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PHP 3 ways to insert databases in large batches and speed comparison, 3 types of PHP database

The first method: use INSERT INTO to insert, the code is as follows:

$params = Array (' value ' = = ' 50′); set_time_limit (0); Echo date ("H:i:s"); for ($i =0; $i <2000000; $i + +) {$connect _ Mysql->insert ($params);}; echo Date ("H:i:s");

The last display is: 23:25:05-01:32:05 that took more than 2 hours!

The second method: use transaction commit, BULK Insert database (under 10W per submission) Last display time consumed is: 22:56:13 23:04:00, altogether 8 minutes 13 seconds, the code is as follows:

echo Date ("H:i:s"), $connect _mysql->query (' BEGIN '), $params = Array (' value ' = ' 50′ '); for ($i =0; $i <2000000; $i + +) {$connect _mysql->insert ($params), if ($i%100000==0) {$connect _mysql->query (' COMMIT '); $connect _mysql-> Query (' BEGIN ');}} $connect _mysql->query (' COMMIT '); Echo date ("H:i:s");

The third approach: using optimized SQL statements: Splicing SQL statements, using INSERT into table () values (), (), (), () and then inserting them once, if the string is too long,

You need to configure MySQL to run on the MySQL command line: Set global max_allowed_packet = 2*1024*1024*10; consumption time: 11:24:06 11:25:06;

Inserting 200W test data only took 1 minutes! The code is as follows:

$sql = "INSERT into twenty_million (value) values"; for ($i =0; $i <2000000; $i + +) {$sql. = "(' 50′),";}; $sql = substr ($sql, 0,strlen ($sql)-1), $connect _mysql->query ($sql);

Finally, when inserting large quantities of data, the first method is undoubtedly the worst, and the second method is widely used in practical applications, and the third method is more suitable for inserting test data or other low requirements, and it is really fast.

PHP's fastest way to insert data into a MySQL database

Inserting 1000 data at a time will increase n times faster than one insert, the main technique is to write SQL, it is not difficult
INSERT INTO Table1 value (v1, V2, v3), (X1,X2,X3),....

Instead of
INSERT INTO Table1 value (v1, V2, v3);
INSERT INTO Table1 value (X1,X2,X3);
Such an insertion of one piece
I hope you can understand
Reference: Ox man small Sea

Php,mysql, how do you import large amounts of Excel data into a database? Before I recorded the data is this way, first translated into CS

About CSV format
If there is a comma in the content, you can enclose the whole field in quotation marks, refer to the Baidu Encyclopedia CSV.
For example
Field 1, "Field 2 with, Number", Field 3

In fact, the key is the PHP read CSV rules, CSV is not necessarily a comma, it can be a semicolon and other symbols.
Change the corresponding PHP reading rules. true techarticle PHP 3 ways to insert a database and speed comparison, PHP database 3 The first method: using insert into the code as follows: $params = Array (' value ' = ' 50′ '); Set_time_

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