PHP Basics Review (i) Smarty templates

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One. Basic Configuration
First step: Download Smarty: official website
Step two: Load class files and change configuration

1.//Load class file

Require_once '. /libs/smarty.class.php ';
Instantiating an Object
$smarty =new smarty ();
Change configuration If you don't change it, you don't have to write
$smarty->settemplatedir ('./templates ');//Set Template directory
$smarty->setcompiledir ('./templates_c ');//Set compilation directory
$smarty->setcachedir ('./cache ');//Set Cache directory
$smarty->setconfigdir ('./configs ');//Set the directory where the configuration files are located
$smarty->addpluginsdir ('./plugins ');//Add plugin Directory
$smarty->left_delimiter= ' {';
$smarty->right_delimiter= '} ';
Setting up the cache
$smarty->debugging = true; Open Debug Window
$smarty->caching = true;
$smarty->cache_lifetime = 120;
Step three: License variables and display
$smarty->assign (' Chen ', ' 123 ');
Display templates
$smarty->display (' 1.html ');

Two. Common types of output
$smarty->assign (' int ', php_int_max);
$smarty->assign (' float ', 12.3);
$smarty->assign (' bool ', true);
$smarty->assign (' string ', ' This is a test ');
$smarty->assign (' arr ', Array (' A ', ' B ', ' C ', ' username ' = ' king ', ' age ' =>12));
$smarty->assign (' arr1 ', Array (' A ' =>array (), ' B ' =>array (11,22,33)));
$smarty->assign (' obj ', New Test ());
$smarty->assign (' Resource ', fopen (' index.php ', ' r '));
$smarty->assign (' null ', NULL);
Class test{
public $username;
Public $email;
Public $sex;
Public Function __construct () {
$this->username= ' King ';
$this->email= ' [email protected] ';
$this->sex= ' man ';
Public Function Sayhi () {
Echo ' Say Hi to everybody<br/> ';
Public Function test () {
Return ' This is a test ';
Third, template comments
{* Template comments, comments will not appear in the final output of the template file *}
{* This is not the same as HTML comments *}
Iv. Defining variables in templates
Declaring variables in a template by assign
{Assign Var=num1 value=1}
num1:{$num 1} <br/>
declaring variables
{$test = "Hello"}
{$test} <br/>
Tag nesting
{$test 1= "{$test} chen"}
{$test 1} <br/>
Declaring an array
{Assign VAR=ARR3 value=[1,2,3]}
{$arr 3.0} <br/>
{$arr 3[1]} <br/>
{Assign VAR=ARR4 value=[' username ' = ' Queen ', ' age ' =>12]}
{$arr 4.username} <br/>
{$arr 4[' age '} <br/>
{$arr 5=[' a ', ' B ', ' C ', [' Test ' = ' test ', ' test1 ' = ' test1 ', ' Eee ']}
{$arr 5.0} <br/>
{$arr 5[3][' test '} <br/>
{$arr 5[3][0]} <br/>
Variable variable
{$world = ' world '}
{$hello _world= "This was Hello World"}
{$hello _{$world} <br/>
Four, pre-reserved variables

Session_Start ();
$_session[' username ']= ' admin ';
$_session[' id ']=1;
Define (' Test ', ' This is a TEST ');

In the template
{$smarty. Session.username}
Pre-reserved variables that you can use
1> page Request Variable
$smarty. equivalent to $_get[' page ' in PHP
$smarty. equivalent to $_post[' page ' in PHP
$smarty. Cookies.username equivalent to PHP $_cookie[' username ']
$smarty. Session.username equivalent to PHP $_session[' username ']
$smarty. Server.server_name equivalent to PHP $_server[' server_name ']
$smarty. Env.path equivalent to $_env[' PATH ' in PHP
$smarty. Request.username equivalent to PHP $_request[' username ']
Get the current timestamp
{$smarty. Now}
{$smarty. Now|date_format: '%y-%m-%d%h:%m:%s '}
{Time ()}
{Date ("y-m-d h:i:s", Time ())}
Get the value of a constant in a PHP script
PHP version: {$smarty. const.php_version} <br/>
Php_os: {$smarty. const.php_os} <br/>
{$smarty. Const.test}
Get the values in the configuration file
{config_load "reset.conf"}
title:{$smarty. config.title} <br/>
title:{#title #} <br/>
Returns the currently processed template name (without directories)
Current template name: {$smarty. template} <br/>
Returns the current template directory name
Current Template catalog name: {$smarty. current_dir} <br/>
Returns the version number of the Smarty
Smarty version:{$smarty. Version} <br/>
Returns the current left and right delimiters
Left delimiter: {$smarty. Ldelim} <br/>
Right delimiter: {$smarty. Rdelim} <br/>
Other commonly used:
{$smarty. Capture}: Capture the built-in capture template output
{$smarty. Section}: A property used to point to a section loop
{$smarty. Block.child}: Returns the sub-template text block
{$smarty. Block.parent}: Returns the parent template text block

