at the same time, And even opening a large file speed is not slow. The software includes HTML tag color display, search substitution, and unlimited restore functionality, which is typically used to modify EXE or DLL files. An editor that meets all your editing needs.

3) notepad++

Recommended reasons: Notepad + + is a free source code editor, Notepad replacement program, support multi-language. Running under the MS Windows environment, its use is under GPL license.

Download Link:

4 Vim

Recommended reason: Vim is a text editor developed from VI. Code completion, compilation and error jump and other convenient programming features are particularly rich in the programmer is widely used. And Emacs are the favorite editors for Unix-like system users.

Appendix 1: Open Source China Community ( Perl development Tool (27) &sort=view

Appendix 2: Talking about the Perl development tool

Appendix 3: Experts recommend several commonly used Perl development tools

Attached 4:PERL IDE integrated development environment finishing Daquan

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