PHP beginners, how to configure the development environment of the eclipse platform

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PHP is a beginner. for the development environment configuration of the eclipse platform, I am a beginner in php. I am preparing for the development platform. because some jsp development is often done, JDK1.5.0 _ 17, Eclipse3.4.2, and MyEclipse7.01 are installed on the machine, tomcat5.5.27, MySql5.0.77. to learn php, you have installed apache2.2.11 and PHP 5.2.9 in the zip version. you have already started with php and configured the development environment of the eclipse platform.
I am a beginner in php. I am preparing for the development platform. because I often do jsp development, I have installed

JDK 1.5.0 _ 17, Eclipse 3.4.2, MyEclipse 7.01, Tomcat 5.5.27, and MySql 5.0.77. to learn php, apache 2.2.11 and zip versions of php 5.2.9 have been installed and have been called, php code can be executed through localhost: 80

I tried Zend Studio For Eclipse 6.1 yesterday and felt very annoying. There was obviously an eclipse platform on the machine. now I have an old version, and this studio also comes with php 5.2.8 or something, so I gave up the All-In-One platform and wanted to assemble an eclipse + PDT

Then follow the PDT installation wiki ( to do it. before doing so, I uninstalled MyEclipse, and then I installed several components online.

Next, I should be able to use eclipse for php, because I really have no sense about the php environment. I have previously written php and also wrote it in Notepad, therefore, I hope the predecessors can answer some of my questions:

1. about the debugger, after eclipse reaches the above status, I still use the eclipse automatic installation method to install Zend debug from, but the prompt is displayed before the download starts.

I cannot find the eclipse-debug 3.4.0 package... how can I solve it? I installed 3.4.2. how can I solve this problem?

2. if the main directory of my apache server is set to D: \ Code \ Eclipse, do I need to create a new project in this directory when creating a php project? When running as php web, this PDT will not be automatically deployed to my home directory like jsp before execution? What is the role of PHP Server Path Mapping? Isn't it used for automatic deployment?

3. What other components or tools do I need to build a convenient platform? What is WAMP and zend framework?

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PHP has never been used for several years. We hope we can treat PHP without thinking about JAVA.
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Zend studio 5.5 is the best php development platform.
The direction of Eclipse is good, but it needs to be improved.
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DreamWeaver and several other debugging tasks
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Many people have no answer to this question? Do you have no requirements for the platform? I think the problem is too preliminary .. Yes.

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Haha, I have just studied this configuration yesterday. At first I encountered the same problem as the landlord, which is easy to solve:
1. when installing dltk, you do not need to download it.
2. for example, if I place all eclipse projects under D: \ Eclipse \ Project, modify httpd. conf and add:
Alias/Workspace "D: \ eclipse \ Project"

Options Indexes MultiViews ExecCGI
DirectoryIndex index. php
AllowOverride None
Order allow, deny
Allow from all
AddType application/x-httpd-php. php. phtml. php3. php4
AddType application/x-httpd-php-source. phps

Then you can directly add a Server with a casual name. The URL is set to http: // localhost/Workspace. in the future, your php can run directly in eclipse.
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Local debug is required ~ A good program has no major impact on different versions.

In addition, it is impossible for the landlord to use Eclipse to configure an IDE that is more convenient than Zend Studio.
It is integrated with PDT ~ Some features are unique to it

Setting java thinking in php is a mistake.
There is actually no comparability between the two.
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Thank you for your enthusiastic answers. This motherboard was burned a few days ago.

Php has only written a thousand pieces of code so far, and does not dare to judge the idea of php development in disorder. What are the similarities and differences between php open source and java?

To froole: I have never met the log4php and PEAR logs you mentioned. I will go to google later. What else does Zend Framework use?

To li_d_s: this configuration method also requires me to create a project to the apache Main Directory. this is still a static configuration, and there is no dynamic part similar to the jsp runtime...

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Eclipse configuration, without tomcat and other functions.

You only need DLT and PDT,
We recommend that lz download All-in-one of PDT officially, which is easier.
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I really don't like to use eclipse unless I want to write java.
Always use phpDesigner or phped lightweight tools to write code

Php is not java, not eclipse

PS: PDT is not as good as zend, and zend6 is not as good as zend5
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Eclipse is designed for java
Php has no deployment at all... why?

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All-in-One PDT has a zend Debug version. You do not need to try it again. You need to configure the PHP execution path and PHP. INI.

I didn't set apache's wwwroot as the eclipse workspace, but set the workspace as a virtual directory.

I am using phpeclipse,

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