Five, variable regulator
Capitalize: Capitalize the first letter of the word in the variable, ucwords*
Capitalize the first letter of the word: {$test |capitalize}
{$test |ucwords}
{*count_characters: Calculates the number of characters in the variable value,
The parameter value Boolean determines whether to calculate the number of spaces, which is not calculated by default *}
Number of characters: {$test |count_characters}
Number of characters with spaces: {$test |count_characters:true}
Cat: Connect the parameter value in cat to the given variable, which is empty by default
Connection characters: {$test |cat: '! ': ' <br/> ': ' Hello world! ': ' Maizixueyuan '}
Count_paragraphs: Calculating the number of paragraphs in a variable
Number of paragraphs: {$content |count_paragraphs}
Count_sentences: Calculates a sentence in a variable, separated by a dot, question mark, or exclamation mark (.?!).
Sentence in paragraph: {$content |count_sentences}
Count_words: Calculating the number of words in a variable
Number of words: {$content |count_words}
Date_format: Date formatting
{$smarty. Now|date_format: "%y-%m-%d"} <br/>
Assigning an initial value
Assign an initial value to the variable: {$kickName |default: ' King '} <br/>
{*escape html transcoding, url transcoding, etc., default is HTML transcoding *}
No transcoding by default
{$string} <br/>
Convert HTML entities or write escape: ' HTML '
{$string |escape} <br/>
{$string |escape: ' html '} <br/>
Lower|upper convert to lowercase or uppercase
{$string 1|lower} <br/>
{$string 1|upper} <br/>
Indent produces indentation, the first parameter specifies how many characters are indented, and the default is four characters;
The second argument, specifying what character to indent with instead of
{$string 1|indent:4} <br/>
{$string 1|indent:4: ' * '} <br/>
NL2BR converts a newline character in a string to a <br/> nl2br () in PHP
{$string 2|nl2br} <br/>
Replace: string substitution, the first parameter is the content of the search;
The second parameter is the content to be replaced after the search;
Equivalent to the Str_replace () function in PHP *}
{$string 2|replace: ' Maizi ': ' Wheat '} <br/>
Spacify: Inserts a space or other character between each character in a string, by default a space
{$string 2|spacify} <br/>
{$string 2|spacify: ' * '} <br/>
Strip: Replace all repeating spaces, wrap and tab to single or specified string;
You can specify a string to replace
{$string 2|strip} <br/>
{$string 2|strip: '? '} <br/>
{*strip_tags: Remove all HTML tags *}
{$string 3} <br/>
{$string 3|strip_tags} <br/>
{*string_format: Formatted string *}
{$number = 3.1415926}
{$number} <br/>
{$number |string_format: "%.2f"} <br/>
{$number |string_format: '%d '} <br/>
For the same variable, you can use multiple modifiers. They are then combined from left to right in a set order. You must use the "|" Characters as delimiters between them.
Convert to entity | lowercase | indent with *
{$string |escape|lower|indent: ' 4 ': ' * '} <br/>
You can also use PHP's system functions
{$string 4= ' maiziedu '}
{$string 4|substr:2:2} <br/>
{$string 4|strtoupper} <br/>
The default variable regulator function in the system is a plugin that comes with Smarty
It's all in the plugins directory.
{$filename = ' 1.txt.jpeg '}
{$filename |ext} <br/>
{$string 4|font: ' 20px ': ' Green ': ' Microsoft yahei ': ' Normal '}
{$string 4|font: ' 30px ': ' Purple ': ' Chinese Choi Wan ': ' Bold '} <br/>
{$string 4|strshuffle} <br/>

