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PHP and ASP. NET can both build complex Web applications such as e-commerce sites, intranets, and enterprise portals. However, there are several important differences between the two. Unlike PHP, ASP. NET is not a language or analyzer, but a group of technologies in Microsoft. NET Framework used to build Web applications and XML Web Services. Like PHP, Microsoft ASP. NET pages run on servers and generate tags such as HTML, WML, or XML. tags are sent to desktop or mobile applications. But the difference is that ASP. NET provides powerful, object-oriented, and event-driven programming models for developing Web pages, while retaining the simplicity that PHP developers are used.

Compared with ASP. NET, ASP. NET applications are based on the powerful Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) mode, rather than the script mode. In this way, you can obtain more rigorous OOP functions, such as inheritance, encapsulation, and reflection. Although most basic simple operations can be easily converted from PHP to ASP. NET, but it is not that easy to convert more complex applications, which requires careful planning and consideration and adopting a more OOP-compliant method.

This article assumes that the reader has PHP experience and has a basic understanding of programming and software development. This article first compares the differences between the two basic architectures in terms of code, briefly introduces the OOP development model, compares the functions of the two, and finally uses PHP and ASP.. NET development Web application syntax and Common Tasks for comparison.

Note: If you want to skip the migration details and try ASP. NET, you can directly skip to the suggested subsequent operations section.

Comparison of php asp. NET architecture

After reading this article, you will understand that PHP and ASP. NET are very similar through comparison syntax and language. They have similar functions and syntax. However, PHP and ASP. NET differ greatly from each other in terms of a more basic architecture. Based on a platform-independent processor/engine, PHP is used to analyze PHP scripts, provide database connections, comply with Internet protocols, and provide many other tasks common to most Web application platforms.

ASP. NET is a framework built based on a series of technologies such as CLR. It provides a large number of class libraries that are organized in a good way. These class libraries can meet the needs of most functions to be used in Web applications. You can also easily create components to expand the framework.

PHP and ASP. NET is not exactly the same, because ASP. the NET framework is fully built based on the OOP mode and OOP concept, whereas PHP does not. This difference is evident in the access methods of classes and objects in PHP and ASP. NET.

Object-Oriented Programming in php asp. NET

Although PHP and ASP. NET provide the OOP mode for application development, their support for various OOP concepts such as encapsulation and polymorphism is different. For example, PHP only supports partial encapsulation, such as declaring methods and fields in classes) and partial polymorphism without overloading or abstraction ). In addition, because PHP classes do not have private, public, protected (protected) functions or other concepts and overload, PHP does not support these concepts and their access. The OOP purist may say that ASP. NET and various languages do not fully support all concepts in the OOP mode. This is true for most languages that use OOP, such as C ++ and Java.

Both positive and negative. The negative side is: for some Web developers, learning ASP. NET is more difficult than learning PHP, because PHP provides the script mode used by developers to create Web sites. However, developers who have used OOP and/or V will find ASP. NET friendly and easy to learn.

ASP. NET supports the concept of OOP. ASP. the majority of the. NET applications are well designed and clearly separated from the content, logic, and data. Therefore, from the perspective of the Long-Term Application lifecycle, this is usually easier to support. In addition, because ASP. NET supports enterprise technologies, such as message queues and transactions.. NET Framework System. enterpriseServices class) SNMP and Web services, so it is easy to develop powerful applications with high scalability.

For more information about the main concepts of object-oriented Programming from the Visual Basic perspective, see Object-Oriented Programming in Visual Basic.

Php asp. NET Compilation


When a PHP page is requested, HTML and inline PHP scripts are compiled into Zend OpcodeZend operation code ). Opcode is a low-level binary instruction and the Code actually used when providing PHP pages. After compilation, the Zend engine will run Opcode similar to the Java Runtime Engine runtime bytecode), then generate HTML and provide it to the client.

Many commercial products can be used to speed up PHP page execution by optimizing these Opcodes. Other methods to improve PHP script performance include caching Opcode and generated HTML.


When you request an. aspx page or any extension supported by ASP. NET to IISInternet Information Service (IISInternet) or other Web servers, the request is passed to ASP. NET for processing. If this is the first request to this page, ASP. NET will compile it into MSILMicrosoft intermediate language ). Then, the CLR Common Language Runtime Library) converts the MSIL code to the machine code. Finally, run the request using the compiled code. Subsequent requests will run with the same machine code, assuming the page is not modified ).

Note that the binary code generated by CLR has been optimized to the maximum extent, so you do not have to use other products to improve performance.

In addition, all content in ASP. NET is compiled as machine code before running. Even HTML text is converted to a String constant value control and inserted to the Control tree in proper order.

Comparison of php asp. NET functions

Some main functions in PHP and ASP. NET are compared.

Comparison of PHP and ASP. NET functions


The contest between php asp. NET will introduce you to the comparison between php asp. NET. You can get to know them again during use.

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