PHP Basics (13) using MYSQLI to operate MySQL database

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MYSQLI provides two interfaces to operate the database MySQL

    1. Process oriented

2. Object-oriented

<?php/* process-oriented */$mysqli  = mysqli_connect ("localhost",  " Root ", " 123456 ", " MyDB ");if  (Mysqli_connect_errno ($mysqli))  {    echo   "failed to connect to mysql: "  . mysqli_connect_error ();} $res  = mysqli_query ($mysqli,  "SELECT&NBSP;*&NBSP;FROM&NBSP;MYTB"); $row  = mysqli_fetch _ASSOC ($res);echo  $row [' _msg '];/* object-oriented   recommends the use of the second */$mysqli  = new mysqli ("localhost",   "root",  "123456",  "MyDB");if  ($mysqli->connect_errno)  {     echo  "failed to connect to mysql: "  .  $mysqli->connect_error;} $res  =  $mysqli->query ("SELECT&NBSP;*&NBSP;FROM&NBSP;MYTB"); while ($row  =  $res->fetch_ Assoc ()) {    echo  $row ["id"]. "   ". $row [" Age "]."   ". $row [" name "]." \ n ";}?" 

For the sake of unification, the following are only explained using object-oriented methods.

MYSQLI Support Persistent Connection Persistent connection, persistent connection will not shut down after use, but put into the connection pool, if a request with the same hostname, password, port, database, then will continue to use connection pool connection, instead of re-create a new connection.

Mysqli->query (statements) caches the resulting data results in the client's memory for use.

mysqli-real_query("SELECT ID from test ORDER by ID ASC"); The result is still in MySQL Server to be read by the client, but not immediately cached to the clients, PHP consumes less memory, but the MySQL server is getting a lot of pressure.

The data that is queried by default is a string, unless setMYSQLI_OPT_INT_AND_FLOAT_NATIVE选项

$mysqli -> options ( ,&NBSP;

<?php$mysqli = new Mysqli ("localhost", "root", "123456", "MyDB"), $mysqli->options (mysqli_opt_int_and_float_ native,1);//Set auto-Convert if ($mysqli->connect_errno) {echo "Failed to connect to MySQL:". $mysqli->connect_error;} $res = $mysqli->query ("SELECT * from MYTB"), while ($row = $res->fetch_assoc ()) {echo $row ["id"].gettype ($row ["id"] );//Numeric type}

The MySQL database supports precompiled SQL statements so that SQL statements accept parameters and implement efficient execution of the same SQL statement.

The execution of a precompiled statement consists of two stages 1. precompilation 2. Bind parameters and Execute

<?php$mysqli = new Mysqli ("localhost", "root", "123456", "MyDB"), $mysqli->options (mysqli_opt_int_and_float_ native,1), if ($mysqli->connect_errno) {echo "Failed to connect to MySQL:". $mysqli->connect_error;} if ($stmt = $mysqli->prepare ("INSERT into MYTB (id,age,name) VALUES (?,?,?)")  {/* precompiled */$id = 4;  $age = 28;  $name = "shit"; $stmt->bind_param ("IIS", $id, $age, $name);/* bind parameter */}if ($stmt->execute ()) {/* Execute */echo "success!";}

Note: Unlike statements that are not precompiled, the result of the precompiled statement execution will automatically convert the data type to the correct type in the database (not all strings).

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PHP Basics (13) using mysqli to manipulate MySQL database

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