Six, built-in functions in Smarty templates
Assign declaring variables
{assign var= ' username ' value= ' king '}
User name: {$username} <br/>
The abbreviated
{assign username test}
User name equivalent to the Assign function property: {$username} <br/>
equivalent to assign abbreviation, write variable name = value
{$username = ' Queen '}
Username: {$username} <br/>
{$array =[' a ', ' B ', ' C ', +]}
{$array. 0} <br/>
Dynamically appending elements via append
{append var= ' array ' value= ' d '}
{append var= ' array ' value= ' king ' index= ' username '}
{Print_r ( $array)}
{$username = ' Maizi '}
1, if
{if $username = = ' Maizi '
Welcome <br/>
3, If...else
{if $username eq ' maizi1 '}
Hello Maizi1 <br/>
Hello everybody <br/>
3, if ... elseif ...
{$day =3}
{if $day ==1}
Monday <br/>
{elseif $day ==2}
Tuesday <br/>
Illegal date
4, is (not) div by can be divisible
{$num 1=8}
{if $num 1 is div by 4}
divisible <br/>
cannot be divisible <br/>
{/I F}

5, Is[not] Even is an even number
{$num 1=3}
{If $num 1 is not even}
Not even <br/>
is even <br/>

6. For loop
A simple loop with a step size of 1
{for $var =1 to 10}
{$var} <br/>

Set Step size
{for $var =1 to step 2}
{$var} <br/>

Set the maximum number of cycles with Max
{for $var =1 to step 2 max=10}
{$var} <br/>

Forelse can be used when the loop condition is not established
{for $var =5 to 1}
{$var} <br/>
Code <BR executed when the loop condition is not established/>

Using the While loop
{$var = 10}
{While $var >=0}
{$var--} <br/>

Traversal arrays can be traversed by foreach and section
Traversal through foreach *
{$arr =[' a ', ' B ', ' C ', ' d ']}
{if Is_array ($arr)}
{foreach $arr as $k = + $v}
Key name ={$k}---Key value ={$v}
{foreach $arr as $v}
Key value ={$v} <br/>
{* If you do not specify an array subscript can be obtained by @key *}
{foreach $arr as $v}
Key name ={[email protected]}--key value ={$v} <br/>

Foreachelse can be used when the array has no value
{foreach $arr 1 as $val}
No results

foreach Supports nesting
{foreach $users as $user}
{foreach $user as $val}
{$val} <br/>
<table border= ' 1 ' width= ' 80% ' cellpadding= ' 0 ' cellspacing= ' 0 ' >
<td> numbering </td>
<td> User name </td>
<td> Email </td>
<td> Address </td>
{foreach $users as $user}
<td>{$user .id}</td>
<td>{$user .username}</td>
<td>{$user .email}</td>
<td>{$user .addr}</td>
<TD colspan= ' 4 ' > No users </td>

There are some common properties in foreach
<table border= ' 1 ' width= ' 80% ' cellpadding= ' 0 ' cellspacing= ' 0 ' >
<td> numbering </td>
<td> User name </td>
<td> Email </td>
<td> Address </td>
{foreach $users as $user}
{if [email protected]}
<tr bgcolor= ' Red ' >
{ElseIf [email protected]}
<tr bgcolor= ' green ' >
{ElseIf [email protected] is even}
<tr bgcolor= ' Blue ' >
<td>id={$user. Id}--index={[email protected]}--iteration={[email protected]}</td>
<td>{$user .username}</td>
<td>{$user .email}</td>
<td>{$user .addr}</td>
{if [email protected]}
&LT;TR&GT;&LT;TD colspan= ' 4 ' > total {[email protected]} users </td></tr>
&LT;TR&GT;&LT;TD colspan= ' 4 ' > No user, please add </td></tr>
Terminating a loop by break
{$arr =[' a ', ' B ', ' C ', ' d ', ' E ']}
{foreach $arr as $val}
{if $val = = ' C '}

Jump to the next cycle by continue
{$arr =[' a ', ' B ', ' C ', ' d ', ' E ']}
{foreach $arr as $val}
{if $val = = ' C '}

VII: Inheritance
$smarty->display (' extends:parent.html|child.html ');

PHP Basics Review (i) Smarty templates

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