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In addition to the call function of the front desk, Ewebeditor has a strong background management function, and can make various kinds of effective customization for the editor, as follows:

Excel sheet Import (V4.3)
Ewebeditor provides the latest Excel worksheet import solution that supports the import of pictures, charts, and automatically uploaded to the server in Excel. Also provides an import option that uses VML format, such as no VML format, and the chart automatically generates a picture when it is imported and is automatically uploaded to the server. Greatly facilitates the use of Excel Office document publishing needs.
Word document import and local file upload automatically (V4.0)
Ewebeditor provides a new Word document import solution that supports the import of pictures, charts, and automatically uploaded to the server in Word documents. Also provides an import option that uses VML format, such as no VML format, and the chart automatically generates a picture when it is imported and is automatically uploaded to the server. The local auto upload feature is not only available in Word import, but all other local files can be uploaded to the server automatically. Greatly facilitates the use of Word Office document publishing needs.
Pure static (V3.0)
Ewebeditor uses advanced front and rear separation structure, the foreground is purely HTML format static page form, plus server-side advanced function interface, greatly improve the efficiency, and has a powerful custom function. It also allows Ewebeditor to be the best fit in your product.
Multi-language (V3.0)
Ewebeditor in the form of language packs, and can be based on the user's system to automatically choose the appropriate language, and according to the number of languages due to the different and automatically adjust the interface, really do the language package complete personalized customization. Currently in the language pack: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, and is being added.
Multi-platform (V3.0)
Ewebeditor has different versions of multiple platforms that can accommodate the needs of various platforms. Each version has the pertinence with according to different development language characteristic, carries on the maximum optimization. Currently has ASP version, ASP. NET version, PHP version, JSP version.
A large number of commonly used function buttons
Ewebeditor contains all the style features that are used daily, such as copying, cutting, pasting, tables, pictures, files, fonts, colors, and so on, and in addition.
Enclosed File Upload function
Ewebeditor related to the functions of the files involved, such as image sources, media file sources, attachment sources, and so on, from the client directly uploaded to the server side of the function.
Functional interface can be customized
The feature buttons and display styles within the Ewebeditor allow customization. You can customize the buttons according to their actual needs of the picture, style, the number of button functions, and so on.
Multiple editor support at the same time
You can have multiple ewebeditor in the same form form, you can have multiple ewebeditor on the same page, or you can have multiple ewebeditor with different styles.
Large File support
The General input box has a limit of 102399 bytes (100K or so), large text content can not be used, and ewebeditor theoretically support unlimited large files.
Multi-style support
You only need to use a ewebeditor in your entire site, you can customize multiple styles, use different styles in different places, and you don't need to handcuff them wherever you want. Such as: A style for the width of 400 screen, a total of 10 tool buttons, a style for the width of 500 screen, a total of 15 buttons, and so on.
Front desk Support
In general, many of the use of HTML editing function of the script is placed in the administrator's background management, and such as allowing users to submit online submission of the foreground is not afraid to use, afraid of malicious script. Ewebeditor with an interpretation function to facilitate the foreground display, according to the different parameter styles to display the corresponding HTML script, the removal of malicious script.
Simple call
In programming development, you can complete ewebeditor calls as long as you write a single line of code.
Auto Submit
Now a lot of online editors, after editing, have to point to save features, or in the Submit button to add a script to process, and then submit, and Ewebeditor only to join the call of the line, do not need to handle the above operation.
Automatically get remote files
The use of remote files to automatically get the function, you can put others on the server's pictures and other files automatically to their own server, do not be careful of other people's site closed, the local link to the file does not exist, and do not download one by one and then passed up, the whole process completely automatic.
Relative or absolute path
For the online editor, the path problem has always been a difficult point, basically the online editor in the market to edit the content of the link with the domain name of the absolute full path (such as: ' this.width= '); if (this.height> ' 700 ') this.height= ' border=0> '; Ewebeditor fully solve this problem, as long as a simple set of three kinds of path form optional (relative path, absolute root path, absolute full path), completely rid of the site or system or directory migration caused by the path problem.
Graphic hotspot Links
This application of Ewebeditor is absolutely the pioneer in all the online editor software, and can edit the hotspot link function of the graph online, that is, a picture can link to multiple addresses by block.
WordArt (V3.6)
With Ewebeditor This feature, you can insert text similar to Word WordArt on a Web page, which is an excellent visual effect.
State remains
Now a lot of online editors, after submitting, if the server side is not successful, click "Back", the original editor in the content will be lost, and Ewebeditor will maintain the status of editing, and reset button sync reset.
Smart Paste
Ewebeditor has three pasting methods, regular paste, plain text paste, or paste in Word, if the contents of the Clipboard is in Word form, you will be prompted to remove Word format, because Word is stuck in the document is very very large, redundant code is really much.
Size Adaptive
Ewebeditor can be called by the width and height of the adaptive editor size, especially the height, which many editors do not have, greatly facilitate the call, so that the page can achieve better results.
Multiple editing modes
Ewebeditor has 4 editing modes: HTML code mode, visual design mode, plain text mode, preview mode, which can meet the needs of all applications.
The Perfect interface
As a powerful online editing module, Ewebeditor provides a complete interface to meet the needs of more advanced users, and you can control or get the editor's content or status through the interface in real time.
Ewebeditor Technical Features:

Ewebeditor is not only a product, but also a representative of web technology, she incorporates our vision of web technology applications.

Complete source code
Ewebeditor All versions are fully source-enabled, allowing developers to better understand their internal actions, allowing the program to be well debugged and installed, and to be able to adapt to its own optimal expansion.
Green Software
Ewebeditor does not need to install specific components on the server side, nor does it have components on its own, making the software basically available on all Internet virtual hosts. At the same time, she does not need to install any plugins on the client to do real green.
Code specification
Ewebeditor is a software product, in program coding, we always emphasize the standardization of its coding. We need more than just a product application, we need a programming specification. We continue to improve the product at the same time, improve our coding specifications. such as appropriate annotation, good organization structure, make it also become the programmer's learning reference material. We will also periodically release our coding specifications. Challenges everywhere, challenge the code limit!
Strong error Self Test
Ewebeditor in the program writing for each variable, parameters are strict error detection, no matter how users operate, never unexpected information, to prevent the emergence of program vulnerabilities.
No back door.
We often find that many of the programs downloaded on the Internet have their own backdoor, not only can affect the normal use of the software, but also can destroy the entire site. There are many examples of this, and we will never do so no matter what their intentions are.
Ewebeditor Use characteristics:

Ewebeditor is a WYSIWYG online editor. As the name suggests, is to be able to use what can be seen on the network editing methods of editing and illustrated articles, news, discussion stickers, notices, notes and other word processing applications. Its main characteristics if:

What you see is what you receive
That is, the editor of the text, pictures and other HTML tags output to the page effect and edit the effect of consistency, so that users can easily modify the content of the editing, typesetting and so on.
Automatically convert to HTML code
Editing text, images, and so on in the editing state are automatically converted to HTML markup languages that can be recognized by browsers in the background, and users can modify code tags in code state.
Simple and Easy-to-use
Editors are edited and used in the same way as FrontPage, Dreamweaver, and other famous homepage making software. Without any knowledge of HTML syntax, 儍-melon-style operations allow users who have no experience with the home page to get started quickly.
Convenient and quick
Use WYSIWYG editor to quickly and easily edit the effect of first-class graphics and text effects, if the use of pure hand-written code to edit the method will need to waste a lot of time and effort.

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FCKEditor v2.3 Multi-national language edition

Online Web page editing plug-ins (WYSIWYG after the browser is edited), support a variety of platform under the script (ASP,ASPX,PHP,CFM,DHTML,HTC), but also integrated upload image components. 2.3 Load Speed 3 times times faster, and not so easy to error

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Annex: fckeditor_2.3.2.tar.gz (618 K)


Official website:

Simplified Chinese Language Pack GB2312:

Simplified Chinese Language Pack UTF-8:

TINYMCE is a lightweight browser-based WYSIWYG editor written by JavaScript. It has very good support for both ie6+ and firefox1.5+. Although the functional aspects can not be called the strongest, but can absolutely meet the needs of most Web sites, and functional configuration flexible and simple. Another feature is that the loading speed is very fast, if your server using the scripting language is PHP, it can also be further optimized. Most importantly, TINYMCE is a free software release based on LGPL license, which you can use for commercial applications.

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